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A House In The Rift game is about you were thrown into a dimensional rift and have no idea what to do. Nevertheless, other castaways from different realities join you one by one in order to form an everlasting bond of trust, friendship and physical intimacy.

Beautiful girls from various fantasy dimensions take care of you during the day, and then you go off exploring rift oddities through the night. And you can bake cakes with a succubus, wrestle with a giant voluptuous pirate captain, study magic with a young girl acolyte, and then do some extracurricular activities with them, too.

Fall in love with the girls, fall in bed with them, and fall into the different rifts every night! v0.6.16r1 EA

Updated: 2023-08-19
Release Date: 2023-08-19
Update Interval: 1 Month
: Zanith Patreon  – @Zanith_One
Censored: No
Version: v0.6.16r1 – Early Access
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Creampie, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Titfuck, Harem, Cuddling


1. Extract and run.

Download and extract.
1)place the extracted files in the “game” sub folder of the the main game
2)enable the mod in preferences menu


v0.6.16r1 – Early Access

  • See Naomi undress Rae, Lyriel and Blair with some help from a magical item
  • Let Blair enact glorious revenge on Naomi while she’s getting choked
  • Visit the University with Cait and get to know a cute creature
  • Help Yona approach her wifely duties from a different perspective
  • Check out new hang outs with Lyriel and Blair
  • Track said hangouts (and the others) with the help of new quest-like items for Blair, Cait and Naomi (tracking for Rae and Lyriel activities coming in future versions).

Big technical upgrade, you can play the hi-res version on Android again

Celebrate an important date with Cait’s

And have an important conversation with her

Visit the University and dig into some juicy secrets

Sex scenes remasters

v0.6.14 Master Release Post – Beta
Show Blair something special

And get her to a sex shop

Behold a needy Lyriel’s asking you to come to her room

See Cait smoke

And Lyriel lament her existence

Something more, perhaps (coming to EA)

Catch Rae and hold her close

Sit side by side with her on a roof

And let her ride you after (or don’t)

Let her show your the world(s)

Sneak a peek of an important new character


  • Yona’s story continues
  • Meet another shaman and a whole bunch of strangers
  • Find a very flustered Lyriel in a library
  • Don’t let her get away with it just like that
  • Have a good look at a spirit weapon

Yona sees some dreams
Rae joins you and Yona on a walk
Surprise night visit from an almost completely naked Rae
Some stealthy shenanigans with Blair featuring a singing fish!
Rae’s missionary sex scene remaster


  • Naomi shares an important bit of information
  • Weird items appear in the house and require investigating
  • Cait finds a barrier device
  • Naomi and Lyriel play a game


  • Naomi’s story continues
  • Visits to the pirate ship
  • Xmas event
  • New hidden items
  • Spanish Fan Translation courtesy of MazinoGamer.


  • New Halloween scene
  • Blaigician animation
  • Naomi’s story push
  • A concerned Cait


  • Rae’s new story arc begins
  • 5 new scenes, visits to Lady Sirenia
  • Shower sex scene remaster
  • New shower activity.


  • Important Story Event
  • Scary Stories – group event
  • Watching TV with Blair
  • Another talk with Blair
  • Blair solo show repeat leading into
  • First MC/Blair sex scene.


  • 7 encounters with Blair over 4 quests finishing her starting arc
  • Including magic tricks and rituals
  • And various shower-related antics
  • Bonus animated dream with Annie (petite blonde girl from the intro) (with partial voice acting)
  • New Wed Nip bonus pics in-game.

v0.6.0 r2

  • Blair gets into the house
  • With a bit of backstory
  • With a few in-house encounters
  • And with some pinups in the in-game phone gallery


  • Cait going to Earth and getting her glasses
  • Then showing them off
  • Lyriel dressing up. Or down?
  • Some Nip Weds in the in-game gallery


  • Xmas/Holidays event
  • But it’s really huge
  • 7 parts, 200+ renders, almost 2 minutes of animations (most of it is Doina dancing, but she got some moves and curves!)
  • Naomi’s side sex scene
  • Repeatable morning tea with Rae (three new conversations)


  • Four new events for Rae
  • Dinner date with her
  • Socializing with humans
  • An invitation?
  • New sex scene for Lyriel
  • Shower story dream remaster


  • Two new main story event
  • First daylight etherwalk
  • Night date with Rae
  • Shopping for clothes with Rae
  • And another scene with Rae
  • New sex scene with Rae
  • New branch for the Halloween dream
  • Integrated partial Russian fan translation by Fodyc


  • Major overhaul of the quest log/hint system
  • New event for Cait
  • Repeatable sex with Cait
  • New sex scene with Rae
  • New sex scene with Lyri
  • New lewd scene with Cait

Major overhaul of the quest log/hint system
New event for Cait
Repeatable sex with Cait
New sex scene with Rae
New sex scene with Lyri
New lewd scene with Cait


  • Cait’s story continues with 5 new events
  • The Scene with her
  • Meeting her friends
  • New Bunny Lounge scene (threesome with Annie)


  • 4 new Lyriel’s “servant” route events
  • Shower with Lyriel
  • New sex scene with her
  • New Barmaids dream

Cait’s story picking up
6 new “quests”
About 9 new encounters in total



  • “Lyriel’s First Time” event rerendered with a different lighting setup
  • New event with her
  • Repeatable sex with her new intros and outros and more kissing
  • New Barmaids dream starring Viorel (she’s very eager to swallow everything)
  • Full occupation change system


  • Lyriel’s current story arc is (mostly) finished
  • The Event with her


  • New Lyriel’s story arc (about 10 encounters)
  • Cait’s swimming lessons progression
  • New Cait’s lewd – pool blow (will become repeatable later)
  • Fivesome with some hot elven barmaids (two huge animations)
  • Rae’s Questions and Sleep Aid HJ remasters


  • New Yona lewd (will become repeatable in Beta)
  • 5 new encounters with Yona (ending her intro story arc)
  • 2 new encounters with a very wet Cait


Yona’s story quest
Yona’s first lewd
Lyriel/Cait crossover event
Lyriel poolside repeatable lewd
Yona/Naomi crossover event and additional activity’


  • Yona’s appearance – new main cast girl
  • 2 starting story route events for Yona
  • 2 pairs of Yona’s in-game CGs (hidden items)
  • Rae’s pre-reveal lewd remaster (4 new anims)

Lyri’s swimsuit reveal event
Naomi’s repeatable dream sex event
Lyri’s swimsuit sprites
Cait’s repeatable hangout at the pool
Cait’s sprite rework + swimsuit sprites
4 new hidden items, 8 bonus CGs


  • Rae’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Cait’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Naomi’s swimsuit reveal event
  • Rae’s repeatable poolside activity
  • Rae’s oily lewd
  • Occupation suggestions – Lyriel and Rae for now
  • Swimsuit sprites for Rae and Naomi


  • New story event chain
  • Featuring a new dream with Jenny and auntie Viv, with 9 animations
  • And unlocking new House expansion
  • New sprites for Rae
  • Halloween event: 200 renders and 4 more animations


Patron-special dream – Obedient Maid Lyriel (over 2 minutes of new animations)
2 new personal events for Cait
1 new animated event/repeatable for Cait
animated repeatable for Rae
repeatable 4-girl dinner scenarios


  • Group event – dinner 2
  • Lyriel’s storyline event
  • Another Lyriel’s lewd
  • 4 new hidden objects and 8 new in-game CG’s


  • New Lyriel’s event
  • New Lyriel’s occupation and repeatable activity – 7 mini-events with one mini-lewd
  • New animated lewd for Lyriel
  • Updated TV watching repeatable for Rae – 9 mini-events (some are very cute)
  • Ability to change MC’s name
  • New sprite engine (only for Lyriel in this release)


  • New Lyriel’s event – first in-house sex
  • Two in-house sex repeatables for Lyriel (based on the event)
  • Lyriel/Cait crossover event
  • Dishwashing with Lyriel repeatable activity – 14 mini-events
  • Library cleaning with Lyriel repeatable activity – 7 mini-events


  • 2 new events for Lyriel
  • Watch TV with Lyriel repeatable (multiple mini-scenarios, some are pretty cute)
  • New occupations for Lyriel (stubs for now, will be expanded soon)
  • 2 new side sex events with Cait


  • 3 events for Naomi finishing her guide training arc
  • Featuring another combat encounter!
  • Cait’s special breakfast event
  • 4 new hidden objects with 8 corresponding bonus in-game CGs (new for Beta)


  • 4 new events for Naomi starting her new story arc, some multi-part
  • Featuring Naomi in a dress
  • Rae’s cuddle time event
  • And after that you can basically sleep with her almost every night


  • Full remaster of the intro sequence
  • 3 new daydream sex scenes (available in the intro)
  • 2+ minutes of new animated footage
  • And possibly the hottest sex animation I’ve ever done


  • Full sex gallery
  • Repeatable movie night activity with Rae
  • Repeatable sexual continuation of said activity
  • Cait’s breast stuff event
  • UI changes
  • Many bugfixes

v0.4.4 Early Access

  • Space dream droid sex including
    • 4 poses for a total of 8 animation loops
    • Choice of personality cores
  • Hanging out with Lyriel (multiple micro-events allowing you to build up her intimacy from absolute zero


  • 5 new events
  • Full-on animated sex scene with Lyriel (in two variations)
  • Lyriel’s first arc completed
  • 2000+ lines of dialogue
  • 200+ renders
  • 6 animation loops


  • 3 big events for Lyriel’s story
  • First animated sex scene with Lyriel
  • Animated sex scene with Rae
  • Lyriel’s reaction to trying to screw Rae in the kitchen in the morning
  • Repeatable non-sexual activity with Lyriel
  • A number of important bugfixes


  • Full rollback support
  • New character arc for Cait starts
  • Cait-Rae event + repeatable studies
  • Cait-Naomi event + repeatable hangout
  • Another Cait-Rae event
  • Lyriel event
  • Rae can now be bent over the counter in the morning even when she’s in her regular clothing
  • Shower handjob with Cait


  • New arrival – Elf girl
  • New story event
  • Elf-girl starting arc (4 events)
  • Scheduling system rehaul
  • Rae’s attic butt stuff event
  • Naomi’s bath sex event
  • New main menu UI
  • New images in the phone gallery

v0.3.6 + hotfix 1

  • 1 new group event
  • 2 new Caitlin events (one animated repeatable)
  • 1 new Naomi animated repeatable
  • scene gallery (3 non-repeatable scenes available for now)
  • side event hints in love app
  • Fixed issues with attic disappearing when using scene replay while in-game
  • Fixed issues with certain dialogues


  • new lewd events and event remaster (sofa doggy is back!)
  • new Cait’s side event
  • 15 new animation loops (5 are remasters of the old ones)
  • Recompressed images with minimal loss to perceived quality, but with a ~30% reduction in file size
  • New occupation and attached minor activity with Cait
  • Android release

Cellphone Tip

[Shirt/bra in Rae’s attic bedroom]
[dumbbell by Naomi room]


Ogzvlcb0 o


Tye3necv o

Patreon Code

found the codes

New Plaything – onaleash
Obedient Maid – myelvishmaid




Download For UPDATE ONLY (Win/Linux)

MEGA WORKUPLOAD GOFILE MIXDROP *to patch the game, place the .exe into the root folder of the UNMODIFIED game.


-Official Compressed Version-


Download For Android Compressed Pack

Download For Android Hi-Res Pack


Download For Update Patch (Win Compressed)

MEGA GOFILE MIXDROP PIXELDRAIN WORKUPLOAD  **To patch the game, place the .exe into the root folder of the UNMODIFIED game. (hi-res/compressed).



Halloween dream WT

Naomi: Check the closet > Open It > Take It > Go Into the Hallway > Check Lyriel’s Room > Check the wardrobe > Keep Looking > Take It > [any of the three options] > Try the other way > [any of the two options] > Check the closet > Hide in the closet > Follow her > Whip out the hand and the ankh > Let’s fuck some life into you
Caitlin: Look out the window > Greet the shadow > Climb out onto the roof > Pick it up > Back away > Go down the stairs > Check the living room > [any of the three] > Approach the body > Pick up the carton > Walk away > Investigate the library > Check the books > Give her the milk > Distract her with the toy > Don’t mind if I do.
Lyriel: Leave the room > Turn left, to the bathroom > [any of the three] > Check the sink > Apply it to yourself > [any of the three] > Go back to the hallway > Climb to the attic > Snuff it > Leave > Check the bathroom > Approach the bath one > Oh yes
Azraesha: Leave the room > Turn right, to the hall > [any of the three] > Take the cross > [any of the three] > Climb to the attic > Use it to light the others > [any of the three] > Leave > Investigate Cait’s Room > Turn back > Present the cross and the candle > Sure
Yona: Look out the window > Greet the shadow > Climb out onto the roof > [either of the two] > Try to figure out the rumble > Play chicken > Wait > Struggle > Try to find the glinty thing > Go to the pool > Go into the pool > Hold on to the helmet > Swim up > Investigate your room > Give her the scythe > Put on the helmet.

Download for Gallery Unlocker (v0.6.9r2)

MEDIAFIRE *No new scenes were added to the scene gallery so no need to update the file. I also confirm that it works as intended. *Download and extract. 1)place the extracted files in the “game” sub folder of the the main game

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