A Skinwalker Fantasy [v0.14a] By TheSkinFlayer

TheSkinFlayer Games released a new game called A Skinwalker Fantasy and the version is 0.14a. The game’s story is about Skinwalkers are sorcerers, warlocks of legend who can alter their physical apparence to better suit their impulses, and trick infortunate people into following them in the wilderness so that they may never reappear. Except, they do reappear, their likeness does, the skinwalker can wear the skin of a person or an animal and effectively mimic them to a certain extent. That is where you come into the story, the little town of Sancester has been in the middle of strange disappearences, and this time it is not about people, it is about skinwalkers mysteriously vanishing and a deafening sound that came from somewhere around town. You, being a rather new skinwalker, are asked to investigate the town and discover what’s happening and why this town seems to be in the center of a big conspiracy !​

Developer: TheSkinFlayer
File Size: 709.3 MB
Version: 0.14a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.14
Anthology first story : Stuck in the cavern
Finger vagina/ass, fuck vagina/ass, feet fetish, spread pussy

  • 3 new random battle maps for regular battles based on the location
  • 1 new background with alts for the Howling Woods
  • New animations for Maria doggystyle (vaginal and anal); with variant of the creampie screen
  • Some advancement in the Maria corruption quest


  • Being stuck, unable to continue the main quest in some instances
  • Maria strip scene modified a little bit
  • Maria Duke BJ animated scene modified (hair and eyes)
  • Carmen Fuck scenes tweaked a little bit
  • Maria night licking and creampie scene (TF was I thinking with her clitoris, like I know it’s cartoony but it was way too much)
  • Changed Cumming sound
  • Many bugfix in the code, it seems it was easy to break the game (Now it should be GOOD. Let’s hope I didn’t miss anything..)

Developer Notes:

Hello! I’m quite new in the community, as for posting at least. I’ve been working on a small project for a while. And I’m eager to see what the community thinks of it. I mean it’s not perfect but it’s the beginning, and I wil improve it as I go on. A lot, and I mean a LOT has yet to be done. The system is quite complex for a Renpy game and I’ve not seen many Renpy games which can do that, sooo pretty good I’d say! It should have a gameplay that reminds you of trainer games for some characters for what’s coming in the future. I’ve been influenced a lot by the games of Mity, so there’s a good chance it’s going that direction. If you think this has a future, let me know, it’ll make my day and motivate me!

Game Images & Screenshots


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