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v0.0.17a RC (Today)
updated dialogue in “Finding Cross” scene
updated dialogue in “Rare Spices” scene
updated dialogue for Cross in “Checking In With the Crew” scene
updated dialogue in “Void Eyes” scene
updated dialogue in “Lorraine’s 1st Meeting” scene
updated dialogue in “Cassandra’s 1st Meeting” scene
changed mentions of “Eastern Kingdoms” to Eos/Kingdom of Eos

Bugfixes and Other
updated plugins
fixed Lyra’s hair accessory in her character bust
fixed collisions on the map “Abandoned Fort Exterior”
fixed collisions on the map “Abandoned Fort Interior”
fixed collisions on the map “Hero’s Camp”
fixed collisions on the map “Find Cross”
fixed player start location on the map “Hero’s Camp”
fixed VN buttons not appearing on Herb Storage H-CG

v0.0.17 RC (8/2)
added first part of the General Store Storyline
added and implemented The Duke character art
added and implemented a new outfit for Emma
added a new mini-CGs
added new CG: Dance
added new H-CG: PoV Emma. [s-1]added day UI toast [s-1]-eg: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. will display at the start of a new day.
added new placeholder map: ballroom
added new quests to correspond with new content
remade Hero’s Camp Map [s-1]remade tent Map [s-1]
Bugfixes and Other
improved Uzul introduction. He now has a icon above his head.
updated credits [s-1]fixed a game freeze when repeatedly trying to get past Lyra in the Golden Barrel [s-1]fixed a game freeze when attempting to go to the Boiled Crab when meeting the shop owners. [s-1]fixed a variable error when viewing Herb Storage CG in the gallery [s-1]the priest now correctly says “veer north” [s-1]fixed some typos

Save . zip Included
Save 1=Cursed Realm 1st Visit
Save 2= First Night at the Inn
Save 3= Right before Hilda’s Scene
Save 4= During Golden Barrel Quest
Save 5= Latest Content

v0.0.16 RC

  • added first part of the Potion Shop Storyline
  • added first part of the Blacksmith Storyline
  • implemented Sophie
  • added new H-CG starring Emma. [s-1]-viewable in gallery and Potion Shop Storyline
  • added some dialogue when talking to Hilda+Caleb
  • updated Golden Barrel NPCs
  • updated the gallery map [s-1]-right side has the spicier scenes.

Bugfixes and Other

  • did a quick pass on the quest system updating some journal text and quest entries.
  • fixed another crash when doing the Golden Barrel Job
  • fixed the northern sign in the town square to properly say “Boiled Crab”
  • fixed an error where it was possible to return to the previous map when traveling to the hotspring for the first time. [s-1]
  • fixed a few traversal issues on Church Courtyard map [s-1]
  • fixed Emma asking pointlessly yelling into the male changing room. [s-1]
  • updated various plugins [s-1]

Save . zip Included
Save 1=Cursed Realm 1st Visit
Save 2= First Night at the Inn
Save 3= Right before Hilda’s Scene
Save 4= During Golden Barrel Quest
Save 5= Latest Content

Changelog 0.0.15 RC

  • added first part of the Golden Barrel story line.
    -unmissable and part of the main story.
  • added a new dialogue scene with Garland and Cassandra
    -accessible before going to bed on the second night.
    -for now the game will assume you spoke to Cassandra on the first night.
  • added new H-CG.
  • added new mini-cg
  • added and implemented the Barkeep VN bust
  • added a small bit of dialogue with a patron when returning to Hilda after second church visit.
  • updated “Finding Cross” map at the start of the game.
    -small tweaks relevant to the new map

QoL and Fixes

  • fixed bug where the starting cutscene on the first map would replay potentially causing a game freeze if the player were to save and load back in.
  • fixed a bug where duplicate Garlands would appear when exiting the church
  • fixed a bug where the Hilda H-CG was repeatable
  • fixed a major crash if the user used the “fast” function while a mini-cg is being displayed.
  • fixed having the ability to scale the right side of the exterior fort map.
  • other various very minor tweaks, additions and typo fixes.

Changelog 0.0.14 RC

  • Added “Magic Thumb” CG
  • -accessed when visiting the cursed realm for the first time
  • Added Kiss Mini-CG
    -used several times whenever Emma kisses Cross
  • Added Skirt lift Mini-CG
    -current used one time by a patron in the Golden barrel
  • Added new content post-Mayor+Lyra H-CG
    -consists of a larger set of dialogue with 6 characters present.
  • Added a new string of dialogue when encountering Kazuma+Garland in the church.
    -addressed a minor plot hole with how combat will work
  • Added post Demon Lord Camp Encounter content
    -Play as Cross! (Cross-section? heh)
    -Takes place on three new maps!
  • Re-added Demon Lord H-CG
    -dialogue is completely different
  • Changed Demon Lord Camp Encounter
  • Church Courtyard map updated.


  • Gallery accessible from the rightmost door in the Golden Barrel.
    -you can return back and forth even after reaching the end of current content.
  • Combat draft 1.5 (accessible same as before in the gallery map)
    -Updated UI with a new status UI
    -Added a few new placeholder spells and attacks
    -increased test map size and added more enemies
  • The Boiled Crab and mountain path maps are now located north rather than south when traveling from the town map.
  • Emma’s room is now accessible at all points. She just can’t sleep unless its bedtime!
  • Emma can now eat some food once a day at the Golden Barrel. Just ask Hilda!
    -Plan to add various dishes for Emma to consume with all with some flavor text.


  • Various minor dialogue updates throughout the game.
    -most are contained within the church maps.


Known Bugs

  • If you use FAST and a mini-CG displays, the game will crash.
    -The main instance where this may cause an issue is when waking up the in the church for the first time.

Note: I’ve included a again this time. Feel free to extract the folder into the same location as the .exe. Save starts right before the Demon Lord encounter.

Changelog 0.0.13a RC

  • Fixed a progression blocking bug that could occur after talking to Hilda for the first time.


  • Added new H-CG scene with Lorraine
    -Also accessible in the gallery
    -Context for Lorraine scene
    -Note: It is missable!
  • Added early combat.
    -Access by talking to the guard looking dude in the gallery.
    -Note: This is all placeholder. This is simply for testing chasing and basic mechanics.
  • Sex stats will now track!
  • Added “Corruption” modifiers to certain actions.
    -During the game certain optional and non-optional events/choices will increase Emma’s corruption. There will also be ways to decrease it in the future.
  • Added visual indicators to a few choices when they will affect Emma’s corruption.
    -EX: Kazuma Flash
  • Reduced Message Window to three rows.
  • Reduced the volume of a few map change SFX’s.
  • Updated various plugins
  • Changed an argument that may improve default performance on laptops with a dGPU.


  • Fixed dialogue when attempting to leave the onsen correctly reflects the stage of the MSQ.
  • Fixed a few weird BGM’s playing at awkward times.

0.0.11a Change Log

  • Further integrated the new town square map into earlier parts of the game.
    -Such as when heading towards the hermit for the first time.
  • Added Credits Menu to the Main Menu.
  • Minor dialogue changes.
  • Reduced file size by ~250mb (heh)
  • Fixed the new scene being accessible on the first visit to the onsen.

0.0.11 Change Log

  • Implemented L+M H-CG. Viewable in gallery as well.
  • Small scenes added post H+B H-CG linking to the new H-CG.
  • Added the first iteration of the town square map.
    -This map will serve as the central map with each cardinal direction leading to a different part of the game world.
    -Some parts of the game still “teleport” the player past the town square to the destination. This will be addressed in a follow up patch.


  • Small dialogue updates.
  • Very small performance increase.
  • Added relevant sprites next to scene “crystals” in the gallery map.
  • Quest name tweaks

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