Afterimage v1.0.3 APK (Full Game) Download

If you are an action enthusiast, Afterimage is a game you cannot miss. A 2D adventure game in the Metroidvania style, the game will bring you to a mysterious world where the ruins of ancient civilizations exist. Transforming into an adventurer, players will experience fierce battles with dark forces. In addition, players can also discover deep mysteries about the history of world civilizations. Afterimage promises to be an exciting action-adventure game that game enthusiasts cannot help but try.


Explore a colorful world with a historical storyline; players will take on the role of a brave explorer. In that world, players will discover interesting legends about different races. The game also has a list of more than 50 diverse NPCs who accompany players through interesting side quests in the world. When entering the experience, players will be empowered to decide the fate of the world, so the storyline will have many branches. The game is carefully invested in every detail of the plot to help users explore world history and eras through short stories in each mission.

  • A Vast Interconnected World: Players will explore the vast world with mysterious legends as well as challenges and hostile forces here.
  • In-Depth NPC Interactions: The game is designed with more than 50 NPCs, each with their own strengths and stories, which creates excitement and intimacy for players.
  • Impactful Player Choices: Players are empowered to decide the fate of the world; whether the storyline branches or unexpected events occur is up to the player.
  • Environmental Storytelling: Players can discover the history of the world, especially ancient eras, through stories in quests or pieces of legend.


When participating in Afterimage, players will engage in fierce battles with over 170 enemies in over 30 epic matches. To win these matches, players can combine weapons and accessories together to increase damage to enemies. Not stopping there, players can customize weapons by investing points to unlock super skills. In battles, dodging, blocking and attacking in combination with timed combos will help players easily defeat the opponent. You will not be able to ignore the special move called Afterimage with many interesting options to support players in combat.

  • Diverse Enemy Encounters: The game is equipped with more than 170 types of opponents and more than 30 fierce matches for players to freely experience and create unique gameplay.
  • Deep Progression Systems: Players should combine their weapons and armor to increase their strength and easily defeat enemies.
  • Strategic Abilities: Players should not ignore the Afterimages move to help increase their strength and add interesting options to help you experience the game more interestingly and level up more easily.

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