All That’s Left of Me [Revamp Day 4] By silly me

silly me Games released a new game called All That’s Left of Me and the version is Revamp Day 3. The game’s story is about is a lesbian visual novel. You take on the role of Chelsea, a 20-year-old woman who moves into a new house with her girlfriend. But soon things take a terrible turn when a mysterious figure begins terrorizing them. It’s up to you to make sure Chelsea keeps her relationship and mentality intact while dealing with all the new changes.​

Developer: silly me
File Size: 721.7 MB
Version: Revamp Day 4
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Day 4
Added Day 4

  • You can now tell Jessica about Amanda’s plan (or not)
  • Each choice leads to a different lewd scene (choice does not harmfully impact relationship with either girl)
  • Fixed typos again
  • Added more renders and animations
  • There’s other stuff too

Day 3
Added Day 3

  • Added Animations for Day 3 (I will make animations for the intro and the first two days over time)
  • I added some more choices
  • I added lewd scenes for Jessica and Amanda (Depending on your relationship with Amanda)
  • I made the threesome on Day 3 the first threesome with Jessica and Amanda
  • I added a character (Hailey’s sister)
  • I remade more renders and fixed more typos
  • I converted the images to jpg to make them smaller(There is some quality loss)

Day 2
Remake of Day 2

Game Images & Screenshots


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