Begin Again [v0.2.5] By Darkside1496

Darkside1496 Games released a new game called Begin Again and the version is 0.2.5. The game’s story is about You’ve lived your life following every rule there was, all the way up until your death. You close your eyes for the final time or so you thought. In death you are confronted with a choice to be brought back to life as your younger self. What will you choose to do with your new found time? Thrust into a new city, with a new life what will you do once you Begin Again?​

Developer: Darkside1496
File Size: 1.03 GB
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Promotion to Junior Partner added complete work in bullpen to get promotion event.
    Alexis second scene added at 20 fitness (two versions, one with max lust one without).
    Maserati second scene added at 10 lessons (two versions, one with max lust one without).
    Bridgette scene added (cuck version is you go in with full lust, normal scene if not).
    Younger Angel scene added.
    Charisma stat added, only one chance to use it in this update but more planned. When prompted in a conversation you can make a charisma check and if you succeed you get something good, if you fail you don’t, but you learn from your mistakes and you gain charisma skill.
  • Bug Fixes –
    Bug where after the first bet with Miguel the second bar trip you get a blank screen fixed.
    Betting negatives or writing letters into the betting textbox bug fixed.
    General bug clean up.

Developer Notes:

This is my first attempt at a HTML game, due to only having started using the language earlier in April. Please let me know if you find any errors or horrendous spelling errors as even though I’ve tested the game a few times there will most likely be a few knowing my luck. I hope you enjoy what I’ve made so far, there are plans to expand the interactions with the current women in the game as well as promotions within the law firm which will lead to traveling to other countries as well as meeting new women.

Game Images & Screenshots


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