BLOODSTAGE Possessed By A Tsundere Demon [Final] By Panzershark

Panzershark Games released a new game called BLOODSTAGE Possessed By A Tsundere Demon and the version is Final. The game’s story is about An unknown life form controls the crowds of mutated employees of the space station. Impress the demon girl by destroying thousands of possessed with dozens of weapons​

Developer: Panzershark
File Size: 131.4 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

BLOODSTAGE is an top down shoot’em up/bullet hell with a dating sim elements.

Thousands of employees of the space research station were obsessed by a humanoid demon girl. You are the last surviving Marine. Show her what you are capable of, covering the battlefield with the blood and guts of your enemies.

Arrange a real bloodbath using 12 types of weapons. Upgrade your arsenal by choosing perks suitable for your style of play, and give a decent fight to thousands of enemies and several types of bosses.

Impress a demon girl and she will reciprocate. Get her recognition and she will reward you with bonuses and upgrades for a successful kill streaks, blowing up dozens of enemies at a time or completing the tasks.

• Dozens of weapons and upgrades
• 11 animated sexy video calls from a demon girl
• Multiple types of enemies and bosses
• Bloodbath. Paint the battlefield red

Game Images & Screenshots


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