Celestial Intervention [0.01a Public Build] By jull

jull Games released a new game called Celestial Intervention and the version is 0.01a Public Build. The game’s story is about It is a deep and long story in the impossibly large fantasy world of the Middle Ages, into which the protagonist falls in order to save the realm from destruction. Our protagonist will meet many obstacles on her way, starting from poverty and the difficulties of living in a completely new, so similar but completely different world and ending with the possibility of finding herself for life behind bars of the royal prison Will the protagonist be able to cope with her task and return back to her present or will she have to stay in the new world forever, completely destroying modernity with her unacurratic actions?

Developer: jull
File Size: 202.6 MB
Version: 0.01a Public Build
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

0.01a Public Build

  • Endings A, B, C, D are available.
  • An introduction to the story is available
  • Sex counters are available
  • Added main character sprites
  • Added main character mother sprites
  • Added guards sprites
  • Added music
  • Added backgrounds for all existing story

Developer Notes:

The first version of the game’s public release has been released. A great opportunity to watch the prologue, watch the characters and sex elements.

Development Plans:

I decided to add this paragraph to convey my vision for the future of the project. In my private roadmap for the project, it is labeled as a large open world with many cities within many fictional countries. Each country has its own culture, each city has its own peculiarities. Lots of offshoots that could end the game in interesting ways.

How long will it take to realize what you’ve envisioned? I don’t know, i guess it’s about a year but maybe less if i can get my friends involved in the game development or just find more free time.

In the end, i will say that I have played a lot of similar games and in each of them i found one of several typical flaws. Lack of content, weak mechanics, poor story. These are the three typical flaws that i want to fix in my project and present a really good game

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