Chemical Travel [v0.6] By Etanolo

Etanolo Games released a new game called Chemical Travel and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about This is my first attempt in making an rpm. You start being teleported in a fantasy world after one of the endings in Chemical Change. You simply have to rise your slut level to see more and more events.​

Developer: Etanolo
File Size: 2.71 GB
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1 New maxi event with goblins.
  • 1 New Tag (futa).
  • 70 New images.
  • Some small bugfix.
  • 2 Major bugfix on crash video.
  • 5 New video.


  • Over 120 new shoots
  • 2 new movies
  • 7 new animations


  • Over 70 new Shoots
  • 3 new animations
  • 1 new movie
  • First part of the Inn, is now available
  • First part of the barracks is now available
  • First part of the pink beatiful dress, is now available


  • Bugfix in/out left cave.
  • Menu now is in english.
  • Some small bugfix.
  • Over 50 new images.
  • 4 new events.
  • Add 1 animation to an old event.
  • 4 new animations + 1.

Developer Notes:

Please consider it a demo, its still unbalanced in making money and you need to buy potions to progress after lev 15.

Game Images & Screenshots

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