Cooking Train v1.2.57 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

The Cooking Train game sparks in players a passion for cooking, an appreciation for delicious food, and a sense of satisfaction in providing to others. Players are increasingly interested in international cuisine, and the recipes are diverse. This is your chance to compete with other talented chefs. Give the restaurant’s dishes some life to appreciate them. Players must get the right ingredients and follow the recipe to create a fault-free product. The dishes must be made to the best of their ability and delivered to the customer as soon as possible if they do not want to receive complaints.


Meals were served individually, and the family grew increasingly enamored with that delicious aroma. You build ships to serve customers, each with its preferences. The right cooking process ensures that you get the results you want. Customers have many wants and preferences. If you get the money you deserve, you’ll need to satisfy their appetite for food. Complete previous cooking challenges and level up every day. Cooking Train regularly updates the list of famous chefs. You should always work to improve your talent.


The meals in your dining car are a culinary journey through the world’s cuisines. The cuisine of the destination country is a major consideration while planning a trip there. You will then discover food in which you excel and have a promising future for personal growth. Apple pie, pizza, fast food, shrimp, chips, bread, and other baked products are also available. Every consumer predicts a player’s cooking ability. Each restaurant you own will have its unique menu and decor. Consumers may be attracted to a restaurant in larger numbers if more meals are available. Sushi, salmon, ramen, or bento boxes are all good options.


You should expand your culinary empire and promote your brand more widely. The first visit will most likely be to the Americas, followed by the Hispanic Quarter or Singapore. Asian cuisine, especially Japanese and Korean, cannot be ignored. No matter how delicious it is around the player, unlock it to use that area. When a restaurant expands, it attracts a large number of customers. Please hire more delivery staff to complete orders quickly and avoid annoying customers.

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