Corrupting My Girlfriend In Another World [v0.2.2] By R1leyD4rk

R1leyD4rk Games released a new game called Corrupting My Girlfriend In Another World and the version is 0.2.2. The game’s story is about You and your girlfriend falling into a parallel world while investigating a gossip that circulates around the city of Sirua. Discover or join the plot of the kingdom of Dulobia and the power that rules in Victoria. Your adventure in that world begins to awaken something you have never experienced before – choosing between building up your relationship or satisfying the perverse desire to corrupt your girlfriend Sakiko and watch her with other men. Will they make it to the end of the adventure without falling into darkness? Or will they surrender to their deepest desires? You will choose their fate.​

Developer: R1leyD4rk
File Size: 779.2 MB
Version: 0.2.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a new part of the main story (New Aiko/Sakiko guild board quests)
  • Added new a secondary quest
  • Added new characters for main story
  • Added new music
  • Adjusted certain values for Aiko/Sakiko path during the quest party
  • Adjusted some grammar issues (English/Spanish)
  • Fixed some images that were not displaying correctly during certain quests.
  • Fixed some translation issues (Teresa questline)
  • Fixed some values for certain quest (Teresa/Tavern/Wolves and during the guild party)


  • Added two new stories for the town thomas brothel event
  • Added wolves quest to the guild board
  • Fixed some values during goblins, bandits.
  • Fixed some images that were not displaying correctly during certain quests.
  • Fixed Aiko character image display

Public release v0.1.3

  • Added story quest (goblins/bandits/tavern)
  • Added new choices for the goblins and tavern quest (Aiko corruption now available)
  • Added new characters
  • Added new paths for the story quests (corruption for Aiko/Sakiko/ Cheating/ Vanilla)
  • Added town events preview for future updates.
  • Added new main menu background.
  • Added gallery (Play with a new save to unlock all the gallery.)
  • Fixed some bugs for the english translation during the new quests that prevented the player to continue with the story.
  • Fixed minor bugs (some values were adjusted and some paths were fixed)
    Developer notes:
  • Play with a new save because the values are adjusted at each update.

V0.0.5 major update – Changelog:

  • Added part of the main story plot
  • Added new route in progress with Aiko (NTR/Vanilla/Cuckold)
  • Added more content to the NTR/Corruption/Cuckold/Vanilla
  • Fixed gui colors to be more darker and display the text correctly, fixed text borders for better readability and english translation thanks to Jadih96207
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed a bug where the player could easily grind Saki love during the forest.
  • Some decision values were adjusted regarding to the official walkthrough
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Fixed part of the prologue (hourglass scene) that was incomplete and did not send to the correct decision path.
  • Fixed part of the prologue (inn/cuckold skip if Player take the wrong key) in which the player could see the cuckold choice.

– Initial release

Developer notes:

  • Choose your decisions wisely otherwise the game will easily push you into NTR or Cuckold scenes.
  • To corrupt Sakiko or avoid the NTR/Cuckold scenes you must raise Saki’s love which will lead you to the vanilla ending as well.

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