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nowloading Games released a new game called Divagate and the version is 1.7. The game’s story is about AlterGuns is a female rock band centered around the vocalist and bassist “Minato Neon.” With her stoic attitude and dedication to her music career, she has steadily made a name for herself despite being an up-and-coming artist. However, behind her seemingly smooth sailing career, Neon harbors a “certain worry.” She feels inferior to her fellow band members who excel in various areas, unlike herself. In the midst of this, a significant opportunity arises for Neon to star in a movie. Normally, she would decline such an offer due to it being outside her field, but with the encouragement of her bandmates, Neon decides to accept the job.

Later on, Neon is contacted by the director, Udo, who proposes an acting retreat specifically for her. As Neon is an amateur in acting and lacks connections in the industry, she insists on having her manager accompany her, and Udo agrees to the condition. However, Neon is unaware of what awaits her. She has no idea about the true purpose hidden within this retreat… On the day of the retreat, Neon stands in front of an old Western-style mansion deep in the mountains, as the summer heat continues to linger. And so, a five-day retreat filled with confusion and desires is about to begin

Developer: nowloading
File Size: 46.5 MB
Version: 1.7
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Patch: Updates/Fixes

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