Dominating Eyes [v1.03] By UNDER HILL

UNDER HILL Games released a new game called Dominating Eyes and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about The protagonist of this story “Shuko Tachibana” saw the “Evil Eye” and was cursed with a lewd crest since she was young. After many years of training, Shuko mastered the art of magic and head towards subjugating the Evil Eye to break its curse. However, that “Evil Eye” was in fact a mutated breed and had grown more powerful and cunning over time. The king of lewd curses and brainwashing now has an army of monsters at his disposal.

An orthodox side-scrolling action game. Advance through the stages while defeating oncoming enemies. When your HP drops to zero and certain enemies approach you, defeat animation will be played. While viewing it, you can move your camera around. *Gamepad/controller recommended.

Developer: UNDER HILL
File Size: 239.5 MB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Developer Notes:


  • ◆Action mode
  • Move: ← or →
  • Dash: Shift while moving
  • Back dash: W
  • *Mana consumption: Small
  • Jump: Space
  • Double jump: Space while jumping
  • *Mana consumption: Small
  • Melee attack: Z
  • *Chain up to 3 times
  • Dash attack: Z while dashing
  • *Mana consumption: Medium
  • Invincible counter: Z while back dashing
  • *Mana consumption: Medium
  • Ranged attack: X
  • *Mana consumption: Small
  • Charged Shot: Hold X and release when fully charged
  • *Mana consumption: Large
  • Examine: Up
  • *For save points etc
  • Zoom out/in: Q to toggle while in standby state
  • ◆Viewing mode
  • Camera Movements: ← or → or ↑or ↓
  • Zoom in: Shift
  • Zoom out: Ctrl
  • Toggle animation: Z
  • View CG: X
  • END: Space
  • Restart: F2
  • *Usable anytime in viewing mode
  • *”Recollections” on Title screen will be accessible after clearing the game
  • ◆System
  • View/hide settings: F1
  • *Including key config
  • Return to title: F5
  • Fullscreen toggle: F10


  • Each status effect can change the sprite.
  • Also, when on the verge of death or affected by a status ailment,
  • Her familiar will vanish and she won’t be able to use long ranged attacks,
  • On top of that, her status and actions will also be restricted.

What will become of Shuko after was def

Game Images & Screenshots


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