Earth’s Last Guardian [v0.1.2] By EcchiYoYo Productions

EcchiYoYo Productions Games released a new game called Earth’s Last Guardian and the version is 0.1.2. The game’s story is about You play as an average guy, living with your sister after a worldwide pandemic wipes out 96 % of the world’s population. After your uncle dies a mysterious letter appears in your room, as soon as you finish reading the letter a strange door materializes in your room, drawn to the door you cannot help but to open it and step through. And so, starts your adventure, you will meet many new friends and a great many new enemies.

How you play the game is mostly left up to you, you can play it out on earth ignoring the strange dimension through the doorway or spend your time in their and finding out the legacy of your family and the guardian that came before you.​

Developer: EcchiYoYo Productions
File Size: 812.7 MB
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Clarified that the MC needs to be above combat level 50 to progress relationship events.
  • Unified naming for friendship and love reductions for conciseness and to reduce bug chance for incorrect variable name.
  • Added popups when player sleeps showing any girl that has friendship of love decay triggered, to make it clear to player there has been stat decay.
  • Added background code for popups for remaining characters (Grace, Gabrielle, town shop, town guard and, dungeon guard).
  • Created and implemented popups for Grace (not yet in use).
  • Created and implemented popups for Gabrielle (not yet in use).
  • Unified all functions to use increase and reduce for consistency, this should reduce the amount of bugs caused by inconsistent naming.
  • Adjusted working in town pay-out to by closer to legacy amount at base stats, unintended reduction during bug fixing.
  • Changed various instances of “sister” to use players chosen name for sister.
  • Added stat popups for sister friendship gain during opening scene, to introduce the popup system to the player.
  • Reduced experience gained from running in the park by around 50 %, this was due to the much less aggressive experience curve from the combat rework.
  • Player levels now always give a base of 4 attack, 2 defence, 10 HP and 2.5 MP (these values are rounded down to the nearest whole number, but are still multiplied by rebirth level before any rounding). This should be an overall increase in player power from levels.
  • Altered the level up process to enable the player to correctly gain multiple levels when appropriate, this makes purchasing experience multiplier more valuable.
  • Altered monster spawns for depth 1-5 to only be able to roll up to floor + 1 for their maximum level, with combat rework fighting monsters too high of a level can be lethal.
  • Implemented emergency rations along with emergency ration button in inventory, requires unlocking the dungeon for them to be purchasable.
  • Pass time in MC bedroom changed to Nap, along with relevant HP recovery.
  • Removed Nap option from bed button.
  • Added pity roll to finding next floor in dungeon, you should now only fail three times, the fourth attempt is guaranteed.
  • Reduced brightness of Inventory background slightly.
  • Unified the size of image buttons for the girls stats page, this was to prevent the button flashing when images were slightly mismatched between hovered and not hovered images.
  • Streamlined the code used to output stats gained when levelling, was needed due to rework of levelling system (no more RNG for stats gained).
  • Altered level up function to include maximum mana increase before the player has spells unlocked (these stat gains will not be shown to the player until spells are unlocked).
  • Changed method for determining chest contents found in the dungeon.
  • Added missing death scene to trapped chest.
  • Reduced rebirth minimum level to 50, this is due to combat difficulty increase as a result of the rework.
  • Added pity rolls to boss encounters required for progress, this should help those unlucky few (like myself) who are hated by RNGesus.
  • Changed sex menu name to intimacy menu, to more clearly define that this is not purely lewd acts.
  • Added warning when delving with no potions if you have enough crystals to buy some, this can be turned off and has been added due to the difficulty increase that comes with the combat rework.
  • Added text informing player of remaining potions to potion menus in combat.
  • Added showing player stat bars during level to make it clearer that some amount of health, mana, hunger and thirst are healed upon level up.
  • Expanded mana pools quest completion to include small mention of learning healing spell, also added time block increase to account for the time it would take the MC to learn to cast said spell.
  • Split Grocery store menu into pharmacy and food aisle, approaching limit for a single menu.
  • Split Zlata shop menus into buy and sell, approaching limit for a single menu.
  • Coloured buy and sell options for all shopping items, green and red respectively, to improve clarity at a glance in buy and sell menus.
  • Added ability for players to cast healing spell from inventory (once unlocked).
  • Moved can’t afford upgrades menu choice to the bottom of Eilana’s main menu choices, this is in an effort to move all exit options to the bottom of menus.
  • Added ability to use HP potions from inventory.
  • Added ability to use MP potions from inventory (once spells are unlocked).
  • Added ability to use large HP potions from inventory (once healing pools are liberated).
  • Removed monster level from combat overlay, this gave a false sense of what level a player should be when facing a monster.
  • Reworked spell damage to remove randomness, this should lead to an overall increase in spell damage/heals.
  • Altered spell functions to include mana cost and mana reduction for caster, this is preparation for more monsters having access to spells.
  • Increased fireball spell cost to 9 mana also increased it’s damage by 20 % to make the spell feel more impactful.
  • Added text to show how much HP will be healed by healing spell when cast from inventory.
  • Added a check for completed quests, dungeon residents should now only show the option to hand in quests when the player has a quest to hand in.
  • Altered quest menus to take into account how many quests the player can take (max 2 but only one available until after 5 have been completed).
  • Capped hunger and thirst regained upon level up, this was too high and eating became un-needed.
  • Added small amount of MP regen to napping.
  • Implemented mana pools, you can now fill and sell bottles adding half this amount as MP potions for sale (maximum MP potios for sale is 10).
  • Implemented healing pools, you can now fill and sell large empty bottles adding half this amount as large HP potions for sale (maximum large HP potios for sale is 5).
  • Created, compressed and, added images for Chloe hug, kiss and, handjob images.
  • Created image references for Chloe hug, kiss and, handjob scenes.
  • Created and implemented Chloe`s house.
  • Created and implemented Chloe`s menu choices.
  • Created and implemented first meeting with Chloe.
  • Created and implemented image check functions for Chloe hug, kiss and, handjob scenes.
  • Created and added background for Chloes house.
  • Activated Chloe interaction options for town locations.
  • Multiplied base experience for all monsters by 1.5 and set default experience multiplier to 1.0, this will result in the same experience at base but a greater increase from multiplier bonuses from rebirths and coin shop upgrades.
  • Multiplied base crystal gain by 1.3 and set default crystal multiplier to 1.0, this will result in the same base crystal drop rate but a greater increase from multiplier bonuses at rebirth and coin shop upgrades.
  • Edited calculations for increased multiplier display in coin shop to be inline with new base multipliers.
  • Created standard standing images for Violet.
  • Created inventory standing images for Violet.
  • Added standard standing image references for Violet.
  • Added chance for violet to be image button for girl stats page.
  • Added Violet images to coin shop.
  • Created standard image check functions for Violet.
  • Created and added sister standing images for Chloe’s house.
  • Added image references for sister at Chloe’s house.
  • Created and implemented sister image check function for Chloe’s house.
  • Added skeleton of background code for Violet.
  • Added ability to visit violet from the work at grocery store menu, as the town shop owner this seemed the most sensible place to put this.
  • Updated girl stats pages to show correct images for Violet, unmet and image buttons.
  • Created and added image for Violet stat popups.
  • Wrote and implemented Violet introduction.
  • Wrote and implemented Violet greetings.
  • Added shell for town guard and dungeon guard, prep for adding them to the game.
  • Added shell for town shop, town guard and, dungeon guard sex events.
  • Wrote and implemented Chloe hug scene.
  • Wrote and implemented Chloe friendly kiss scene.
  • Wrote and implemented Chloe intimate kiss scene.
  • Wrote and implemented Chloe handjob scene.
  • Updated method to calculate upgrade success, moving away from ren’pys garbage implementation of random.
  • Updated method to calculate finding next floor, moving away from ren’pys garbage implementation of random.
  • Created and added dungeon guard (Ravlia) menus, prep for her release.
  • Added increased quest reward based on Plaza rep.
  • Added friendship and rep gain to plaza denizen quests, friendship now able to reach 100 (increased quest reward with higher friendship and rep).
  • Removed skip turn option form all combat, not needed.
  • Reduced multiplier increase for both dark and light shop upgrades.
  • Reduced multiplier increase from rebirthing to 10 and 15 %, same reason as coin shop reduction, player exp/crystal gain scaled too quickly.
  • Removed menu choice to go home when in town from all menus except main town menu, mis-clicking and ending up at home is too frustrating.
  • Implemented side images (talking head) for most characters, this may require a new game to work correctly but does not really do anything so no missed content if you don`t restart.
  • Removed showing stat bars when levelling up, screen was too cluttered.
  • Added friendship gain and friendly interaction trigger to Violet when working at the grocery store.
  • Separated jump menus in grocery store, this allows to go back to food/pharmacy aisle and not back to main shop menu.
  • Converted remaining exploration functions to use new method, (floors 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60, 60-69, 70-74, 75+)
  • Added increased chance to find enemies you have quests for (provided you are on a floor that can spawn said enemy).
  • Added conversion to level up function for saves from earlier builds, this will bring their experience requirements in line with the new experience curve.
  • Created and implemented Eilana images for hug, friendly kiss, intimate kiss and, handjob scenes.
  • Created image references for Eilana hug, friendly kiss, intimate kiss and, handjob scenes.
  • Created image check functions for Eilana hug, friendly kiss, intimate kiss and, handjob scenes.
  • Created functions for slave image checks, this is in preparation for finalising the random slaves images.
  • Created and added blank side images for slaves, this is in preparation for finalising the random slaves images.
  • Altered method for selecting freed slaves to include adding side image names, this will not work for already generated slaves.
  • Added hide inventory button to filling bottles in mana and healing pools.
  • Added commas into currency display in inventory, this should help those with dyslexia more easily see how much they have.
  • Added check for relic level to only display cost of next upgrade for relics that are not max level.
  • Added missing sound when finding relics.
  • Added missing sound when finding spells.
  • Reduced default volume of drake roar during first dungeon fight event.
  • Wrote and implemented relic rebirth introduction with Eilana.
  • Implemented relic rebirth menus in upgrade shop.
  • Wrote and implemented Eilana friendly and intimate kiss scenes as well as handjob scene.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed girl friendship value being partially behind the lower half of the friendship bar, it should now correctly display in front.
  • Fixed door sound in spare room triggering for actions that pass time when already in the spare room.
  • Fixed sister image not being cleared form living room when time passes and the sister is no longer in the living room (i,e while reading).
  • Fixed sister image not being cleared form bathroom room when time passes and the sister is no longer in the living room (i,e while MC takes a shower).
  • Fixed conception calculator not working correctly if pregnancy chance was above 50 %, this should now work correctly allowing up to a 100% chance if the MCs sperm stats are high enough(removed the temporary chance limit that was used as a stop gap for this issue).
  • Fixed enemy MP still being displayed when running from some fights, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed missing met trigger for Grace and Gabrielle when unlocking the ancient coin shop.
  • Fixed running in park not costing the required amount of thirst and hunger (this was always meant to cost this), missing function call.
  • Fixed nap function fully healing MC instead of the intended 35 %, function was messed up and not working even close to how it was intended.
  • Fixed code that calculates when girls tell the MC they are pregnant, similar code to that used in conception calculator resulting in the same bug (output is reversed if chance is above 50%).
  • Fixed drinking water from kitchen tap filling hunger and no thirst, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed butcher quest jump labels, incorrect label names.
  • Fixed missing potion sound, missing pause.
  • Fixed a bug in orc boss fights when casting fireball, instantly killed the goblin regardless of its remaining HP, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed inventory showing incorrect amount of large HP potions, incorrect variable name (showing MP potion amount).
  • Fixed an issue when consuming a ration box would not let the player continue the hunger/thirst costing action, added refresh jump when exiting inventory for relevant locations.
  • Added ration box fix to all screens that can close the inventory (girl page, girls stat pages and, spell book).
  • Fixed Eilana’s menu not showing correct options when upgrades cannot be afforded, changed variable checks to include whether the MC owns the respective relic.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference sister cunnilingus pregnancy state 2, incorrect image path.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Zlata anal pregnancy state 3, incorrect image path.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe hug, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe friendly kiss, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe standing pregnancy state 1, incorrect file path.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe town pregnancy state 1, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe hug pregnancy state 1, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed incorrect image reference Chloe kiss pregnancy state 1, incorrect file path.
  • Fixed a bug in Seana greetings causing a crash, missing =.
  • Fixed several bugs in butcher quest menus causing a crash when exiting these menus, incorrect jump label name.
  • Fixed a bug in orc boss fight when casting fireball causing a crash, incorrect jump label name.
  • Fixed a bug in orc boss fight that sometimes caused the orc boss attacking image to not be removed, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed a bug in demon fight causing a crash, incorrect jump label call.
  • Fixed a bug in demon boss fights causing a crash, incorrect jump label.
  • Fixed a bug when buying large empty bottles and running out of crystals causing a crash, incorrect jump label name.
  • Fixed a bug with large filled bottle functions causing a crash, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed a bug with random encounters in healing pools and mana pools leading to the game locking up, infinite while loop.
  • Fixed a bug when using large HP potions in some orc boss fights causing a crash, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed a bug when fighting a mimic and gaining multiple levels not showing the correct stats gained, variable resets in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug in quest check function that caused quest hand in menu option to be shown when no quests were complete, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed floating point issues in coin shop calculations sometimes showing incorrect values for multipliers.
  • Fixed Chloe image not being displayed when she was in grocery store, invalid check for readiness.
  • Fixed a bug where go to previous floor could show “go back to floor 0”, incorrect variable check.
  • Fixed colour of Violet`s stat popups.
  • Fixed Chloe handjob image check function, missing check for 7th image.
  • Fixed Violet friendship gain being shown for 0 gain, missing check for no gain.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to upgrade the ring relic if their armour relic was max level, incorrect variable check.
  • Fixed several bugs in new explore functions causing a crash “variable called before referenced”, inconsistent naming.
  • Fixed ring rebirth allowing players HP to be higher than players max HP, added check and sets HP to max if over max.
  • Fixed relic rebirth not taking into account the rebirth for the initial increase, only 2 attack for level one at first rebirth instead of 4 and so on.
  • Fixed ring relic rebirth setting weapon to level -99 while remaining at level 100, incorrect variable name.
  • Fixed side images for Grace and Gabrielle not showing after their names are first given to the MC, missing assignment when names are assigned during introduction.


  • Fixed a typo in shaman boss death scene, you instead of your.
  • Fixed typo in demon death scene, oyu instead of you.
  • Fixed typo in demon boss death scene, missing the.
  • Fixed grammar in demon boss death scene, will be replaced with has been.
  • Fixed typo in mana pools completion, form instead of from.
  • Fixed typo when buying mana potions, HP instead of MP.
  • Fixed typos in bottle buying interactions with Zlata, even when buying/selling more than one bottle the singular was used instead of the plural.

Developer Notes:

Post any bugs you find in the discords bug channel. Post any typos you find in the discord’s typo channel. This project is being made mostly as a hobby, I am not a coder nor am I a writer, take that as you will and base your expectations on this being a hobby project. Questions of this is good but can you add x, y or, z will mostly be ignored I have a direction in mind and a fixed view on what I want this game to be. If the game comes to a state where I am happy to maybe add things outside of this scope, then I may be open to suggestions when the time comes.

Although most Ren’py game distributions create windows, Linux and, Mac versions I do not have access (nor do I wish to have access) to Linux or Mac systems, therefore I cannot test on those operating systems and so the game is not officially supported outside of windows. (This will likely change in the future and Linux/Mac versions will be released, however if there are bugs specific to these operating systems, I will likely not be able to fix them)

As for Android there will never be an official Android release, similar to the above I have no desire to learn how to modify my code for android (unlike Linux and Mac there will never be an Android version)

Game Images & Screenshots


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