Echoes of Home [Alpha] By Yumeiro Studio

Yumeiro Studio Games released a new game called Echoes of Home and the version is Alpha. The game’s story is about story revolves around Asahi, a young student who tragically loses his mother and father in a car accident and must move back to his hometown from bustling Tokyo. There, he finds solace in Kanae, the dear friend of his late mother. Kanae’s warm embrace is not the only surprise waiting for him; her spirited daughter Kotone adds an adorable touch with her tsundere personality. But that’s just the beginning. The narrative introduces a cast of intriguing characters, from Fuka, a passionate gamer who prioritizes her virtual world over school, to Hiroshi, a childhood friend who becomes Asahi’s pillar of support.

You will choose your school club, your job, and embark on a new life. Besides the classic storyline, there are also elements of fantasy here. Asahi has the ability to enter people’s dreams, creating intriguing interactions. Your goal is to integrate into the new school as best as you can, build new relationships, and get to know all the characters. The path you take is entirely up to you. It’s no problem to find a girlfriend or even create a harem. The story doesn’t pull you in just one direction. In the future, you will also have the choice of whether to play the game as a complete angel or torment everyone around you.

Developer: Yumeiro Studio
File Size: 184 MB
Version: Alpha
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Free Version

Developer Notes:

The development of Echoes of Home depends on community support. Plans for updates and adding new content will depend on the number of patrons. Financing the entire game by a single person is unrealistic, and we need financial resources for artists and programmers. Therefore, we’ve established support milestones:

  • 250 patrons: Regular monthly updates with occasional major updates every 3 months.
  • 500 patrons: New illustrations (CGs) added every month.
  • 750 patrons: The ability to create more additional content and release it every month.
  • 1000 patrons: At least one new animation every month.

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