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Caracas Games released a new game called Envious and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about Envious is a VN based on an roleplay venue in the game Final Fantasy XIV. The venue is a maid café and brothel where hundreds of players go to weekly. In this VN you play as a new hire, get to meet all of the Envious staff and see who you’ll end up with! “Envious” is still in development, LOTS of more content will be added slowly but surely. This is only the demo for Day 1 of the story and everything on it is subject to change later. ​

Developer: Caracas
File Size: 151.4 MB
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • With this update I’m introducing into the story a bunch of new characters!
  • Day 1 has been extended a bit to introduce some of these new characters and Day 2 is now available to start!
  • With the introduction of all these new characters, it opens up a lot more romantic opportunities to come on later patches…

New Characters:

  • Added Million’s character, dateable character by both male and female players. Appears on Day 1
  • Introduced Mistress Isabella character on Day 1 (padjal girl)
  • Introduced Bakuro’s character on Day 1
  • Introduced Nami’s character (femboy) on Day 1
  • Introduced Barika’s character on Day 1
  • Introduced Mewgan’s character on Day 1
  • Introduced Allisa’s character (bungirl) on Day 2
  • Introduced Rei’s placeholder character on Day 2 (Will receive a visual rework later)
  • Introduced Dairee’s character on Day 2
  • Introduced Lina’s character on Day 2
  • Introduced Lizzy’s character on Day 2

New Features:

  • Added pop-up notifications every time the player unlocks a CG
  • Player’s name will now show on top of the dialogue box whenever they are talking.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a strange crash that could happen during a date (hopefully)
  • Fixed some and probably added more grammar mistakes.

Game Images & Screenshots


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