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– Richard Day 18 – You know, with Richard working most of the day away, you have that time to spend with other friends to see what they are up to. You’ll see more of that today!
– Aside from his update, I just correct some minor typos and whatnot in his and Dwayne’s previous days.
– Important info for the next few updates!

– Dwayne Day 12 – Leon’s coming back to take care of the pool, so that makes one wonder how Dwayne will act this time? (Note- You might encounter an issue in regards to where Dwayne spends the night, and, if you do, play through Day 11’s ending again when he decides what he’s doing).
– Some bug fixes abound!
– It seems Richard’s Day 16 and 17 had a few different issues with syntax and improper jumps, so those have been fixed (one of those being “Knock Again”).
– Spencer’s epilogue wasn’t showing the MC’s name correctly and just setting to the default (UNLESS you had finished Coach’s route…). This has been corrected, but you -have- to go through the ending credits of Spencer’s final day again for it to trigger correctly.

– Richard Day 17 – Just… another day with a fair amount of things going on. We get to see a little bit of everyone it feels like.
– Nothing else to say here, so just dive in and see what all’s going on!

Thanks for being understanding with my situation this past month. I’m glad I ended up swapping to housekeeping, cause the hubby had to go to the ER and get admitted again for a few days. It wasn’t cause he was feeling bad, but it was cause they wanted a second kidney biopsy (and the doctor didn’t tell us that till after making us panic about what the issue was), and this was the fastest way to have it done. We had several more unfun days at the hospital, but the hubby is home and doing fine.

NOW, as for what I did get done…
– 2 more images were added to Spencer’s epilogue. One at the start and one sometime closer to the middle.
– Chester’s first kiss was added into Day 14 (the first REAL kiss and not just a peck!).
– Added 2 more recipes to the kitchen! Day 15 Richard with Chicken Lazone and Day 20 Chester with Dordito Chicken. If you guys try any of the stuff out, let me know what you think! I have more to add still.
– For the Gallery version, I started updating Harold’s clothing gallery. Everything there now -should- work fine. I didn’t find any crashes at least. It’s still far from done, but it’s a huge upgrade over the old one!
– Now, barring any new emergencies popping up, I should be on track again for normal updates. Richard should be up next, so keep an eye out for that!

Howdy, folks! It’s finally here! Thank you all so much for the patience you’ve shown me. I’m still experiencing vertigo symptoms, but they are so mild now I don’t notice them that much. I’m glad I ended up taking the extra time for this update too, because, boy, is it a big one.
Just to give an idea of how big it is, my average update is probably around 10-12k words. This one clocks in over 40k. So… there’s a lot.
I’m not gonna say too much about the update here, since I want you all to see if for yourself, but I’m sure a bunch of you already know what to expect. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.
As I mentioned in my last post, I won’t be doing another update until Richard’s on July 1st (I’m skipping the June 16th housekeeping so I can just rest).

– Dwayne Day 11
– Updated Richard’s garage locker image with his back hair
– Corrected an issue with a weird dialog transition at Spencer’s home on Richard’s Day 16
– Corrected various typos/errors/inconsistencies from previous days from Google documents

– Dwayne Day 10 – Dwayne’s going to practice with you today after you guys do some stuff around the complex. What kind of shenanigans await?

– There’s not much to say other than to check it out! Keep in mind, the next update I’m doing will be housekeeping. I have something silly I’m introducing with that, but I think you will all enjoy it, so keep an eye out for that!


– Dwayne Day 7 – The previous night with Dwayne was a blast, but it ended on a bit of a sour note? How are things going to be resolved here?
– Dozer’s First Kiss image has been added in on his Day 14! Enjoy the magical experience with that big Kaiju.
– Shelia, Dozer’s coworker at the clinic, also got a sprite on Day 14.
– The ‘Hide UI’ button has an updated graphic now to match the rest of them! I think it’s a nice little addition to everything.
– Richard’s update is coming up next, so stay tuned for that later this month!
– That’s all for the notes this time around. Nothing huge to report, so you can all just dive into the update!

Hey, folks! Quick update notes with this update!

– Richard Day 12 – The rhino is finally back to have some fun with you. You have practice, and the weekend is coming up, so see what he has in store!

– Thanks to Medwyn (helping me with TOLBOR), I finally had the code to implement… an actual hide button! Gone are the days of pressing the H key (which you can still do for now) to hide the interface, and for android users, you now have a way! For now, there’s a temp button at the top of the screen you can click to hide the interface. Clicking anywhere will bring it all back.

– I added an extra image to Spencer’s Day 28. It’s something I’ve wanted to do, and, well… it’s there now! Go check it out. I personally love that bit, so I’m so happy to have an image for it.

“- Harold’s Epilogue – What can I say other than we get to see how time passes after our big ol’ bear and the MC end up together!

– A couple of things I’d like to point out! I left it, for now, to where everyone can access the epilogue no matter which ending people got. I want you all to be able to see if! Later, this will be adjusted to where it’s only accessible it you achieved his perfect route!

To access it, just go to Extras and click the Bonus Days. It’ll start right away (This will change later too, haha).

If you have a save spot around the end of Day 35 for Harold, I suggest running through the ending scene one more time. Just let it hit the last dialog and skip to the main menu again. It’ll trigger some variables that’ll play into the epilogue (You don’t have to play the entire day). Otherwise, you’ll end up with some default names and choices.

– Oh yeah, you guys will see a new character cameo pop up too! That’d be Roland, and he belongs to Morphbeast. I was a bit jealous when Ger drew him, cause that fella’s cute!

– It seems the code with MC’s skin/hair color sets to default no matter what. Will have this fixed and uploaded sometime later in the day (otherwise, you just get the MC’s default colors!).”

– Dwayne Day 6 – The big gorilla is taking you out on a date! Time to have some fun with him! A lot of stuff went into this update, and I’m sure I’ve overlooked some stuff. I’m sorry if I did! I hope you all enjoy it though. (I got carried away again!)

” Heyo, folks! I know a bunch of you have been waiting for this man, so here’s a Richard update!

– Richard Day 11 – He foreshadowed some events for the day, and I guess it’s time to see if he makes good on that. Just another day with that big rhino (and friends!)

– Fixed a couple of issues with Chester’s route. Some of his backgrounds has improper paths while I was cleaning up files, and that broke some of his days around the convention. Should be all good now!

– Keep in mind with Richard, if you didn’t restart his route for the last Richard update, you might encounter issues that require his route to be started fresh.

No gallery

– Edited the Coach Day 2 Updates

– Added a Character Bios page under the ‘Extras’ option. For those of you that have been here for forever, you might remember way back when I introduced some characters on Day 1, they’d have small bio blurbs pop up with them. I had designed another template for them forever ago, and I never really implemented them. Well, with this update, I set some of the groundwork up for it. It doesn’t have much in it at the moment, but it’s a start! I’ll add some character details there, and I plan on using that as an indicator for folks to know whether or not they have what I consider the ‘Best’ ending.

– Darius’s Day 1 has been included in Spanish now.

– The auto-forward button has been added! You can see it while playing the game now.

– Corrected a slew of typos, mostly through Coach’s and Dozer’s days.

– Harold’s Day 25 got a new CG added to it. I felt the scene in the closet with him needed something more, and there’s a new image for it. I want to add another after that, but that’ll have to be another time!


– Darius Day 35 – Darius’s final route update. See what our lion has in store for just a good day.

I don’t have a lot to say with his update beyond thank you for all of you that has supported me in making Extracurricular Activities.

Darius’s route ending brings to a close the 5 main routes for the visual novel. It’s another huge milestone for the project, and I’m just blown away daily by how many people enjoy what I’ve been doing over the years. I can’t even put into words how I’m feeling about it all right now. So really, thank you!

As with the others, this might be the end of his route, but there will be more to his story later on! I hope you all have enjoyed his route and enjoy this last day. And please, look forward to more with him (and the others) in the future!

– Darius Day 34 – Darius’s next to last day. It’s just another fun day with the lion. Some pervy behavior, some sweet things and just an overall good day.

– There was an issue with his last scene where the player’s body and face didn’t match colors, and that should be corrected now. I left out the code that changed those pieces’ colors and somehow didn’t notice in my testing.





– Spencer Day 33 – Man oh man, this was a long one. I didn’t realize there was so much I wanted to get out there. Spencer has a plan, but how’s that going to go for him? Guess you’ll all find out! You’ll get to meet Spencer’s family, and I hope you all love them just as much as I do. CaptainGerBear did an amazing job with all their designs, and I just love ’em all.
– Not much else to report on this update (and my hand hurts, haha!) ! Just don’t forget that if you haven’t started Spencer’s route over in a while, be sure to do so if your game is crashing when you try to load an old save.
– Thanks so much for the continued support with typos and other errors with the Google Docs page. It helps tremendously! Don’t forget, you can post image errors there too (just keep in mind, the transition we are going through).


– Darius Day 28 – The last day of the camping trip is upon us. What does Darius have in mind for the final hours there together? If anything…

-Fixed a weird bug that made Darius like like a mutant spewing radioactive spunk on Day 27.

– Not much to comment on this time around, but do keep in mind PLEASE RESTART THE ROUTE IF YOU HAVEN’T AS OF UPDATE 1.103! A lot of changes happened through the code, and I’ve updated some past variables too. You will encounter issues if you haven’t restarted already.

Update 1.103

Update 1.97

* Darius Day 27
* Added new background from Gavel
* Updated Credits

Update 1.96

– Spencer Day 31 – Spencer misbehaved a bit on the last update, but I feel like there’s something else brewing in his head now.

– Day 7 has a new piece of art for you guys to check out. You’ll find it in the club if you play your cards right! Day 31 has a nice piece too, and CaptainGerBear did an amazing job on both of them.

– Updated and added in a few new backgrounds from Gavel. The Police station, Tennis Court Bathroom and Spencer’s Apartment (albeit, I only got the night version put in so far for reasons).


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