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Five of a Kind v0.3.6.1 by JorogrArt, Five of a Kind by JorogrArt is an adult game about You play a frustrated, young computer and video game enthusiast living at home with your overextended and stressed mother, Meredith, and your self-centered and aloof sister, Brooke.

Nominally, you and your two friends: ever-scheming, wannabe ladies’ man Scott; and hyperkinetic savant Nicole, set out to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the mercurial Dr. Joystick; however, you find the seemingly more mundane situations in your own home to be more rewarding.

Updated: 2023-08-21
Release Date: 2023-08-21
Developer: JorogrArt Subscribestar – – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.6.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Animated, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Internal View, Male protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Oral Sex, Paranormal, Point & click, Sandbox, Teasing, TitFuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


1. Download from one of the links provided.
2. Extract and run.



  • Advancement of Charlotte’s story, although not finishing it. This amounts to two new quests (Northern Hospitality & Games People Play) and continuing the existing Fish and Visitors quest.
  • Upgraded Aunt Charlotte’s portrait rig to support multiple outfits and give a proper idle animation (with jiggle physics)
  • The Strip Poker game on MC’s computer will now be playable. This is a partially a piece of old timey, low rez flair, but will have a plot point later in the story.
  • Closeups are now available for sitting at the Dining Table and inspecting the Kitchen Counter (To Do List)

Gameplay Improvements

  • Spank Bank UI scrolling will scroll to separate pages, not just shift the scenes by a couple of spaces (to avoid confusion).
  • Unlocked Spank Bank (gallery) scene thumbnails (polaroids) will have printed text underneath them telling you what they are (e.g., “Mom Kissing Scene”, “Sis Computer Dream”, “Irene Blowjob”, etc.)
  • Spank Bank Bonus scenes thumbnails (polaroids) will have a blue “Bonus” ribbon, making them stand out from regular scenes.
  • Launching Bonus scenes from the Spank Bank will give a brief text explaining how bonus scenes work.
  • Moved Reset button to the left side of the UI to prevent accidentally clicking it.
  • Launching either of Brooke’s dreams or the Meredith 3D scene from the Spank Bank will prompt you to continue so as to not force you to watch the entire thing if you clicked on them by accident.
  • Meredith will have improved vocalisations (SFX/foley) in a few scenes (Haircutting Scene, Shower Scene, Tit Job Scene, Kissing Scene, & Bonus Sex Scene)
  • Updated the Dining Room background to add rear mattes and more detail.
  • The Magic Wand (debug/cheat tool) will now be found as a hidden hotspot on the inventory menu itself instead of the hidden hotspot in MC’s bedroom.

Bug Fixes

  • MC’s bedroom door will no longer animate to open. It will have two states: open and closed just like the front door.
  • Reduce the volume of Scott’s theme and Diner Theme so it’s not so loud compared to other music.
  • Remove Cum action from Meredith & Brooke sleeping poses where the action is only there to scold the player.
  • Version label in title screen will no longer be hidden when showing the Spank Bank and Credits menus.
  • Meredith will no longer say “It’s not Christmas” when you hand her the christmas lights and carrying the gem.
  • Nicole War Dialer dialogue option won’t be available after you start the War Dialer.
  • Using Meredith’s panties will now make you wait a day before doing it again…
  • It will no longer be possible to take a crap while Meredith is showering.
  • Flushing the toilet while Meredith is showering will give a Sierra-style death.
  • Changed all references of VectorMan and Ms. VectorMan to Movie Tie-In: The Game and Super Panty Raid, respectively (I had no idea VectorMan was a real property. Oops!)
  • Jorogr Avatar (the middle age guy in Pro Tips) eye color has been corrected to green (was brown before).


  • This update primarily includes bug fixes to v0.3.5, along with a few gameplay improvements I was working on. Among the bug fixes are two longstanding game-breaking, and difficult-to-reproduce bugs that could put the game in an unwinnable state.

Gameplay Improvements

  • The Contacts page in the Quest Journal will now have “tabs” for each character so you can jump to the character you want to work on without having to click next or previous multiple times to scroll through the characters.
  • The game will now keep track of the highest level of Dirty Talk you’ve unlocked through gameplay and use it when playing Spank Bank scenes from the main menu (for scenes that actually have Dirty Talk implemented).
  • Resetting the Spank Bank also will reset Highest Dirty Talk Level Unlocked setting to None.
  • Using the Title Screen Cheat Hotspot 5x will set Highest Dirty Talk Level Unlocked to Max (currently Level 2).
  • Meredith’s Fan Service time slot in the Afternoon (Sleeping, Trying on Lingerie, or Using Vibrator) will now predictably cycle through the available options instead of being randomized each day.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a longstanding and nasty bug where it was possible to get a Quest Accepted or Quest Completed banner stuck on the screen forever with no way to get rid of it other than starting over.
  • Opening the Pause menu while either the Inventory or Journal menus are open and then selecting Resume will restore the HUD icons in the upper left. This bug is particularly nasty because it could potentially put your game in an unwinnable state, depending on which screen you’re on (e.g., Irene’s house).
  • Using the trunk at the foot of MC’s bed after finishing the Meredith shower quest or when you already have the shorts now gives a proper “you did this already” message rather than giving you another pair of gym shorts. If you load a save game where you’ve completed the shower quest and have an extra pair of gym shorts from this bug, they will be automatically removed.
  • Using the zipper in the Upstairs Bathroom now causes MC to drop his pants, giving different results if he is alone, Brooke is showering, or Meredith is showering.
  • Slightly reduced font size in death popup to prevent the menu text from overlapping the buttons in Ultrawide (21:9) rez.
  • Added black bars to Kissing Scene on Ultrawide.
  • Cash register sound effect no longer is interrupted with quest progress sound when getting the cash from Irene.
  • Meredith no longer shows up randomly in the back yard.
  • Brooke’s bedroom will have the lights on at all hours so that Brooke and Jasmine won’t be sitting in the dark at Night after Charlotte accosts Brooke for her music.
  • Outdoor mattes outside Brooke’s bedroom window will now correctly show winter versions of the tree and houses across the street if holding the Winter Gem.
  • Haircutting scissors no longer show up as valid option during Meredith BJ Scene.
  • Asking Meredith what’s on TV when Charlotte has taken control of the TV will now give an appropriate message.
  • Main Menu and Exit Game confirmation dialogs now pause the game.
  • Bringing up the Pause menu while the Inventory or Journal menus are open will close them.
  • Using the Summon Nicole button while already talking to Nicole no longer repeats the camera zoom and gives an appropriate “You’re already doing that” message.


  • This update advances Meredith’s story in two separate, but admittedly brief lanes. 1) There is a bonus quest to convince Meredith to let you join her in the shower for some fun, which provides most of the erotic value in this update. 2) The first quest and cut scenes to establish Aunt Charlotte as an emerging obstacle (pain-in-the-ass)
  • This is Part 1 of the Aunt Charlotte arc and the available content just helps establish her character. There are no sex scenes (yet) with her and and the available story in this update is a bit brief, but offers important “table setting” for the next update.
  • There is nothing in this update that should break saves from previous versions.
  • I had to cut an important Aunt Charlotte set piece in order to get the update out, but hopefully the two new animated scenes will provide enough erotic value.

New Content

  • Soon after the mortgage is paid off, Meredith will be working less overtime and can be found showering around noon (Midday).
  • New Meredith Spank Bank Scene: Standing Shower Groping, & Thigh Job
  • The first quest and cut scenes of Aunt Charlotte’s mini story.
  • New Location: Sloppy Seconds Diner (interior only, not much NPCs or activity in there yet)
  • Minor Scene: MC jerking off in Meredith’s bed with her panties will now be depicted graphically instead of simply stated in a wall of text.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Meredith’s assigned “Fan Service” time slot (Afternoon) will behave more like Brooke’s where what she’s doing will be random each day and will select among the Perks you’ve unlocked. This is being done mostly because that Afternoon timeslot is currently overloaded and to allow for future expansion.
  • Asking Meredith for repeating any of the Spank Bank scenes from the Kitchen will automatically cut to either MC’s or Meredith’s Bedroom rather than making you walk up there on your own to activate the event.
  • All indoor and outdoor locations have been tweaked to either show black bars on the sides or hide embarrassing stuff that was previously visible at the edges in ultra wide resolution.
  • Aunt Charlotte’s journal page has moved to just after Brooke’s page.
  • The Winter/Christmas Gem Use action in the inventory will no longer cause the Gem to disappear. Now you get a choice and if you want to get rid of it, there’s a specific option to destroy it, which is of course the return to non-Christmas option. You can always get another Gem from Dzherkov in the arcade.
  • Using the Unzip (Summon Nicole) action in the upstairs bathroom and shower closeup now has more dynamic responses and uses than the default “I’ve had the best success summoning Nicole in my bedroom.” response.
  • Milestone list now scrolls by a full page at a time instead of by five items at a time. With a full game, your Milestone list can be REALLY long.
  • Rewatching the Meredith vibrator scene will now prompt you if you want to watch the whole scene, so that you don’t get locked into repeating the whole thing from simply peeking through the keyhole.


  • This is a short, seasonal update for Christmas 2022. It will contain a couple of new Christmas-themed quests with some minor, unlockable erotic content. (Yeah, I know a day or two late. My apologies.)
  • This update will NOT require restarting. Your saved games should work if they were created with any update AFTER v0.2.3.
  • Due to the contracted development time, there will NOT be any new Spank Bank scenes in this update. There is one new solo scene with Meredith, but it doesn’t rise to the level of a Spank Bank scene.
  • If you somehow have v0.3.2 (and not v0.3.2.1), get this version as it hotfixes a game-breaking bug where Meredith’s “Good Vibrations” scene won’t fire under certain circumstances.

Winter Event

  • The game will detect the time/date from the current computer and set a variable in the game for certain “holidays.” Christmas will be assigned if the current month is December upon either a) starting a new game, b) loading from a save game.
  • The Fortune Teller at the arcade supports an “I wish it were Christmas” option from his dialogue tree. If you accept his proposition, he will give you a “Christmas Gem”, which will force the game to act as if it were Christmas while it is in your inventory, ignoring the system date/time. This of course gives players a way to activate the Winter Event if they discover the update on Jan. 1, for example.
  • Snowfall visible in all outdoor locations and visible through window in indoor locations.
  • A couple of new Christmas-themed quests.
  • A new outfit for Meredith. (She will only wear it in certain locations)

Gameplay Improvements/Features

  • Aspect ratio will now be fixed to 16:9, putting black bars on the sides when necessary.
  • Increased Meredith’s walking speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Meredith’s Good Vibrations Perk wouldn’t activate if you had finished the Blowjob scene.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where the Scroll Up/Scroll Down arrows in the Inventory Box wouldn’t scroll, limiting you to only being able to view the first 20 items you had.
  • Rename “Demerits” to “Offenses.” Some people have complained that this term has negative connotations.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where you could be locked out of traveling anywhere from Aunt Irene’s house. The map would be grayed out and say “You must be outdoors.”
  • Fixed several misattributed lines when Dirty Talking with Lucy where her lines are mistakenly spoken by MC.
  • Fixed a bug where Living Room Christmas Tree hotspot wasn’t activating.
  • Fixed a bug where Meredith’s solo “Good Vibrations” scene wasn’t switching to the faster animation when it got to the intense part.

Notes: * This hotfix mainly addresses a pair of game-breaking bugs from v0.3.1.1, but also a few other minor things. There is no new content.

Bug Fixes: * Fixed a bug where using Open Map, Teleport to MC Bedroom, or Fast Sleep actions while viewing certain closeups could freeze MC, making him not able to move.

* Fixed the long-reported, but newly understood forever hourglass bug when rapidly taking wine from the dining room cabinet. (Thanks to @Sapphiree for the “key” to duplicate this issue)

* Using the Rest button in the Kitchen and in Brooke’s room now gives a “You can’t rest here” message instead of doing nothing.

* Fixed Meredith’s hand overlapping MC’s thigh in the BJ scene (graphical issue)

* Fixed several issues with Dirty Talk during Meredith’s POV BJ scene. * Fixed several typos.




  • This update does not advance the story in a meaningful way and is primarily focused on making the existing game and content more appealing to players newly discovering the game.
  • There is one new Spank Bank scene in this version.
  • The Meredith Handjob rework was cut from this version because it’s not quite ready.

New Content

  • Finishing Brooke’s current route gives a “Bonus” scene, similar to the one with Meredith.
  • Reworked the Meredith BJ scene (fixed graphics, synced sound effects, different scenarios for repeat viewing)
  • 2x rooms added to house (Downstairs Hallway behind couch & Guest Bedroom)
  • Aunt Charlotte can be found in the Guest Bedroom after she arrives and she has a basic dialogue tree to talk to her, but little else. You can spy on her in her room for a Demerit, if you like.
  • Some select closeup scenes in places to “zoom in” on important romantic and/or erotic moments (no spoilers)

Bonus Fun Stuff

  • It is now possible to unlock 2x levels of Dirty Talk Skill through natural gameplay. Dirty Talk is an enhancement that can be used in some Spank Bank scenes.
  • We can now talk to the Phone Sex operator (instead of Under Construction Banner)
  • The Erotic Fiction bulletin board in CommPost (very minor mechanic) has been completed
  • It is now possible to give Lucy an orgasm during her “Cowgirl” scene.

Gameplay/Engine Improvements

  • Added ability to customize Mom/Sis names.
  • Fast Travel & Fast Sleep options can be unlocked (Telport to MC bedroom, Open Game Map from MC Bedroom, Fast sleep, all available from HUD)
  • Rest, Map, and Teleport to MC Room icons now gray out if they are not usable in the scene/situation you’re currently in. Clicking on them while grayed out will usually give you some text telling you WHY you can’t use that function at that time.
  • Added Toggle for Pregnancy On/Off (defaults to ON)
  • Added Toggle for Authentic 80’s Bush (pubic hair) (defaults to OFF, currently affects Brooke’s 2nd dream, Meredith bonus scene and Brooke bonus scene)
  • Added Toggle to switch Spank Bank theme music or turn it off entirely.
  • Spank Bank scenes that let the mouse cursor pan the camera will no longer stop panning if a character is speaking.
  • If you lose either of the bonus scenes (either through resetting or getting a saved game from someone), you can now re-unlock the scene by clicking a new VHS icon on Brooke or Meredith to get the scene back, assuming you’ve unlocked all the prerequisites.
  • Refactored several characters’ dialogue trees to summarize long-winded scripts when clicking them a second time (to avoid clicking through 20+ lines of useless crap)
  • Doors that have Peek Through Keyhole and/or Crack Door actions will now have icons on the hotspot instead of popping up a menu.
  • New Game Menu (I’m new here/I played previous update/Take me to the game, Coach!) has a fourth menu option: “If you could just unlock all the scenes and take me back to the main menu, that’d be greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat, kthxbye”
  • Resetting Spank Bank will now ask Are You Sure?
  • Using MC’s bed will now path him to whichever side of the bed is closest to where he’s currently at.
  • Characters with very little content (Jasmine, Aunt Charlotte) will say so in their quest journal page.
  • You can use use the remote to flip through the TV channels during the couch closeup.

Visual/UI Improvements

  • Brooke now has a basic set of emotes when she speaks (similar to Lucy and Andrea)
  • Reskinned Dialogue Tree and speaking UI to look more “modern”
  • Many closeup scenes now use post processing effects to slightly blur and/or desaturate the background matte behind characters
  • Drunk effect at Irene’s house no longer relies on Unity Animator and increases gradually to indicate level of inebriation.

Dev Notes

Five of a Kind is developed using Unity with Adventure Creator
Currently, developed for PC- and MacOS-only
1980’s aesthetic and nostalgia
Original artwork, animations
All the “dad jokes” you can stomach




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