Girls und Panzer Panzussy [v0.05] By Upforkilling

Upforkilling Games released a new game called Girls und Panzer Panzussy and the version is 0.05. The game’s story is about In GUPP you play as a new transfer student to Oarai Girls’ Academy. The game takes place parallel to the original show.​

Developer: Upforkilling
File Size: 4.27 GB
Version: 0.05
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Hippo team lewd scene
  • Anzio Ark featuring over 100 renders
  • more Spelling Errors probably
  • Ya I legitimately spent all this time on Anzio
  • I love anzio!

Developer Notes:

I’ll be honest with you the writing isn’t vary good. I have dyslexia so Their will be spelling and grammatical errors and I always miss use their. My play testers have assured its funnier that way. I think I’m improving as time goes on but I probable will never fix the prologue so it may be a monument of my sins.

Game Images & Screenshots


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