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High School Days v0.11 by El Ciclo, High School Days adult game by El Ciclo The game is an Adult DateSim/Visual Novel made with Ren’Py. It follows the story of “Andy,” a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis. Having to move in with his grandmother while his parents sort things out, in the city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some of whom will be friends, and others not so much.​

Updated: 2023-08-17
Release Date: 2023-08-17
Developer: El Ciclo Website – Patreon – Picarto
Censored: No
Version: v0.11
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Blackmail, Handjob, Oral Sex, Teasing, Slave, Voyeur, Vaginal sex, Fendom, Footjob, Squirt.

– More locations
– More characters
– More MiniGames
– Advance animations
– And many more girls
– Special Events (We have 4 on the road)
– Trainer / Corruption


1. Extract and run.

Android Gestures

Swipe up: Open Menu
Swipe down: Hide Interface
Swipe right: Skip
Swipe left: Rollback


New in version 0.11v
Family comes first
This update starts the Ashley’s and Pamela’s stories.

New in 0.11v

  • Added and introduce new character: KANA.
  • Added new areas to the Mall.
  • Added a new area: Ashley house.
  • Added new minigame SHOOTING.
  • Added new minigame FIGHTING.
  • Continue an event for Ginger.
  • Modified the Club icon in the map.
  • Modified the Interaction with Phill in the pub
  • Added 10 new videos.
  • Added 15 new images.

Fixed in 0.11v

  • Fix Ginger not showing in the contacts
  • Fix Felicia repeating the go to the Club dialog
  • Added debug screen
  • Stored user contacts
  • Removed repeated items in the characters description
  • Fix some English typos
  • Fix a lot of Spanish typos.

New in version 0.101v
Let’s make some money!

New in 0.101v
In this update, continue with two events started in the previous release:
– Jessie’s story continues at school 3 days after having gone in a joy right with her.
– Ginger’s story continues after you patch things with her, then go on a night date with her that ends up correctly.
– Frida’s story continues after you break up with her, and patch things with Ginger, then go for a run in the beach.

New in 0.101v

  • Added and introduce new character Pamela.
  • Added two new outfits for Jessie.
  • Now you go on dates with Jessie.
  • Added new minigame WEIGHT LIFTING.
  • Added new event for Jessie.
  • Started event for Ginger.
  • Started event for Frida.
  • Added 8 new videos.
  • Added 10 new images.
  • Added To-Do info to help even more with some passed events.

New in version 0.09v
In this update, we finished several events which didn’t had a proper ending:
– Violet’s story starts 5 days after the rave.
– Jessie’s story starts after the Gala event.
– Chloe’s story starts after the Principal’s last event.

New in 0.09v

  • Added and Introduce new character Elizabeth
  • Added new outfit for Stella
  • Added new outfit for Jessie
  • Added new outfit for Violet
  • Updated the “About Us” screen
  • Stella now is at the club on weekends
  • Added new minigame DRIVING
  • Added new event for Jessie
  • Added new event for Violet
  • Added new event for Chloe
  • Added 8 new videos
  • Added 22 new images
  • Added To-Do info to help player trigger Jessie’s events

New in version 0.082v
Quick fix update.


New in version 0.07v
Let’s go to a Gala Party

New in 0.07v

  • Added a new event “The Gala Party”
  • Added new cloths for Chloe
  • Added new cloths for Ginger
  • Added new cloths for Sophie
  • Added new cloths for Amy
  • Added new cloths for ?
  • Added new cloths for Jessica
  • Added the Business Center with 4 locations
  • Added 7 new videos
  • Added 13 new images
  • Added 10 new lines to the “To-Do” system
  • Added a button to skip time until night
  • Lower the number of dates require to start working with Amy

Fixed in 0.07v

  • Fixed Amy chat
  • Fixed the caring minigame energy problem
  • Several Spanish typos
  • Several English typos

New in version 0.06v
A helping hand
In this release we swift our focus to a character whom we haven’t done anything and few players requested for her to take center stage, so we delivered.

Major code cleanup release

New in 0.051v

  • We change the main screen page to refer to the current version

Fixed in 0.051v

  • We change the in-game text messaging system to a simpler one but it still works perfectly with our game.
  • We disable the achievement system as it works with persistent variables, but we prefer to focus them on the gallery area.
  • We disable player blinking as it requires images to be too active every time a character is loaded.


IMPORTANT: All save games prior to this version should start a new game.



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