Internet Hunter ~ Pure Love NTR Story ~ [v1.01] By TANUKIHOUSE

TANUKIHOUSE Games released a new game called Internet Hunter ~ Pure Love NTR Story ~ and the version is 1.01. The game’s story is about Meet girls through online activities…! Meet a total of 4 girls and enjoy pure love through various online activities! But if you make the wrong choice…​

File Size: 1.15 GB
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

There is a status management element in Internet Hunters!
In order to meet and have sex with each heroine, you must

  • 0 name recognition
  • ability to chat with other people
  • Singing ability
  • Appearance level
  • Home environment level
  • Video editing skills
  • 0 receptiveness to others

It is essential to raise your status, and you can raise your status in the city!
You can raise your status in the city!

However, at first, the main character can only tweet on social networking sites…
Save up money, get the right equipment, and gradually expand your activities…!

#1 Azusa Nogami

#1 Heroine “Azusa Nogami
Height: 158cm
Breasts C cup
Foot size 23.5cm
zActivities: None in particular
z Naturally calm

She is healthy in mind and body, and there seems to be no problem in her background.
She seems to be a little too pure…

#2 Enka Yanagi

#2 Heroine “Enka Yanagi” Madoka Yanagi
Height: 155cm
Breasts D cup
Foot size 23cm
Game distributor
Male phobia

She tends to be withdrawn, and her friendships and circumstances at school may be a little complicated!

#3 Tsubasa Kannai

#3 Heroine “Tsubasa Kamiuchi
Height 165cm
Breasts E cup
Foot size 24cm
Famous dancer distributor
Cool-headed, high-spirited

She is rich and stylish, but she is a student and lives alone…
Where are her parents?

#4 Hatsuatsu Takahashi

#4 Heroine Hatsunatsu Takahashi Utaika Takahashi
Height: 155cm
Breasts C cup
foot size 22.5cm
Famous idol
Super selfish

Super top idol She doesn’t seem to be struggling with anything.
She works too much, why does she work so hard…

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