Jacki’s World [Alpha 12] By JackiAnon

JackiAnon Games released a new game called Jacki’s World and the version is Alpha 12. The game’s story is about A story about a young girl, who recently turned nineteen and sets out on her adventure to try and please the world. Her special talents find herself unable to stop building lust and connections throughout the town and within her own family.​

Developer: JackiAnon
File Size: 1009.8 MB
Version: Alpha 12
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 11 Release Changelog

  • New Family Overhaul
  • + Meet Daniel and Jack! The brothers are finally named, and the dialogue is mostly updated to represent such.
  • + New Brother Sex scene, double penetration specific
  • + Many quality of life changes for the family household, should make it way easier to work with!
  • + Many new family interactions to simulate a real family life
  • + New Brother Room setup, much easier to navigate and makes more sense in terms of progression
  • + Rebalenced the family gangbang requirements
  • + Cleaned up the house setup, creating a seperate hallway passage for less clutter with the many random events that can take place

– First love interest – Brad
+ Brad is the guy you meet in the hospital, the guy with the really really big “thang” so to speak <3
+ New Brad Scene
+ Go out on dates, build a relationship!
+ To be further developed

– New Autosave Feature
+ New autosave feature activates for every passage, allowing incase of an unintended closing you can leave off right where you left off!

– New Farm Scene
+ New massive horse encounter!
– New Drugdealer Encounters!
+ New Duo Scene
+ New boss scene in the gym, activates once you’ve pleasured the boss once! Random chance event.

– Updated Genetic Sector
+ Changed out dragon image choice, because it was really bad lol
+ New “Dasher” Scene, under Beta-Tier experiments!

– Fitness Changes
+ Made it easier to level fitness, gain +3 in the gym
+ New option to get fit out in the park by going on runs!

– New Economy Fixing
+ You can’t do actions you don’t have money for anymore!
+ Gym Membership moved to 75 dollars weekly.

– Updated Dev Cheats
+ This is the LAST Alpha that the Dev Cheats are going to remain as a non-patreon edition!
+ Updated Dev Cheats passage under the laptop.
+ New values, +100 options for easier mass addition

– Adjusted Job Values
+ Changed certain job event XP requirements
+ Fixed a bug where a nightclub VIP event added to hospital XP.

– New Gym Location
+ Long term fitness is key, pay 100$ for a week pass. Stay consistent!
+ 4 New Full Sex Scenes
+ Sex Scene unlock based on fitness growth + corruption!
+ Fitness Mechanic Unlocked!
– New Back Alley Exit Location
+ Go back to purchase some drugs, or find a lurking force..
+ 3 Monster Sex Scenes!
+ Corruption Drug Mechanic!
+ New Drug Dealer Scenes (BBC)
+ New Drug Boss Scenes (BBC)

Developer Notes:

Hi! I’m Jacki, and I’m developing a multi-path sandbox adult game called Jacki’s World! I’m inspired by games such as Young Maria, with a high drive to begin using other exotic aspects in my game! Jacki’s World is fast developing and I would love your support! I’m new to this whole biz, but I assure you that I’ve got the drive and creativity for it! With a growing discord server, rapidly growing actually, support from fans drives me to release massive amounts of quality content for this game. Soon enough I may even branch out into other games!

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