Lungs of the Earth [Ep. 1] By Asphyxia Dynamics

Asphyxia Dynamics Games released a new game called Lungs of the Earth and the version is Ep. 1. The game’s story is about You play the oni Akuma (name can be changed) the leader of a trio crew. Akuma specializes with katanas and brute strength, the other members are Sayuri the bipolar elf mage and Yuka the yandere human psychopath. The “Heroes” in this Visual Novel go out on quests to hunt beasts, monsters, miners, and everything in between to get paid. The game is set in a post apocalyptic world where a Fantasy world has gone through the industrial and technological era previously but has come to a stop in progress for 100,000 years due to the Forest growing at such an incredible rate it brings all infrastructure to a halt without daily maintenance. You choose how you fight and what rewards you take as you go out in episodic adventures.

Developer: Asphyxia Dynamics
File Size: 1.20 GB
Version: Ep. 1
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

In a Cyberpunk Fantasy world, a trio of unlikely heroes work together to make ends meet in the city of Requiem. A mash-up of Cyberpunk meets High Fantasy in an explicitgore-tastichilarious, and sexy mess where your choice dictates how your story plays out. Our heroes like to kick ass and eat ass. …And they’re all outta ass.

About us!
Asphyxia Dynamics is made up of two developers: Ghoul who specialises in coding, script/story writing, renders, and Sayu who specialises in concept art, in game art, and story writing.

Our main goal is to create a fun, yet horrific world filled with an engaging story, interesting characters, and dynamic choices that do not punish the player.

Our principles for each episode are to include at least 3 things alongside humor:

What should you expect in future updates?
A complete new episode every 6 weeksOngoing support for previous episodes. This includes: art, renders, and general maintenance.

We have a hub system with urban survival mechanics already made which will be coming after episode 2. Which we will be constantly growing and supporting.

replay system that lets you unlock all scenes in one playthrough without impacting your choices.

We have 2 methodologies with how progress will be made in our game. Episodes will be a vertical progression that have no requirements besides completing the previous episode.

The hub system is a horizontal progression which will entail side quests, character dating, mini games, and further exploration of the game’s lore. Nothing in the hub will be mandatory if you just want to experience the main story.

Does this game use AI Art?
Yes. LotE use’s a mixture of AI and Human drawn art to speed up our development process. We use AI art for backgrounds and placeholders for scenes our artist has yet to complete. As the game ages in time, we ideally will only be using AI art for backgrounds so our artist can focus on drawing more fun stuff!

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