Masters of Raana [v0.8.2][GrimDark] – VisitMama

v0.8.2 Public

Gameplay changes

  • Walking through safe districts now only takes six minutes instead of 18.
  • You can now see your slave’s/wife’s religion under “Stats” as well.
  • Added “Licking skill” for slaves and wife.
  • Decreased the Pain effect from Nipple chains.
  • There are no longer any lecture requirements when working at The Academy.
  • A Warrioress can no longer gain the Pacifist Trait.
  • Caitlin now always starts the game as a Buddhist. There are never any penalties when interacting with a slave of this religion.
  • Your wife’s Stewardess assignment will now bring in more cash from high-yield investments – as long as her INT is 70+.
  • Your wife’s Mistress assignment is now slightly more powerful in tuning her Affection and Happiness with the slave’s she’s governing.
  • The Power Katana is now an armor piercing weapon.

Combat changes

  • The effect from the “Max Health” attribute has been somewhat nerfed when advanced enemies calculate their target.


  • Your wife and your slaves now have their own Devotion score. You can affect this (negatively) by keeping their WILLPOWER below 4, or (positively) by including Happy girls in praying sessions. A slave’s Devotion gives certain boosts/penalties in various situations.

Simplified clothing system
The old house rules clothing settings have been removed. Slaves will now permanently dress in whatever garment you put on them and auto-equip that after sex.

  • Some high-willpower slaves still put their casuals back on if walking around naked.
  • There’s now a Strip! button in the wife/slave interaction box. Pressing this will forcefully undress a slave. Note that it could come with severe Affection penalties if the girl is Shamefast, un-corrupted and/or Pure.


  • You’re now able to view your Libido Points during sex. Remaining Libido Points are equal to the number of “turns” before you ejaculate.

Domestic events
Watch Redhaven and your household come to life in the new “Conclude Day” framework. Observe how your slaves train their own skills, talk to each other, try to help bondage-bound sisters or increase your household’s Influence by various maidly acts. You can also make deals with local peddlers, help immigrants or chase away/embrace urchins. There are roughly 150 unique events to explore – and more will be added in future versions.

Political framework
With 0.8.2, Ikaanos will be more alive than ever. The old “End Day” system has been replaced with a very advanced framework that can execute up to 200 unique political events. Events could potentially affect Ikaanos’ Control, Power, Prosperity and Corruption values – each value having an impact on everything from the price of ammo to bandit spawn rates.

You can read more about the Political framework here.


  • You can now train your NPCs in a wider number of skills and Attributes.
  • Training an NPC’s STRENGTH now has a very small chance of increasing his or her Maximum Health with one point.
  • All NPCs now have dynamic health bars.
  • Added eight sex renders, several new wardrobe pics and 2.500 words of dialogue for the adult version of Laika. Her sexual framework is more advanced than your ordinary NPC’s, with methods to lower Willpower and raise Corruption based on the MC’s copulation skill.
  • NPCs assigned as followers will now remember their last duty and automatically reassign once you dismiss them from your combat group.
  • Added “Tales of Dexter Colt” (community-written content). Dexter now provides a unique short story of events with various skill boosts and anecdotes from his past when you decide to spend some time with him. These events are non-repeatable.
  • Laika, Loden and other kids will now raise their max Health with 5 points/year between the ages of 10 and 16.

Random slaves
You can now acquire randomly generated slaves at various locations in Ikaanos – the slave markets in Watery Eyes and Crystal Heights, or through quests and other events. Masters of Raana’s random slave engine features a huge archive of hand crafted wardrobe pics, a 130,000 word document with random backgrounds and over five million unique combinations of traits, skills and personalities.

Capture enemies
You’re able to capture up to two enemies per combat with the 0.8.2 release and then either sell or add those enemies to your household.

You can read more about the slave hunter profession here.

New locations

Outer Marston Swamps
A destitute area just west of Redhaven. Contains The Orphanage, Fort Sera, a lootable location and a bunch of enemies (part of the Tier2+ quest).

The Wetlands
A lush post-industrial park that’s more or less completely covered in shrubbery and jungle. Contains a future quest location and a good hunting spot. Also has a dangerous enemy spawn.

Cole’s Canyon
Contains a enemy swarm spawn point (only during low Control events) and a couple of future quest locations.

The Orphanage
“Help” Mrs. Ardbegger in Marston Swamps to save her orphanage from collapsing by renovating the building, expanding their garden and establishing a worker facility in the basement.

Fort Sera (quest)
Reach Influence 4,000+ or have the military background (embraced it), a Ranged skill of 50+ and an Influence of 1,000+ to activate the Fort Sera quest (letter arrives in mailbox) in Outer Marston Swamps. This is a relatively late-game investment event that requires both some effort and monetary power.

The Underworld
Listen to random rumors at Furry’s Tavern and discover a gateway to The Underworld – a network of old pre-severance garage silos that now house thousands of misfits, runaway slaves and denaar addicts. Here, you’re able to interact with the bandit faction and deliver food/skins to vendors.


The Last Relative: Chapter 3 (Tier2+)
Speak to your old brother’s slave to activate the third chapter in the Tier2+ quest chain. Chapter 3 is a lenghty investigation quest with a couple of low to medium tier fights. It unravels some interesting parts surrounding the mystery of your lost brother.

The holy virgin
A mini-quest that starts when investigating a ruined farmhouse in Outer Marston Swamps.


  • Added 28 sex scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 16 bondage scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Replaced and added 45 wardrobe and inspect pics (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 1 dinner scene (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 3 Arena scenes (Mai-Lynn).
  • Added 13 bondage scenes (Nicole).
  • Added 1 orgy scene (Nicole).
  • Added 1 armor pic (Nicole).
  • Added 2 home scenes (Dakota).
  • Added 8 sex scenes (Laika).
  • Replaced 10 Inspect pics (Juno).
  • Added 400 random slave wardrobe scenes.
  • Added 108 random slave sex scenes.
  • Replaced 3 wardrobe pics (Aria).


  • Added one new music track to the default MoR playlist.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a very rare bug that would overwrite slaves in The Retreat.
  • Fixed a critical bug that would synchronize Followers with the wrong slave or NPC slot.
  • Fixed a bug that would inherit nipple chains across slaves when swapping them to and from The Retreat.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t properly lower/raise Happiness and Affection for slaves in The Retreat.
  • Fixed a bug that would put the .50 cal bullets to negative if a slave ran out of ammo.
  • Fixed a bug that would display a blank Journal entry for Prowler in the depths chapter 2.
  • Fixed a bug that would enable you to assign double titles to slaves.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to craft 200 DuraSteel bolts with just one unit of DuraSteel.
  • Fixed a bug that would transfer Ayden’s overcharge shot to his sword.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t decrease a Pure wife’s Corruption.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the Velvet Room girls to reach above 100 Affection.
  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate armors at the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Eliana’s oralfinger pic.


v0.8.1.9 Public


Gameplay changes
* You can now set the “Inspect body pic” as the prioritized body pic instead of the default wardrobe scenes.
* Nude or harness-wearing slaves with Corruption 29 or less will now increase their Humiliation (+2) and decrease their Happiness (-1) once per day.
* Sexual wear will now heal 30% faster if it’s very low (“lingering feeling of expansion”).
* All inventory items are now in alphabetical order.
* There’s now a 33% chance to increase your Medicine skill when using a Doctor’s kit after combat (up to a maximum of 90).
* Nika’s now sells Cloth and Textiles.
* The “Freezing age” option will now also stop the MC from aging.
* You can now lower a girl’s Submissive Trait if you Encourage her.
* The “Like Sex” variables have now been capped to a minimum of 0. This should help clearing strange texts while interacting with highly Corrupted girls.
* The Prostitution page now follows the same setup as all the other Slave Interaction Menus.
* Muslim MCs must now pray five times per day or they’ll lose Devotion (down to 70).
* It’s now much easier to command Caitlin “Strip Naked!” if doing it with a normal tone.

Combat revamp
* You can now use hotkeys to control your actions in combat.

New equipment: Nipple chains
Devious Tools now sells nipple chains that can be attached to slaves if:
* They’re not already wearing nipple piercings.
* They’re wearing collars.

New healing applicants
You can now buy Healing ointments from the general store to mend sexual wear. Use the flask by navigating to Slave Inventory>Accessories>Applicants (new button under Accessories).

Revamped sex mechanics
The number of rounds an MC gets to screw his wife, slave or partner now depend on his “cum build” variable (Throbbing, Sexually depleted, etc).

Engaging in sex when you’re “Satisfied” or have the first levels of a “Normal craving” gives more rounds than normal, while throwing yourself over a girl when you have a “Constant hardon” (or higher) makes you cum in just a handful of rounds.

The cum build variable can now also increase (slowly, a small chance) once per round when engaging in sex to simulate the sexual buildup of the MC. This increase is strongly dependent on how aroused your partner is. Fucking a “dead fish” gives nothing while fucking a girl whose close to orgasm drastically increases the chance of a “cum build” boost.

Higher Stamina and higher Fuck skill provide additional rounds just like before.

New weapons

Great Sword
A solid DuraSteel beast that dishes out a large amount of damage – especially combined with a high STR and Power Strike.

* Cons: Slow, requires Strength 75+ to avoid damage penalties.
Pros: The “slow” speed value adds an additional +5 points to the power strike (same for Sledgehammer).

Pipe gun
Just because MoR is a post-apocalypse game. Great early-start damage dealer.

* Cons: Not as good as a real rifle.
* Pros: Slightly better than a pistol. No Distant slot penalty. Uses cheap ammo. Easy to craft. Low recoil.

.50 cal Rifle
A pre-severance relic used by the republic military. Costs 300 Influence points to aquire.

* Cons: Melee fighters attacking a player or follower equipped with this weapon recieve a small chance bonus.
* Pros: The .50 ammo provides an additional damage dice from the Distant slot – if using the Aim command.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would inject another girl’s Affection, Attributes and combat skill values into your main slave slot.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to convert your wife to the same religion.
* Fixed a bug that would make tendstim crates actually more expensive than single tendstims.
* Fixed a bug that would display an armor pic *and* a behind pic when using butt plugs.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you use the Power Strike.
* Fixed a bug that would make bounties offer stuff (Deal!) even if the text suggested otherwise.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display the Beauty and Charisma mods for perfumes.
* Fixed a bug that would allow you to enslave a charuck after combat.
* Fixed a bug that wound display a “_show” variable if your slaves were equipped with Stealth armors.
* Fixed a bug that would grey-out the Purchase button at Aimee’s Goods if you had turned off sound effects.
* Fixed a bug that would enable you to convert Atheist girls to Atheism and Moon worshippers to the Moon church.
* Remved a “Keller debug” short cut appearing in Crystal Heights during the Lost Girls quest.
* Fixed a bug that would cause your Wife’s Arosual to spiral out of control.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t properly cap oral wear.

* Added 18 bondage scenes (Nicole).
* Added 4 sex scenes (Nicole).
* Added 10 Inspect pics (Nicole).
* Added 6 training pics (Nicole).
* Added 3 Arena scenes (Nicole).
* Added 22 inspect pics (Nipple chains).
* Replaced 40 Inspect pics (various girls).
* Added 36 sex scenes for random slaves (Av109, Av199, Av201). **Tier4+**
* Replaced 3 sex scenes (Lovisa).
* Replaced 7 morning BJ scenes (Lovisa).
* Replaced 2 wardrobe scenes (Michelle).

Gameplay changes
* An Intelligence above 79 will now add a small bonus to Gambling rolls at Dockgrave Tavern.
* To avoid getting locked out of important content, you can no longer miss Dakota’s Birthday. She’ll now pospone her party if you’re a day or two (or 100) late.
* Girls with Anal Proficiency below 40 will suffer slightly more Anal wear if wearing the Goliath.
* Added the butt plug script to all secondary slaves (“Annex” girls).
* You can no longer use butt plugs or harnesses on unconscious slaves.
* Redhaven Market now sells rations in batches of ten.
* Redhaven Market now sells ropes in batches of five.
* You can now equip your slaves and NPCs with whipping canes.

Loren Goldwalker (Tier request)
Loren can now show up at Dockgrave Tavern if assigned as a gold walker (unique render and unique dialogues).

Expanded adventure buttons
You can now reach your Household companions even outside Ikaanos. This means you’re able to assign/remove NPCs from your combat team while doing runs in the wilderness – and that you don’t have to go back to Ikaanos to assign wilderness mercenaries like The Space Marine.

Economy overview
There’s now a seperate tab in the Household Manage section called “Business”. This tab lists all existing investment opportunities and what you’re currently gaining from them.

New sex scene location
Nicole’s renders introduce The Office as a location for having sex. The MC’s artifact-heavy office will also be the scene for future (and existing) story slaves in later updates.

Art and Audio
* Added 13 bondage scenes (Dakota).
* Added 2 orgy scenes (Dakota).
* Added 3 arena scenes (Dakota).
* Added 17 sex scenes (Nicole).
* Adjusted volume (-15%) and length (-50%) of the win Arena crowd effect.
* Replaced the staff hit sound.
* Replaced the rifle firing sound.

Alpha content (Tier4+)

Random slaves (0.8.2 Alpha)
* Added 12 random slave sets.
* Added 12 sex scenes for random slaves.
* Added 25 names to the random name generator.
* Mae (Tutorial slave) can now only be captured in combat.

Captured slaves framework (0.8.2 Alpha)
The MC can now enslave both male and female enemies after combat. He can then either sell or free captured enemies while stationed in a market location (Redhaven, Preachers Pond, Crystal Heights, Watery Eyes) or merge female captives into his household, turning them into slaves.

Religion (0.8.2 Alpha)
Masters of Raana now has a fully implemented Religion framework that the player can use to affect his playthough and interactions with other slaves.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would duplicate slaves during certain rare circumstances.
* Fixed a critical bug that would make work assignments and titles either permanently greyed out or duplicated.
* Fixed a major bug that would unassign your wife as a Follower if you had sex with her.
* Fixed a major bug that would decrease the follower variable while still maintaining the removed follower as assigned.
* Fixed a bug that caused all enemies to have the “Ambush” state.
* Fixed a bug that would display the Inspect body texts while inserting a butt plug.
* Fixed a bug that would make the vendor framework take you back to the small butt plug when buying the Goliath.
* Fixed a bug that would display a girl’s name twice during Whipping session dialogue events.
* Fixed several typos.


Gameplay changes

* All piercing and clothing modifications now add to Beauty/Charisma as a temporary value. This value also applies to work applications, making clothes more powerful than before.
* Girls with the Starlet trait now starts with a +10 Dancing/Performance boost.
* Girls with the Sweet Tooth trait starts with an extra +5kg (+10lbs) weight.
* You can now freely remove/add a slave’s piercings without having to get a new set at Nika’s clothes.
* NPCs will now stop aging if that setting is enabled in the Options Menu.
* Homeschooling Dancing classes now have a chance to increase a slave’s Performance skill up to a maximum of 60.
* Hunting now has a chance to raise your Stealth skill up to a maximum of 40.
* Advocates that are afraid (5+) or respect you (10+) will now receive a substantial penalty when trying to influence other girls, making their trait less powerful.
* Slaps/hits of all various sorts now have a chance (20%) to increase Fear – if Corruption is not too high.
* Fear will now weigh more heavily during persuasion attempts, accepting morning BJ, and many other similar situations.

Combat revamp 0.2
* Ranged combat damage can now increase damage output based on how successful the skill roll was (all participants). This gives an incentive to raise your ranged skill above 100 points. The maximum damage bonus output is currently set at +15. For instance, having an unmodified ranged skill of 120 while rolling a critical hit now gives you a +35 damage bonus.
* Hovering over an enemy or ally sprite now displays his/hers name and some basic information like carried weapon and armor.
* An advanced combat AI has been activated for some high-tier enemy groups – Highwaymen, Blackguards at Marston Avenue, all arena fights and all bounties.
* Some enemies are now “ambushes”, meaning that they’ll attack before the MC’s party.
* Added more versatility to INSANE bounties.
* Enemy sprites now have the same size as the player’s troop during combat encounters.
* There’s now a 20% chance to increase a girl’s Bloodthirsty Trait value with one point after a combat encounter – as long as she’s not Pure or have a Kindness above 59.

* Bloodthirsty, Brawler, Malevolent, Tough and Steel Maiden slaves will now have an easier life at the Arena (increased combat chances).
* Pure, Pacifist, Fragile and injured slaves will now have a tougher life at the Arena (decreased combat chances).

Golden Dragon (Performer assignment)
* Beauty requirements have been raised to 60.
* Girls with the Shy trait are no longer welcome as performers.
* Willpower increase risk has been raised to 15% per day (up to a maximum of 30).
* Salaries have been raised to $150.
* Girls with the Extroverted Trait receive an additional +$30/day.

New teachers
Slaves attending Whitehaven Academy should now raise their skills considerably faster than before. The current chance gains (4-10%/day) have been doubled (8-20%/day).

Aria Bianchi
Owning a prestigious slave like Aria Bianchi will now earn you +2 Influence points per day as long as she’s a part of your household. When her Willpower drops below 10, you’ll gain an additional +2 Influence points per day.

New quests/frameworks

The Maid (Tier request)
Added a new Event-chain quest to The Velvet Room. After reaching 40+ Affection with Madame Stuckey, the MC will receive a letter that’ll present him with a depraved ticket into the darkest parts of Dockgrave’s dungeons.

A sisterly dilemma
Added a medium-sized quest tied to several independent event-chains surrounding Aimee’s goods, Dakota and Stokke Hills. The quest (and event chains) start at your home/Redhaven a couple of days after purchasing Merchandise lvl 2+ in Aimee’s Goods Location Menu.

Butt plugs
A fully operational butt plug system has been implemented, providing the MC with a new way to train, arouse and explore his stable of girls.

* One unique wardrobe scene per slave.
* Three different butt plugs that you can buy at Devious Tools.
* Dialogues based on butt plug size, willpower, corruption and many other factors.
* An advanced script that can give butt plug wearers buffs/debuffs in various Attributes based on Corruption, master love, anal wear and the randomness factor.
* Girls with active duties (school, jobs) will suffer heavier anal wear than those who’re just lingering at home as sex slaves.
* Other smaller dialogue changes, escape risk factors, arousal scripts etc.

Clit piercing script (Tier request)
An equipped clit piercing now has the following effects:

* There’s a 25% chance a slave with Corruption below 30 starts the day with +4 Arousal. This chance increases up to 95% based on how high her Corruption is.
* There’s a 5% chance to raise a slave’s Corruption, once per day, up to a maximum of 30.
* There’s a 5% chance a clit piercing will decrease the Vanilla trait value with one point per day.
* There’s a 25% risk that a Vanilla, Pure or Shamefast girl will decrease her Happiness with one point per day.

Random slave addons (Tier 4+)
* Added five new random slave sets to Ikaanos’ slave markets.
* Added 1,500 words of new random background dialogue.
* Added 35 new names to the random name generator.

* Added 20 bondage scenes (Rachel).
* Added 2 wardrobe pics (Rachel).
* Added 34 wardrobe pics (Dakota).
* Added 46 sex scenes (Dakota).
* Added 27 bondage scenes (Dakota).
* Added 6 training pics (Dakota).
* Added 2 dinner scenes (Dakota, Nicole).
* Added 6 sex scenes (Nicole).
* Added 25 wardrobe scenes (Nicole).

Bug fixes
* Fixed a major bug that wouldn’t properly unassign a Follower if you placed her in the retreat.
* Fixed a bug that would make clothes disappear, show up on the wrong slave or become undressed under odd circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that would grey out the Nanny title if swapping nannys in the Arena.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t raise Corruption during bondage sessions (anal dildo).
* Fixed a bug that would make certain trait effects execute two times per midnight check.
* Fixed a bug that would display a “$girlname” name during the first Kymanto quest.
* Fixed a bug that allowed Aiko to use ammo even if the MC didn’t have any.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t increase Corruption during bondage sessions.
* Fixed a bug that didn’t make the Shamefast trait dormant after reaching Corruption 40+.
* Fixed a missing revolver pic during combat encounters (enemies).
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow a slave’s Oral fixation Trait to increase past 91.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Bud Walton wearing his duraplate armor.
* Fixed a bug that would make Piper say nothing after gazing at the stars.
* Fixed several typos.

Gameplay changes

– Tweaked the AI for some of Dockgrave Tavern’s NPC poker players. The poker game will now be a bit more difficult for players with a low Gambling skill.
– Increased the chance of raising your Gambling skill during a Dockgrave Poker session – if your skill is below 40.
– Girls with the Bloodthirsty Trait will now perform better and raise their Happiness naturally (up to 80) at the Arena.
– There’s now a slightly higher chance of getting a famine event (3%) if you’ve played for more than 150 days or if you play the Grimdark Difficulty setting.
– Modified some high-tier NPC salaries to better balance their abilities vs. low-tier mercenaries (roughly a 10-20% increase).
– Clicking the Slave Menu Button will not automatically set your primary slave as active.
– Added roughly 50 new female names to the random slave generator.
– Added caps to various skills/attributes (slaves) to avoid insanely high values.
– Added a fifth enemy to several combat encounters in Ikaanos and in the outskirts.
– It’s now easier to raise a slave’s STAMINA if it’s below 75 and if you hire a trainer.
– Having Bud Walton as an assigned follower while Carousing at Dockgrave will now add to his Attention Whore trait.
– It’s now much easier to persuade Amelia, Juno and Eliana into taking their clothes off during homeschooling sessions.
– Selling most weapons while playing GrimDark difficulty will now yield roughly 15-20% less money.

Bug fixes
– Fixed a bug that would set your cash to 0 if you restarted the game after reviewing your character during character creation.
– Fixed a bug that would keep level 6 bounties from spawning.
– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let the Rifle Savant heal properly if a number of other variables were true.
– Fixed a bug that would make stimpacks in bulk more expensive than single stimpacks.
– Fixed an auto buy rations bug that wouldn’t count NPCs properly.

Virgin framework
– Added a completely new system for anal and vaginal “initiation rites”. This system features over 5,000 words of unique texts and dialogues and provides a great opportunity for a skilled slavehandler to grant his virgin girls a lasting Corruption bonus as well as a positive disposition toward sexual acts in general.
– There’s now a small chance virgins appear at the random slave auction.
– A newly acquired Lovisa is now an anal and vaginal virgin. Her initiation rites feature roughly ten new renders.
– A newly acquired Michelle is now an anal virgin. Her initiation rite features roughly five new renders.
– The virgin framework is Wife compatible – if you want to wait with sex until after marriage.

New content

– Added the JoyCum(TM) implant that grants a Happiness boost to anyone swallowing your load.

Bondage framework
– You can now have both of your active slaves in bondage at the same time.
– Added a bondage icon to MoR’s slave interaction menu, for clarification’s sake.
– You can now use stimpacks on girls in bondage, if their Health is 10 or less.

– Increased MoR’s NPC cap from 16 to 24.
– Added the Hero Trait to Ayden.
– Added NPC: Aiko.
– Added NPC: Felix.
– Added NPC: Dexter Colt.

Caitlin Tensor
– Added seven Morning blowjob pics to Caitlin Tensor’s archive. These images will only appear if she’s the sole morning blowjob servant.

– Added 24 bondage scenes for Rachel.
– Added 21 sex scenes for Rachel.
– Added 3 Arena pics for Rachel.
– Added 19 wardrobe/inspect pics for Rachel.
– Added 6 sex scenes for Eliana.
– Added 37 bondage scenes for Eliana.
– Added 3 Arena pics for Eliana.
– Added 4 training pics for Eliana.
– Added 1 wardrobe pic for Eliana.
– Added 4 sex scenes for random slaves (Body type 1).
– Replaced/added 3 sex scenes for Michelle’s apartment.
– Replaced 5 wardrobe pics for Lovisa (undies, string1, string2, riding gear, kymanto inspect).


Just west from the MC’s household is an old stone apartment building up for sale. The janitor/landlord, Mr. Hemsley, including his two guards, offer a perfect opportunity for the player to finally expand his stable. Purchasing this facility will ”’increase the slave cap to 19”’, making room for all story slaves + 4 randies (or future story slaves).

Once purchased, The Retreat offers a seamless expansion of your household. Buying, capturing or finding slaves while having a full household will automatically put them in The Retreat and you can send off your currently active slave with one easy click (Interaction>Events and Activities).

Walk over to The Retreat and recall any slave to your household with just one click. Should all household slots be full, the recall command will just replace your currently active slave with the one you’re recalling.

Once in The Retreat, slaves will:
* Heal injuries, whipmarks and sexual wear.
* Stabilize Humiliation, Pain and Anger.
* Stabilize Happiness and Affection based on your chosen settings.
* Stabilize their weight. Anorectic slaves will slowly increase their weight up to 42 kgs, while obese slaves will decrease their weight down to 69 kgs.
* Age (as long as the stopage command is undefined in settings).

Slaves in The Retreat will NOT:
* Affect each other through Traits (Advocates are strictly held in their rooms!).
* Decrease Defiance.
* Decrease Fear.
* Work or go to school.
* Escape.

New slave: Eliana Nicols
Eliana is a prostitute at Furry’s Tavern. You can add her to your household after gaining her trust and completing ”’The Golden Seal”’.
* Added quest: The Golden Seal.
* Added roughly 10,000 words of unique background stories, anecdotes, dialogue and other events related to Eliana.

Housewife status
Keeping your wife unassigned from duties will now automatically throw her into a “housewife status”. Acting as a housewife, your beloved woman will spread her feelings about you and affect all other slaves and NPCs based on how she feels for the moment.

* If your wife has a Kindness of 60+, Amiable+ Affection, Happiness 60+ and is unoccupied (not a follower, bondage etc), there’s a 30% daily chance she’ll increase all NPCs’ and slaves’ Happiness (up to 70) and Affection toward you (close to the limit between Amiable and Loving). This also includes your kids – having a kind and caring mother that doesn’t hate her husband will benefit them greatly, and give their father more time for other stuff instead of looking after them all the time.
* Added 3,000 words of random housewife dialogue. You can catch your wife talking to your kids, other slaves or comment on the status of your deplorable kitchen, to mention a few.

Fragile minds
Teenagers and Pure trait holders with Willpower and Corruption below 30 will now suffer a slightly heavier Happiness and Willpower drop during rough sex, bondage sex, bondage actions and whipping sessions.

Wardrobe and clothing changes
Slaves and your wife can now be told what type of clothes you want them to wear through the House rules section. Your request will only execute at the start of the day (right after End Day) so you’re able to dress them up during the day without having them randomly switching back to their preferred clothes.

A slave must have either Willpower 9 or less, Corruption 40+ or the Perverted trait to voluntarily dress in harnesses or accepting a nudist household.

* NPCs now go to bed at 11 instead of 9.
* Added new NPC: Mr. Doyle.
* Added roughly 2,000 words of dialogue and stories Mr. Doyle will tell you about old expeditions into the wilds, Redhaven and in particular your house, including various rumors from the time before your father moved in (Events & Activities > Spend Time).

Grimdark difficulty changes
* Lowered cash loot with roughly 45%.
* You can no longer switch BACK to Normal or Sandbox once you’ve selected Grimdark difficulty.
* Increased the cost of MAG ammo and Energy cells.
* Energy cells and MAG ammo will not replenish as quickly as on normal difficulty.

Arena changes
* The last High Tier arena opponent is now considered to be the true champion of The Arena. Defeating him will immediately make you the new champion.
* The last High Tier arena opponent are now five in numbers – Telsior Dama, two red guards and two black guards.
* Defeating the last High Tier arena opponent will now display a different text and a special render.
* There will be a “reset Arena” button in the debug menu for (removed in next update). Pressing this button sets your Arena score to 60 and enables the last high tier champion fight again – IF you’ve already defeated Telsior Dama.

Crippled NPCs and slaves
NPCs and slaves who’ve sustained numerous combat injuries, causing either their DEX or STR to drop below 10, will now suffer a -50 hit chance in all combat encounters. NPCs will recover their Attributes naturally if you allow them to go back home (Dismiss), or through training. A special recovery script kicks in for all slaves that are injured – as long as they are *Unemployed*.

Aimee’s Goods
A new interactive store has opened somewhere in Ikaanos (doesn’t pop up until after day 40). This store, run by Aimee and her little sister Dakota, features advanced investment framework as well as a mini-quest. Upgrading your investments here will enable new goods, better prices and a daily revenue.

Rebecca’s business trait
Rebecca’s skills as a business partner can now be filly utilized by assigning her the Skulduggerist title in her main slave menu. From here, you’ll also get a detailed list of all her gains and how she affects various business investments you’ve done in Ikaanos.

Assigning her as a skulduggerist when she’s your wife will now occupy her entire day schedule but also further increase your revenues with (roughly) 25%.

Important game changes and bug fixes

* Intelligence 80+ and Willpower 80+ will now unlock one extra homeschooling class session, per ATTRIBUTE (maximum 4 classes/day).
* You can now end your professor assignment at The Academy.
* You can now craft and sell jewelry.
* Padded armor now soaks 5 points of damage instead of 3. Cost has increased to $200.
* Leather armor now soaks 10 points of damage instead of 9. Cost has increased to $350-400.
* The DuraSteel doors at Imogen’s Barrow and Kasey’s Park (Space Hulk quest) will now have randomly assigned codes with each new playthrough.
* Nymphomaniac slaves will no longer lose Happiness due to sexual craving IF you have an assigned Floor Crawler with Corruption 15 or higher.
* Your now able to raise certain NPC’s Corruption (most males, except Ayden) by having a Floor Crawler assigned – up to a maximum of 70. The chance of increase is 15% to get one point/day.
* Having 15,000+ Influence will cut the chances of Gero Falkenstein getting a crackdown event down to astronomically small numbers.
* Having anal sex with a girl on the rack will now increase her anal proficiency much faster if it’s below 8.
* Crafting time for all items will now reduce with 5% units if either your Blacksmithing or Artisan skill reaches 75. It’ll be reduced with an additional 5% units when either skill reaches 95.
* The End Day passage should now move 50% faster.
* Slaves can no longer be Perverted and Shamefast at the same time.
* Slaves can no longer be Dominant and Submissive at the same time.
* Assigning a floor crawler now has a small chance of increasing certain NPC’s Corruption (most males).
* A noticeable prostitution score (39+) will now lower the bonuses from high sexual experience stats if you’re auctioning off one of your girls at Crystal Heights.
* Yields from most skill books will now depend more on Intelligence and less on a random number.
* Nymphomaniacs and slaves with Corruption 60+ no longer require a command if you tell them to remove their clothes.
* Having Academics or Science 85+, 100+ or 130+ will now buff incomes with an additional $10/step. Having a skill of 100 will now give you an additional +$20/day, 130+ gives +$30/day. The same goes for Influence 3000+, which now also provides +$10 per day.
* Owning Grid Keys will now provide you with a +4 hacking mod, on the field and at home, per owned key.
* You can now buy a larger batch (x150) of Fasteners at the Market.
* There are now finite stocks of Energy cells and MAG ammo. These stocks will replenish frequently on normal difficulties.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a critical bug that would merge your wife with your primary slave if you asked for a blowjob but was too filthy for her to accept.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t lower your Wife’s Humiliation over time.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t increase slaves’ Nymphomaniac Traits even if your Wife had the “Cock Hungry template” while assigned as a mistress.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Pure trait holders decrease other slaves’ Malevolent trait.
* Fixed a bug that would play the bird ambient background sound in the city if you traveled from an outside district.
* Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display the revolver for NPCs.
* Fixed a bug that would enable the MC to make an infinite Make out loop while having sex.
* Fixed a bug that would drain Stamina points while doing non time-consuming actions at home.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to assign babies as combat followers.
* Fixed a bug that would lower your slaves’ Happiness and Affection when switch between Show Values/States in the Interaction menu.
* Fixed a bug that would disable the Nanny title if you assigned a nanny to the Arena.
* Tweaked the market resetter script to avoid kill screens at secondary vendors such as Hamah Bay and Belial Guns.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to change a follower’s duty at the Arena.
* Fixed a bug that would make you unable to assign a fourth follower.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to preform infinite deepthroat actions on a girl.
* Fixed a bug that would undress a girl during dominant seduction attempts even if your roll failed.
* Fixed several texts asking you to reach Friendly Affection to reveal more about an NPC’s past, when it in fact required an Amiable Affection.

New art
* Added 26 wardrobe pics for Eliana.
* Added 29 sex scenes for Eliana.
* Added 7 bondage scenes for Eliana.
* Added 1 dinner scene for Eliana.
* Added 8 inspect pics for Eliana.
* Added 2 study pics for Eliana.
* Added 8 wardrobe pics for Averil.
* Replaced 12 Averil wardrobe/training pics.
* Added 8 Inspect pics for Averil.
* Added 21 sex scenes for Averil.
* Added 2 study pics for Averil.
* Added 23 bondage scenes for Piper.
* Added 1 orgy pic for Piper.
* Added 6 workout pics for Piper.
* Added 3 Arena scenes for Piper.
* Added 2 workout pics for Lovisa.
* Added padded armor pics for Tier2+ slave, Aria, Rebecca, Lovisa and Averil.

– Fixed a critical bug that would make reclaimed Arena slaves permanently disappear.
– Fixed a bug that would display two sets of pics at Furry’s tavern if you had the EverCock implant.
– Fixed a bug that would assign Laika to a duty instead of Ayden.
– Fixed a bug that would disable the last Follower slot and set the follower limit to 3 instead of 4.
– Fixed a bug that would throw a red error at the medical facility when trying to make your child grow through genetic manipulation.
– Several minor typos fixed.


This is a major update with a ton of new features. Don’t forget to hit the “Update to 0.8.1” button if you’re loading an older (non-Alpha) save!



New prostitution framework
The pimp profession now has an advanced set of tools available, giving the player an almost endless combination of how he can run his redlight empire. Do you want to use whoring as part of breaking in your slaves? Or is your goal to train up your girls enough to turn them into expensive escorts that deal with Ikaanos’ finer clientele – while collecting tips and fraternizing with Spheremasters?

All your slaves can be assigned as prostitutes – as long as they’re obedient or corrupted enough. You can either restrict whoring to a single or just a couple of slaves, or run a large stable of working girls that bring home a sizable chunk of cash each night.

Legacy framework
The MC can now ask a household slave to take his hand in marriage. If she accepts, the player will have a whole new set of features available to him.

– Going through the ceremony and making the right choices can grant you huge amounts of Influence, Willpower enhancing events and priceless gifts.
– A newly wedded wife will be immediately transferred to the wife slot, freeing up her space for another slave/servant in your household.
– A wife can work or study just like any other girl, or take on one of the sacred duties of a wife: slave mistress, herald or stewardess. (More duties will become available with the combat upgrade in 0.8.3).
– You can impregnate your wife and make her give birth to your offspring.
– Raise your children in any way you please by training them in a wide variety of skills.
– Full interactions become available on your child’s tenth birthday.
– The wife/kids interaction framework features over 50,000 words with many unique anecdotes, events and other dialogues.

New domestic servant/mercenary engine
A new group of living NPCs have moved into Ikaanos. The player is able to hire these non-slave characters and use them in his household for various tasks – as guards, janitors, accountants, scavengers or prostitutes.

The current mercenary system will eventually merge with this framework, giving your soldiers the same versatility and customization options as domestic servants (scheduled for That also means all NPCs will be assignable to your combat group.

NPCs keep all training and affection progress, even if you choose to dismiss them for extended periods of time. They also age accordingly – waiting two years before picking up Loden and Laika from the temple means they’ll be two years older than their starting age when you actually hire them.

All NPCs also have their unique background stories which you can explore by increasing their Affection. Raising Affection unlocks new assignment options and might increase their willingness to contribute more to your household depending on their task.

With the 0.8.1 release, you’ll be able to hire:

  • Loden (Temple of Yidhra).
  • Laika (Temple of Yidhra).
  • Armand (Bank of Ikaanos).
  • Loren (Moe’s Tavern).

All added NPCs have full renders and full background stories, as well as various anecdotes/custom dialogue based on their current assignments.

Loren has a fully rendered sexual interaction option .

New Tier4+ starting templates

  • Perfectionist parents. Provides a +15 boost to all skills, and a slightly higher starting INT. This template allows you to go through the full character creation framework, where you pick your parent’s profession, focuses and traits.
  • Wealthy parents. Provides an economic boost in Gold, and a special quest (see below).

New quests

  • The Inheritance – A Tier4+ starting template. A letter in your mail box starts an investigation/treasure hunt that takes you through everything from abandoned tunnels to forgotten family memories. Activate this quest by choosing the Wealthy starting template (Tier4+ only). ”Current Tier4+ saves can activate this quest in the Debug menu at your Home.”
  • The Vault – Lovisa’s character quest. Activates if your Affection toward Lovisa is Amiable or higher, after asking about her background in the Talk section. IF Lovisa is your wife, she’ll automatically accompany you on the quest even if she has other active assignments (waiting for the new Follower system coming in

A dynamic world

  • Some roaming enemies will not show up on the maps during storms and heatwaves.
  • Added various storm and heatwave related dialogues to stationary enemies.
  • All enemies will now drop less loot during Famines.
  • Powerful enemies will drop additional food during Famines (because they are more able to stockpile/rob less powerful factions).
  • Merchants at the market offer less for Merchandise during Famines.
  • Gold prices can now move up and down between 180-225 per unit. Gold becomes more valuable during scourges, famines and other special events. Killing off to many bandits will also lower the value of gold.

New location: Medical facility
The great Medical Facility at Crystal Heights – a beacon of technology and refined medicine, has finally opened after suffering a catastrophic hardware failure. The Medical facility offers:

* Implants.
* Plastic surgery.
* Healing.

New location: Bank of Ikaanos
The Bank of Ikaanos in Crystal Heights offers a loan at modest interests (roughly 10%) if the MC’s Influence is high enough (2000+). You’re also able to hire an accountant (Armand Lessor) from this location. Armand will help improving your merchant empire – unless you assign him as janitor or guard.

Gameplay changes
* A high Respect (25+) will now cause slaves and wives to be better and raise skills faster at the Academy.
* Redesigned layout for all keypads. New sounds and new UI.
* Working at the Golden Dragon now has a 20% chance to increase a girl’s Performance skill, if it’s below 90.
* Added a charuck encounter to Caitlin’s quest with new art (thanks ShinCore!).
* Union formations! The Assembly plant has increased their wages ($45/$130 instead of $35/$120).
* Starving girls should now increase their risk of losing weight (from 20% to 33% per day).
* Girls weighing over 60 kg will decrease weight slightly faster if set on a starving diet.
* Lowered the chance of increasing the Oral Fixation Trait during oral sessions.
* Added a new character perk to Piper. She’ll now provide an extra +3 Influence per day if assigned as a maid, IF her Domestic skill is 70+ and her affection is Amiable+.
* Added a LikeSexual checker that keeps the $like variables from falling below -10.
* Slightly raised the chance of lowering Defiance if you Thrash your slave’s ass.
* Raised the sell price for automatic rifles in Hamah Bay if the charucks are present.
* Bandits will now only respawn in Stokke Hills and Marston Avenue if the Bandit faction has a strange of 8000 or more.
* Increased ammo cost of 7.62 and MAG by 15-20%.

* Replaced 6 sex scenes for Lovisa (seduction).
* Added 9 sex scenes for Lovisa (oral in bedroom).
* Added 33 bondage pics for Rebecca.
* Added 6 training pics for Rebecca.
* Added 6 sex scenes for Caitlin.
* Added 8 inspect pics for Caitlin.
* Added 34 bondage pics for Caitlin.
* Added 3 Arena pics for Caitlin.
* Added 6 training pics for Caitlin.
* Added 1 orgy pic for Caitlin.
* Replaced Rebecca’s Arena pics (x3).
* Added 31 sex scenes for Amelia.
* Added 8 Inspect pics for Amelia.
* Added 3 sex scenes for Piper (oral wash, cum events).
* Added 2 household pics (Tier2+ slave in various living rooms).
* Replaced Tier2+ slave stealth armor pic.
* Added 5 wedding ceremony pics (Lovisa, Tier2+ slave, Aria, Rebecca, Caitlin).
* Added 4 pregnant casual wardrobe renders.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a bug that would let you assign Nicole to other jobs after building her office.
* Fixed a bug that would display a +- number for a slave’s focus during homeschooling.
* Fixed a bug that would activate Rebecca’s quest if you had maxed your Affection with Lovisa.
* Fixed a bug that would display The Dockyard Punks “Business disruptions” in your journal.
* Fixed a bug that would give you double gains when completing an Academy course.
* Fixed the “contradictory Piper” bug that would give her both a Happiness gain and a Happiness loss if you left Ikaanos.
* Fixed (another) bug that would cause the Haruto Pai endless reward cycle.
* Fixed a bug that would delete a slave’s worn harness if you asked for sex under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that would let you buy and sell the Automatic rifle for the same price, and make a profit on the additional ammo given.
* Fixed a bug that would give your girls a +2 Willpower boost after finishing bondage sex.

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