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Pirates are always attractive themes, and players can go to islands and find lots of hidden treasures. If that’s the type of game you love, then Roger That: Merge Adventure! would be a great choice. In this game, you can participate in a wonderful journey with witty Roger and Lucky Lotta on the island and its challenges. Your main task is to combine items to create high-quality items.


The plot is one factor that needs to be considered to have an attractive start. That’s why the game also offers its players an attractive story of pirates with two main characters, Roger and Lotta. They are on an adventure to find the hidden truth about their family history. An abandoned pirate kingdom and questions related to Roger’s missing father are waiting for you to explore.

  • Become Immersed in an Exciting Story: A plot related to the history of Roger and Lotta’s family is waiting for you to explore.
  • Reveal Compelling Mysteries: Many different mysteries await players to explore, including the strange kingdom and Roger’s missing father.
  • Experience Colorful Characters: The game is also designed for really interesting characters so you can learn and feel their special personalities.


Besides possessing an attractive storyline, the gameplay will also be an addictive feature for everyone. The game will provide its players with gameplay built on the combined puzzle genre. The rules of the game will be extremely simple as players will combine similar items together to create high-quality items. And for players to have continuous excitement, the game has also designed hundreds of different items for you to explore through your gameplay.

  • Match and Merge Hundreds of Items: A system with hundreds of items ready for you to match and merge in this game.
  • Create Bigger and Better Things: Each step of combining items creates a completely new product.
  • Experience Satisfying Gameplay: The game will be developed in a puzzle style, so the suspense and drama are promised to increase continuously.


Roger That: Merge Adventure! is designed to give its players an exploratory experience. Players will also be satisfied with a large scene with a beautiful island opening up. On their journey, players must explore a new area with many beautiful lands. One of the most important factors is that on this island, a large amount of treasure has been buried and is waiting for people who can find it.

  • Travel Beautiful Islands: Travel through beautiful tropical pirate islands filled with treasures.
  • Explore New Lands and Locations: Explore new lands and locations, revealing surprises around every corner.
  • Gather Valuable Treasures: Gather valuable resources and uncover hidden secrets throughout your journey.

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