Monster Girl Hunt [v0.2.84 Public][Tiny Devil Studio]

v0.2.84- Released on 2023-08-25

  • 2 Fennec Fox love levels
  • Small bug fixes/typo corrections

v0.2.83- Released on 2023-07-22

  • 2 Moth love levels
  • 1 Bunny Poster (found in a Plentywood home)

v0.2.82- Released on 2023-06-17

  • 1 Raptor love level event
  • 1 Pangolin love level event
  • 1 Pangolin barn event (Plentywood)

v0.2.82- Released on 2023-06-17

  • 1 Raptor love level event
  • 1 Pangolin love level event
  • 1 Pangolin barn event (Plentywood)

v0.2.80- Released on 2023-05-27

  • 2 Raptor love level events
  • Raptor barn event (Bushwood)
  • Fixed Moth double attack bug and softlock
  • Fix Fox outfit tan line issues

v0.2.79 – Released on 2023-04-14

  • New monster added, the Thick Tailed Raptor!
  • Small area added – Magmatic Cave (find the entrance at the bottom of Gapers)
  • 7 Raptor outfits
  • 2 Raptor events
  • Desert and cave battle backgrounds added
  • Various small changes, bug fixes and typos

v0.2.78 – Released on 2023-03-24

  • New monster added, the Sunda Pangolin!
  • 7 Sunda Pangolin outfits
  • 2 Sunda Pangolin events
  • Various small changes, bug fixes and typos

v0.2.77 – Released on 2023-03-03

  • 2 Spiked Salamander love events (including fuck event)
  • 1 Spiked Salamander barn event (dildo machine)
  • Gave Lizard abs in previous event (art corrections)
  • Posters now unlock with cheat menu Memories button
  • Change starting town name to Bushwood
  • Misc. Bug Fixes

v0.2.76 – Released on 2023-02-03

  • 1 Fennec Fox love level event
  • 1 Amanita love level event
  • 1 Bunny Event

v0.2.75 – Released on 2022-01-13

  • 2 Moth love level events
  • 1 moth outfit
  • Fixed cheat menu

v0.2.74 – Released on 2022-12-23

  • Bunny Bar in Blowingrock is now open!
  • Bunny ‘Official’ Release
  • 4 new Bunny events (1 Patron only)
  • 1 repurposed Bunny event
  • 3 more Bunny outfits.

v0.2.73 – Released on 2022-12-09

  • New map area – Gapers
  • Just enough story to get you into Gapers
  • New Monster – Blue Luna Moth
  • 7 Blue Luna Moth outfits
  • 2 Blue Luna Moth love level events
  • 1 Blue Luna Moth barn event – Milking
  • 1 Cockatiel Harpy outfit
  • 1 New poster
  • Added all in game monsters to the monster archive
  • Fixed a handful of typos and bugs.

v0.2.72 – Released on 2022-11-11

  • More story
  • 3 story events
  • New Kate outfit
  • Fixed Natra small talk bug
  • Fixed Desert mission out of map spawn bug
  • Fixed 2 journal events swapping bug
  • Known issue -Kate does not have a swimsuit overworld sprite yet
  • Known issue -Kate conversation at the end of the bbq reverts to her old standard outfit.

v0.2.71a – Halloween update – Released on 2022-10-21

  • Added poster
  • Halloween mini side mission with event
  • Living outfit for the Spiked Salamander (automatically received if player already completed Harpy Living bikini mini mission from last Halloween)
  • Lamia overworld outfit sprites added
  • Fennec Fox overworld sprites added
  • Reimplemented 2 lizard love level events
  • Fixed a few incorrect hints.

v0.2.70 – Released on 2022-10-07

  • New poster
  • Lamia Plentywood Barn Event
  • Harpy Plentywood Barn Event
  • Poster code + Poster memory tab
  • Event and poster location hints
  • Amanita overworld sprites added
  • Spiked Salamander overworld sprites added.

v0.2.69b – Released on 2022-09-17

  • More story
  • New map area – Uncharted Desert
  • Added non capturable monster – Sphinx
  • Added sphinx side mission with 2 events
  • Added non capturable monster – No Spoilers
  • Added 1 event for “No Spoilers” monster
  • Fox hidden outfit moved to Uncharted Desert
  • Updated fast travel map
  • Added save backup to the options menu in-game
  • Added Fox missing outfits
  • Level cap raised a bit
  • Moved lizards to be catchable only in the Uncharted Desert.

v0.2.68b – Released on 2022-08-26

  • Dryad fuck machine barn event added
  • Stray Cat fuck machine barn event added
  • New Golem armor base (look around the starting area beach)
  • Added 4 posters in game (will have own unlock tab next update)
  • Updated Natra art to make her more distinct from normal dryads
  • Fixed Fennec male swimsuit tan base bug
  • Fixed golem base loading bug
  • Fixed 2 separate Flora mission battle bugs.

v0.2.67a – Released on 2022-08-05

  • New Story chunk( 1/4 to come )!
  • Opening of a new barn for the story
  • New barn machine for Slime, Cow, and Amanita
  • Barn Events require minimum love level
  • Patreon poll event for stray cat
  • Added cheat menu button to unlock all journal images
  • Kate’s outfit menu bug fixed
  • Overcast effect removed when turning off weather.
  • Golem/Fox missing body bug when rapid clicking in conversation fixed
  • Removed right click input in conversation to prevent conversations from breaking
  • Merchant duping own inventory fixed
  • Fixed Breeds mission marker not triggering when clicking on him
  • NPCs wont walk away in mission conversations now
  • Fixed fox cheat menu so that it now unlocks her tanning event when unlocking the outfit for it
  • Fixed game breaking bug caused by rapid clicking in certain mission stages
  • Corrected various typos.

v0.2.66 – Released on 2022-07-09

  • Desert Lamia side event (Blowingrock)
  • Fennec Fox side event (Blowingrock)
  • Stray Cat Outfit (Blowingrock)
  • Added missing event to memories section of journal.

v0.2.64 – Released on 2022-06-03

  • 1 Cat love level event
  • 1 small Slime side mission (check around Sugarbush)
  • Slime side mission reward – Slime Event + Outfit
  • Small fixes like normal

v0.2.63 – Released on 2022-05-13

  • 2 Salamander Events
  • Golem overworld outfits
  • Added weather toggle
  • Added in missing Lamia small talks
  • Face placement improvements (please report any issues)
  • Bug fixes – Many many many small fixes

v0.2.62 – Released on 2022-04-15

  • 2 Dryad events, including Dryad penetration
  • Fixed some sketch lines that got left in Dryad milking event
  • Got caught up on a few missing small talks
  • Fixed bug that made Nim nude on new game

v0.2.61 – Released on 2022-03-19

  • Harpy penetration event
  • Lamia penetration event
  • Extensive map creation work done (Not yet available to players though)
  • Stray cat Halloween outfit correction
  • More follower overworld outfits done
  • A few minor bug fixes.

v0.2.60a – Released on 2022-02- 18

  • Lamia non Love Level event – Location on the Spoilers channel on Discord
  • Reworked the Creep event in the Ranch area (now a 3 in one event) – Location on the Spoilers channel on Discord
  • Code and Art to show overworld outfits of your followers(NOT ALL OUTFITS IN YET)
  • Improved event replay UI
  • Created new interior art, including upgrades to existing art and bathroom art
  • Added bathrooms and upgraded many objects in existing areas
  • Removed bug where Public builds could interact with Kate’s outfit selection
  • Added multiple new battle NPCs
  • Handful of edge case bugs fixed

v0.2.59c – Released on 2022-02- 04

  • Fennec Fox In game – Catch her in the desert
  • Fennec Fox Milking event
  • Fennec Fox 1 love level event
  • Fennec Fox 1 outfit event
  • Fennec Fox 7 outfits
  • Fennec Fox 8 tan line options (includes fully tanned)
  • Can now use animations during clothing conversations (Not fully replay-able yet)
  • Modified conversation bar size to see more of npcs body
  • Modified MC size
  • Moved all of The Merchants and Luna’s sprites down and re-imported. Corrected Luna’s face placement in where necessary.
  • Altered references of “ripped” clothing to “stripped”
  • Added sign for merchant so she is easier to find
  • Altered the loading screen a bit.

v0.2.58 – Released on 2022-01- 07

  • Stray Cat Love Level event
  • Lamia Christmas card (kitchen table in players house)
  • Fixed bug with event replaying could cause issues
  • Fixed Golem outfit bug that would reset her outfit on start
  • Other various small fixes
  • Implemented a few changes that allow us to work more efficiently

v0.2.57 – Released on 2021-12-10

  • Golem love level event
  • Harpy love level event
  • Added missing event to Memories
  • Fixed map bug
  • Fixed Lizard Halloween outfit
  • Updated menu random outfit images

v0.2.56 – Released on 2021-12-10

  • 2 Spike Salamander Love level events
  • Cat outfit (Plentywood Biggy’s)

v0.2.55a – Released on 2021-11-12

  • 1 event + 1 Harpy outfit – Check the Discords spoiler section for the location
  • Fixed 3 Way Junction fast travel unlock
  • Fixed issue with event replay playing the wrong event
  • Fixed missing memory for Harpy in Memories tab
  • Handful of small fixes/changes
  • Optimized weather system as much as possible without decreasing quality

v0.2.54a – Released on 2021-11-05

  • 2 Lamia love level events
  • Lamia barn event
  • Fixed bugs for previous update
  • Fixed follower double talk icon bug
  • Added follower love level independent small talks (code only so far)

v0.2.53c – Released on 2021-10-16

  • Bunny event! The bunny is NOT officially in since the bar is not ready yet, but you can find her and her event just outside.
  • Amanita outfit. (Ruby Patron Reward – Blowingrock Biggys)
  • Weather system. It’s very basic so we can test it before we exclude weather types from certain areas.
  • Can now use every outfit for the Golem with both armor colors.
  • Outfits automatically unlock when purchased. Use any in your inventory as we will be removing that tab eventually.
  • Added small dead zone around player when using mouse movement.
  • Backup and restore saves from the options menu to the right.
  • A handful of other small bug fixes and changes.

v0.2.52a – Released on 2021-10-02

  • Lamia has been added!
  • 7 outfits for Lamia
  • 2 events for Lamia (more in the next update)
  • Finished a handful of small coding talks
  • Added “Unlock All Outfits” to cheat menu
  • Fixed bugs in swimming script
  • Fixed monster archive bug
  • Fixed a few map collider issues
  • Fix palm tree bug
  • Corrected inconsistencies in language around monster “capture”

v0.2.51 – Released on 2021-09-11

  • 2 Stray Cat events!
  • 2 Golem events! (kind of a 2 part thing, you’ll get what I’m saying when you see it)
  • Added swimming so we can have water based monster girls in the future!
  • Lots of map work on future areas, but areas are still inaccessible to the player at this time
  • Known bug – Don’t attempt to use the monster archive for the slime. This bug has been fixed for 0,2,52
  • Fix palm tree still persists, we will get it fixed though, no worries.

v0.2.50 – Released on 2021-08-13


  • New Golem event
  • New Dryad event
  • New Dryad Outfit

v0.2.49 – Released on 2021-07-16


  • 2 Luna mission events
  • 1 Luna hidden event
  • New Dairy Cow outfit
  • Fixed 15 outfits to be skimpy instead of ripped Green Slime bikini full, Green Slime bikini ripped, Dairy Cow bikini ripped, Dairy Cow classic ripped, Dairy Cow hidden ripped, Dairy Cow standard full, Dairy Cow standard ripped, Amanita bikini full, Amanita bikini ripped, Dryad bikini ripped, Stray Cat bikini ripped, Stray Cat hidden ripped, Cockatiel Harpy red dress full, Cockatiel Harpy red dress ripped, Cockatiel Harpy bikini ripped
  • More code to speed up implementation
  • Small bug fixes
  • Known bug, you can walk on palm trees, it’ll be fixed in 0.2.51

v0.2.47a – Released on 2021-07-16

  • Harpy Milk Event (All caught up on milking events now)
  • Harpy Love Level Event
  • Fixed cheat menu
  • Fixed Kate outfit menu

v0.2.47 – Released on 2021-06-26


  • Non Love level Harpy Event (In a house in Sugarbush)
  • Dairy Cow event
  • Added mailboxes, counter, sink, and stovetop sprites. Implemented in the Ranch / Manor area.
  • If using Autorun, shift now acts as a walk button.
  • General code work.

v0.2.45a – Released on 2021-05-21

  • Changelog
    • Spiked Salamander Added!!!
    • Nude and aroused poses + 7 outfits.
    • 2 events to get you started with her.
  • Other Changes
    • Fixed bug where mouse movement did not trigger encounters.
    • Dairy Cow apron outfit (Patron Reward)(Location – Blowingrock)
    • Dryad Business outfit (Patron Reward)(Location – Blowingrock)
    • Added The Merchant (Halloween outfit vendor) to the Monster Archive in your journal

v0.2.44 – Released on 2021-05-07

Contest Winner outfits in


  • Kate outfit (Patron only)
  • Cat outfit (Desert Biggys)
  • Amanita outfit (Desert Biggys)

Misc changes

  • Space can now advance through conversations
  • Mouse based movement has been implemented
  • Auto run option added to the options menu
  • Right click now opens pause menu
  • Fixed some dialogue issues
  • Fixed Memory image size bug
  • Fixed options menu issues

v0.2.43 – Released on 2021-04-23



  • 1 Dryad Event.
  • 1 golem event (Non H)
  • Corrected a few dialogues for the Harpy.
  • Implemented small talks for future events.
  • Fixed a few bugs in dialogue implementation.
  • Completed writing for a good number of future events and the like.
  • Converted unlocked images in the menu into the full event replays.
  • Added missing events to the unlocked images.
  • Changed Unlocked Images to Memories.
  • Finished and implemented the final bit of art for the oasis area.
  • New npc’s for the last updates desert areas
  • Misc writing and overworld npcs
  • Added new popup for fast travel unlocks.
  • Misc coding tasks

Battle System Changes

  • Battle system bug fix
  • Total reduction in enemy monster damage by 10%
  • If player is lower level, damage reduction by additional 10%
  • Nurfed enemy crit rate
  • Enemy cannot crit player monster if it would incapacitate player monster
  • Battle system code tweaks If players health is below 35%
  • -Enemy damage reduced by 15%
  • -Enemy Arousal attacks reduced by 20%
  • -Dodge chance increased by 5%
  • Battle system code tweaks If players health is below 15%
  • -Enemy cannot crit
  • -Enemy damage reduced by 25%
  • -Enemy Arousal attacks reduced by 30%
  • -Dodge chance increased by 10%

v0.2.42 – Released on 2021-03-26

  • More Map – Desert lower paths are now accessible.
  • More Map – A new Oasis in the desert.
  • Map areas are a bit empty right now, but they will have more in them next update.
  • Goth Girl NPC (Patron Reward!).
  • Goth Girl Side mission with event and extra art.
  • Fixed dialogue bug where monster names would sometime not display correctly.

v0.2.4 – Released on 2021-03-13

  • 2 cat events (one love level based, one can be found by the shop in Sugarbush)
  • Cat bonus image on the patreon
  • Updated help menus
  • Fixed some typos and face placement issues
  • Modified dialogue and small talk code to introduce monster names into the dialogue itself for more personal feel.

v0.2.4 – Released on 2021-02-19

  • 2 new events!
  • More Story!
  • One handed gameplay! Still a work in progress, but 1 hand should be free at all times. Menus/battle is mouse, events and dialogue are keyboard, and you can still use it the way it’s always been.
  • Added in UI to monster select in battle. Love bonus to defense and attack is now displayed on select buttons.
  • Added in UI to let you know when conversation with your follower was awarding love xp.
  • Player now spawns at the last town visited.
  • Fixed crit rate bug.
  • Cheat menu, Kate outfits screen, monster storage can now be exited with esc.
  • Lots of other small changes/fixes like barn Icon fix, removed bed healing, map icon loading fix, open save location button, etc., etc., etc.
  • Upgraded the new importer on the backend to about 85% completion. This thing is a god send when it comes to automating dialogue implementation. It saves so much time!

v0.2.35 – Released on 2021-02-12

  • 1 new cat event
  • Amanita outfit (Ruby Patron Reward)
  • Added in 16 new small talk conversations for future events. (new dialogue importer test)
  • Created an automated dialogue importer to handle follower small talk implementation.
  • Expanded the dialogue importer to also implement the dialogue for monster events.

v0.2.34 – Released on 2021-02-05

  • Amanita Milking Event
  • Hidden Cow Event (location will be in the spoilers section of the discord, check the pins)
  • Dialogue corrections.
  • Fixed some small talks.
  • 5 new cow small talks.
  • 8 new slime small talks.
  • Barn milk event screen now closes with esc and now has an exit button.
  • Shops will no longer show outfits if the player has not seen the monster it belongs to. This should help reduce clutter in the shop.

v0.2.33 – Released on 2021-01-22

  • 1 harpy event (2 in 1 really. You will understand when you see it.)
  • Side mission with outfit reward (Check the discord spoilers section pins for help)
  • Expanded the mission system to include certain monsters in party and to include notifications about missing mission requirements (items, moolah, and monsters)

v0.2.32 – Released on 2021-01-09

  • Added 1 Harpy event
  • Added 6 Harpy small talks
  • Added 4 Dryad small talks
  • Add in game messages for Gold Tier Patrons. Check them out at the new npcs in Sugarbush
  • Patrons now have access to an officailly supported cheat system.
  • Repositioned Sugarbush house interiors to avoid bugs caused by overlapping map chunks.
  • Fixed bug that cause issue between triggered monster event and boss battle end conversation.
  • Moved from password system to separate builds.

v0.2.31a – XXXmas – Released on 2020-12-24

  • Dryad XXXmas card.
  • Christmas outfit for Kate and all monsters. Find the present at the barn in Breeds Manor! No moolah required!
  • Added 8 dairy cow small talks.
  • Added 3 Amanita small talks.
  • Fixed scrolling bug in start screen.
  • Fixed a face placement issue with the golem.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed Slime halloween outfit.

v0.2.30– Released on 2020-12-16

~Golem has been introduced. She can’t be caught in the wild so check around for her mission. You can find her location in the spoilers section on discord.
~Fixed bug where you could walk on water.
~Added 8 new small talks for the green slime.
~Fixed golem conversation sprite issue.
~Fixed boss battle bug.
~Fixed in game change log.
~Added golem mission event to the journal.
~Fixed ingame work credits and added in the concept artist links. Check them out!

v0.2.29– Released on 2020-12-04

  • Stray Cat barn milking event.
  • Coded, tested, and implemented everything for the golem except for the event art. Currently inaccessible but will be available in update 0.2.30 in a few days
  • Added a few new npcs to fill out the world.
  • Fixed bug where mission icon would disappear if not holding correct item or amount of money.
  • Cleaned up conversation scripts.
  • Increase xp gains by 25% due to issues with grinding.
  • Love level now adds 2% damage reduction per level to help balance out enemies hitting too hard. Example: 3 love = 6% reduction, maxed at 20%.
  • Nerfed dodging in battle.
  • Reduced damage output of the dryad.
  • Shifted area levels to provide a bit of a smoother flow to leveling.
  • Npc battles shifted to match new area levels.
  • Removed requirement to do the beach side mission to progress the main story, it was causing too much confusion.
  • Fully implement a new interaction method! Npc’s and all interactables should work as intended from now on. Let us know if you encounter any issues.

v0.2.26– Released on 2020-11-23

  • Cow milk event
  • Added small pickup items around the world.
  • Fixed bug with items that attract monsters.
  • The final few small coding changes for the golem release.
  • Fixed bug where main mission npc would appear at incorrect location.
  • Repositioned much of the interiors to prevent future issues like the bug described above. Still more to do though.

– Released on 2020-11-13

  • Slime Barn Event (use the massage tables, more events coming very soon)
  • 4 new Slime follower conversations.
  • Corrected downed monster stamina bug.
  • Fixed boss battle conversation bugs.
  • Corrected boss battle crash bug.
  • Fixed vendor interaction range bug.
  • Corrected monster merchant event.
  • Spelling and grammar correction
  • Streamlined dialogue implementation.
  • Remove butt plug quest item from store after purchase.

– Released on 2020-10-30

  • New Merchant Monster.
  • Side mission with an event and wardrobe change based around the new merchant monster.
  • Halloween themed outfits for all monsters and Kate. Purchased at the new merchant monster.
  • New Items – Merchant’s Tincture and Merchant’s Distillate. Both used to attract monsters.
  • Clothing items are now removed from vendors once they have been purchased.
  • General bug fixes.

v0.2.21– Released on 2020-10-24

  • Kate Event
  • Kate Outfit
  • Desert area
  • Code Cleanup
  • Corrected dialogue and face placement issues
  • Corrected issues with the attack assignment code for enemy monsters.
  • Added code to correct monsters with duplicate attacks.
  • A myriad of other small bugs.
  • Prepped a lot of stuff for a few upcoming updates.

v0.2.20– Released on 2020-09-24

  • More Story
  • Kate Event
  • Kate Outfit
  • Desert area
  • Code Cleanup
  • Corrected dialogue and face placement issues
  • Corrected issues with the attack assignment code for enemy monsters.
  • Added code to correct monsters with duplicate attacks.
  • A myriad of other small bugs.
  • Prepped a lot of stuff for a few upcoming updates.

v0.2.15– Released on 2020-08-29

  • 1 new outfit for each monster (head to the shop in Sugarbush to purchase)

v0.2.15– Released on 2020-08-29

  • New Dryad Event
  • Conversation facial expressions
  • Follower conversations converted from one liners to small talk style conversation
  • Added 400+ lines of follower dialogue
  • Conversations now rewards 10% love exp up to 80% of whats required to level up love.
  • Love level and love exp displayed more clearly
  • Love now acts as a damage modifier, adding +2% bonus damage per love level up to 20% bonus damage.
  • Text sound now has a volume slider
  • Bug fixes

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