My Family Farm [v0.1.2] By FarmGuy

FarmGuy Games released a new game called My Family Farm and the version is 0.1.2. The game’s story is about A farming Sandbox /Visual Novel with Adventure/RPG elements and morally questionable milfs! After a catastrophic event on the other side of the planet, you are forced, due to your poor financial situation, to live on your late grandmother’s farm. However, when you try to reactivate the farm to make some cash, you discover the existence of goddesses, something that completely changes your life. Now, using the hypnotic powers of this goddess you must help the mayor fight a mysterious organization that threatens to destroy the city, your farm, and your new life!

Developer: FarmGuy
File Size: 2.87 GB
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Content added:
* Around 20k words, total now is 88,131 words!
* Around 800 images, from renders and sprites.
* 13 LONG Animations (They are longer than both previous patches combined :O)
* 1 new crop.
* A new hub place.
* 2 new sidegirls.
* Toggles!
* A new cow! (Aurora)
* Repeatable events for Marian, Aurora, Bianca and Isabella.
* Changed the appearance of all girls’ breasts!

* Fixed the order of execution of a bunch of events.
* Also fixed some typos from previous patches.
Added a marker to the late night events, now you can see if anything will happen while you sleep.
* Fixed a bug where the game would crash if you looked into Bianca stats.
* MAC version!


Content added:

  • +35000 words.
  • Around 1300 images, from renders and sprites.
  • 14 Animations.
  • 1 new ingame wallpaper(I will keep adding more, but I plan to remake how they work)
  • 2 new itens.
  • A new store.
  • MILF!

Milking system:
You can now milk Bianca! I decided not to put any mini games for now, but at least the first time you milk her you will have to push some buttons. There’s not much complexity for now, just a thing or two to discover, but I will let you guys do that 

  • Next girl will be Aurora.

Schedule system:
You can now set where Bianca will be during the day. So if you want to milk her you need to put her on a milking area, You’ll discover more of these areas throughout the game, each with different functions. Just make sure the “Mood” bar of the girl is green.


  • Tried to fix the sounds, they sound better now :D
  • Patreon version now has a better quest log. (Additional tips for each event)
  • Almost every menu with a scrollable list have a scrollbar by it’s side, can be dragged with click or used with the scrool of the mouse.
  • Now you can see why you can’t interact with a girl:

Developer Notes:

A easy farming system, plant and forget, no need to water the crops everyday! And with a little practice you can even milk the girls and harvest eggs, if that is your thing.

Game Images & Screenshots


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