My Happy Family [Chp. 2 Intro Part 1] By SayWhatProdutions

SayWhatProdutions Games released a new game called My Happy Family and the version is Chp. 2 Intro Part 1. The game’s story is about Is a VN-Story-Game-Thing that centers around an MC who had just returned from a month-long vacation away from his family only to find that the dynamic of his family suddenly changes. Without warning, he returns home to find that his mother had gotten herself a new boyfriend her first “real” boyfriend since her separation with their father. In the short time that he’s been gone, the boyfriend had moved in. While the house itself remains the same, the dynamic of his family has shifted, before he left his younger sister used to rely on him for everything, now she barely seeks him out for anything. It seems that this new boyfriend had taken that place. Now hanging on the boyfriend’s every loving word, the MC can’t help but feel that this man has taken the place of their nonexistent father in her heart.

The MC’s twin sister, who had always been a constant bitch to him and everyone around her seems to have also tempered her anger. Once showing unreasonable anger at every male she came across now obediently listens to her boyfriend. Like their younger sister, she too seems to hang on his every word, but unlike the younger sister it seems as if their relationship is more… Authoritative. Can the MC find out what’s changed in the short time he’s been gone? Should he find out what’s been going on or should he just accept that change is a good thing. If mom is okay with the change, then maybe so should he.

Developer: SayWhatProdutions
File Size: 1.22 GB
Version: Chp. 2 Intro Part 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

In this update you’ll get to meet Kyla, the MC’s girlfriend. You’ll also get to understand why the MC is the instrument of his own destruction. You’ll get to see the mental state of the characters as they go into the month that the MC is away from home. AND you’ll get to how some of the characters interest in BBC is sparked.

Developer Notes:

Hey there, I’m SayWhatProductionsI’ve always wanted to create something for me and for others to enjoy. There are many Adult VN and Comics out there but nothing that truly tickles my fancy. So this is what I want to see and hopefully you’ll enjoy.

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