Nacht-sama is quitting being the demon king! [v1.02] By Jizo Survival Night

Jizo Survival Night Games released a new game called Nacht-sama is quitting being the demon king! and the version is 1.02. The game’s story is about Demon King Nacht’s castle has been attacked! In order to find out who was behind the attack, Nacht used her ability to go back in time. After one investigation, Nahat found that things were not simple. She decided to slowly start building her prestige.

Developer: Jizo Survival Night
File Size: 976.1 MB
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:


  • Jrpg
  • Rich storyline
  • Turn-based combat
  • Select Route

Game Images & Screenshots


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