Naughty Rabbit [2023-10-15] By be_kon_box

be_kon_box Games released a new game called Naughty Rabbit and the version is 2023-10-15. The game’s story is about Naughty Rabbit is a 2D side-scrolling platformer action game with the player as a male anthromorphic rabbit and the goal of rescuing the female rabbit captives in each stage. In the current demo, there are three stages with the third stage being a boss stage against a wolf lady. The player can collects the acorns in each stage and use them in the store to buy items such as carrots (restores health) and a mandrake that will restore all hearts if the player loses them all during a stage.

After defeating an enemy capable of sex, the player can interact with them by standing next to and pressing button 3 (C key). The sex scenes are animated and involves timing with the goal of either the enemy orgasms first or both partners orgasm together. If the enemy is not satisfied enough, the player will lose a 1/4 part of heart. The game can be played with either a gamepad or keyboard.​

Developer: be_kon_box
File Size: 40.7 MB
Version: 2023-10-15
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • This is a test version with key configurations and a few other features added.
  • The content of this version is the same as the previous version, but we will be implementing this as a basic feature in the future, so please check if it works properly in your environment.
  • Key Configuration
  • Before starting the game, please run “keyconfig.exe” to configure the keys.
  • You can also quit the game and start the key configuration by selecting “Key Configuration” from “Settings” after starting the game.
  • Changes made while the game is running will not be reflected, so be sure to start the game after making the settings.
  • Make sure to put keyconfig.exe and the game exe in the same folder.
  • The UI can now be shown or hidden by pressing the B key. The game pause key is now the N key.
  • Masturbation function
  • Pressing and holding the C key (action button) while standing or in a ready position will masturbate the user.
  • No other actions are possible while masturbating.
  • Masturbation ends when you interrupt the input, receive an attack, or ejaculate.
  • When ejaculating, 50 (half of the gauge) of the Energy Gauge is consumed.
  • One stock is 100, so at present the maximum is 8 times.
  • If neither the stock nor the gauge is 0, 25 (1/4 of a heart) of energy is consumed.
  • If the gauge is less than 50, all remaining gauges are consumed.
  • If the energy gauge is 1, no damage will be done.
  • Note that if your health is below 25 and you have neither stock nor gauge 0, the game is over.
  • If you have a mandrake, you can use it and revive on the spot.
  • At present, it is implemented in areas 1 and 2.
  • Due to the large number of objects appearing at once when ejaculating, the frame rate may temporarily drop.
  • Please report any problems at that time.
  • Rut mode
  • By turning on “Estrus” in the “Settings” section, dogs in Areas 1 and 2 will be in heat and will attack the main character with a restraining attack.
  • When the “Escape!” message appears, press the Z key (attack button) repeatedly to escape before the gauge is pushed out from the enemy side.
  • If you have a stock of Energy Bursts, you can escape immediately by pressing the V key (use Energy Burst).
  • When the gauge is pushed out from the enemy side and becomes bright red, you will shift to the enemy attack mode.
  • A gauge similar to the one at H appears at the top of the character.
  • The upper gauge is the main character’s climax gauge, and the lower gauge is the gauge for escape.
  • The escape gauge is increased by pressing the Z key when the cursor, which moves left and right in the center, overlaps the yellow area near the center of the gauge.
  • When the cursor reaches the other side of the face icon, the climax gauge will increase, so increase the escape gauge to escape before the climax gauge fills up.
  • Again, if you have a stock of Energy Bursts, you can escape immediately by pressing the V key (use Energy Burst).
  • When the climax gauge is full, you will take damage.
  • If you feel that the enemy’s attack is too lukewarm, press the X key (jump button).
  • Your climax gauge will increase.

Developer Notes:

This document describes more detailed behaviors of the game. Since it is written as the old version, some parts have been changed.


  • So far this game uses 3 buttons.
  • At the final version the buttons will be 4 so please use a gamepad with more than 4 buttons and D-pad.
  • Because of the game engine(CF2.5)’s default setting, you can’t use a gamepad and a keyboard at the same time.
  • You can switch to the gamepad control by clicking “ファイル(file)” on menubar, then “プレイヤー(player)”.
  • In this menu you can also change key assignment.
  • So far no customization for gamepad key assignment.


  • Press right and left to move.
  • Press down to crouch.
  • You can jump off from some kind of platform by pressing down and jump key(button 2).


  • Press button 1 to attack.
  • By pressing button 1 continuously, you can use combo attacks(4 combo maximum).
  • Timing of input is acceptable both in “just timing” or “beforehand”,
  • so simply tap the buttons for combo attacks.
  • 4th attack of the combo can blow off most of enemy.
  • Attack power is the lowest in the first attack, and strongest in the 4th attack.

[Jump Attack]

  • Press button 1 while jumping to jump attack.
  • You can jump attack as many times as you can while in the air, but the attack is cancelled when you touch the ground.
  • The behavior is under development.


  • Press up and button 1 to uppercut.
  • This attack is slow, but you can blow some of enemy up in the air.
  • It can be connected from attack 1 and 2.

Game Images & Screenshots

Read the important notes for information about the modified executable file that is included in the folder.


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