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  • NTR will NOT be included in Nephilim.

Choices matter?:

  • You will be able to influence characters and parts of the story with your choices! Nephilim is a choice driven novel, there will be 2 main paths in the game Light and Dark morality.
  • Don’t be afraid to make the choices you feel fit a given situation best, as you will not be locked onto a path after a few choices, the game will make it clear when you make a permanent choice.

Help, I can’t choose which girl!

  • Luckily for you, I’m not pure evil.. You can explore all Romances! However you may have to work for it if you want to achieve Harem!

How often do you release updates?

  • 1 update per month is the initial goal.

What type of romanceable characters will be in the game?

  • There’s romanceable characters of all ages ranging from 18 – 40+. All romanceable characters will be female, mostly human but fantasy races such as elves, vampires, fairies and so on will also be included.

How long is the game going to be?

  • It’s going to be a fairly long story, planned for & outlined 3 full seasons. Each season will have multiple chapters with a main story arc and several side storylines to follow.

I hope you will find my content engaging & worth your time! If you enjoy my game, please do consider supporting me, any support small or otherwise helps me with hardware upgrades, energy bills (Gotta love 2022/2023) & 3D assets / resources for future characters / scenes.

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