Netorare God; Netorase Devil [v0.065] By CulturedGamer

CulturedGamer released a new game called Netorare God; Netorase Devil and the version is 0.065. The game’s story is about A young man who spends all his time reading light novels while trying to forget his horrible life suddenly finds himself waking up in a fantasy world. Will he be able to use all his knowledge of anime tropes to create a harem like all his favourite protagonists, or will he still end up being a loser? (The answer is no. Please stop fighting the comments lol).

Developer: CulturedGamer
File Size: 682.4 MB
Version: 0.065
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

V0.050a Update

Netorare God; Netorase Devil V0.050a Patchnotes:

Bugfix: Academy door sending the player to random locations.

Bugfix: Re-enabling the ability for the player to change the relationship of the “Landlady” to the player.

Bugfix: Roland not referring to the player’s new name if they choose to rename.

v0.045b Update

Hey there, fellow cultured gamers!

The update is finally here! It’s been a rough two months trying to basically remake the game from scratch, but it was necessary for the health of the game. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t as much progress in the way of story or scenes for this update, which we’re terribly sorry about.

So we’ve hired some additional writers to help speed up the process of putting out new content going forwards.

Please enjoy what we do have to offer, though! And if you’re holding off until there’s more content, that’s fine too. Either way, we appreciate the support!

The game’s had a considerable rework to the story and routes to give players more of an open experience where you can choose which routes to progress, but still at this point in the game it will still feel fairly linear as there isn’t a lot of side content to do.

A lot of complaints from the original demo should now be rectified, such as being unable to save and load, not being able to use a mouse to move, and the way maps generally didn’t look that great.

There is now a gallery so players can revisit previous scenes as well as other goodies they might find throughout the game.

There isn’t any combat in this update as we’ve decided to rework the combat a bit, which hopefully will be back in one of the next updates when there are quests for the player to do.

This is basically a completely new game so old saves will not be compatible at all.

The old demo will stay up for those that want to experience those scenes as they haven’t been incorporated into the new game yet.


Netorare God; Netorase Devil V0.045 Patchnotes:


Added NPC to indicate end of current content.

Updated title screen image.

Developer Notes:

The first update of the game has been released, which has mostly been rebuilding the game from the ground up to fix a lot of the problems with the demo, so there isn’t a great deal of content right now. So some of you might prefer holding out for the next update. The demo will stay up as those scenes haven’t been incorporated into the current game yet.

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