Paradise Overlap [v0.4.0 V.I.P] By Paradise Overlap

Paradise Overlap Games released a new game called Paradise Overlap and the version is 0.4.0 V.I.P. The game’s story is about You play “Barman” a bartender who work at “Paradise” a seaside bar in the city of LOS STELLA, a cyberpunk metropolis full of many types of people! Live your live in a cyberpunk metropolis where you may interact with the girls, serve them drinks and take care of these monster girls, would you?​

Developer: Paradise Overlap
File Size: 366.8 MB
Version: 0.4.0 V.I.P
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.4.0 V.I.P

  • 19 Characters, 14 Girls
  • 26 animated NSFW scenes
  • 25 cocktails to mix

Latest change log

  • Added 3 new characters (Lin Fei, Mesa, and Tomoe)
  • Added Chloe’s Swimsuit to the shop
  • Added “Second Heart” for Crystal so you can reach further relationship.
  • Added 5 new NSFW scenes (Lin Fei, Mesa, Tomoe, Chloe pool party, Crystal2)
  • Added cm/kg measure for height and weight.
  • The game are now use WebGPU renderer if device supported, which usually improves performance.
  • Changed Helen’s Spine2d sprite, so she now looks more like her original sprite.

v0.3.1 V.I.P

  • Added 2 new characters (Crystal and Sophia)
  • Bug fixed where Tina’s second scene shows a black screen
  • Added 6 NSFW animated scenes (Lilith&Lilia, Crystal, Helen, Margaret, Sophia, and Yuuri(pool party))
  • Added Yuuri’s bikini to the shop
  • Added “Second Heart” for Lilith&Lilia so you can reach further relationship.
  • Added “Second Heart” for Helen so you can reach further relationship.
  • Added “Second Heart” for Margaret so you can reach further relationship.
  • Added 5 more different questions that girls will ask you when you talk to them.
  • Changed “Lilith” to “Lilith&Lilia”
  • Changed all girl’s sprites to Spine2d animated sprite
  • Changed some UI elements

v0.2.0 V.I.P

  • Added visual novel dialogue for all NSFW scenes
  • Added 2 NSFW animated scenes (Monya and Tina)
  • Added “Second Heart” for Monya and Tina so you can reach further relationship.
  • Added City map, Some locations will be available once you reach the girl’s second heart.
  • Added more character sprite expressions.
  • You can now click or tap on ingredients instead of drag and drop (drag and drop is still working)
  • Fixed typo errors
  • Bug fixed where sometime you can’t enter fullscreen mode
  • Bug fixed where sometimes version numbers don’t show correctly
  • Bug fixed where you can use 2 Nebulalyze instead of 1 Nanosyne
  • Bug fixed where Mio and Helen’s affection point can go above 100
  • And many minor changes

Developer Notes:

  • You will find
  • Lots of monster girls
  • Life in a cyberpunk metropolis
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Animated NSFW scenes using Spine2D
  • And much more to come!
  • *Please be patient as Android and iOS versions will be developed once the game has passed the beta stage.

Game Images & Screenshots


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