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NoMeme Games released a new game called Phoenixes and the version is The game’s story is about The story of PHOENIXES takes place in a world where both magic and science are well developed, a world where the superhero is really a thing. You, a wanderer in the junction between light and shadow, are now dragged into the cusp of the fight between heroes and villains. The city is falling apart and justice is being corrupted, you will have to take the responsibility and … … … … Nah, that sounds boring, why don’t you just enjoy an easy life in this urban fantasy world and get all the hot strong beauties in your harem no matter whether they are heroes or villains? That solves the fight too, right?​

Developer: NoMeme
File Size: 1.57 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


The Story:
In our development plan, we divided the game’s development into various stages, and the focus of our updates is different with each stage. In the first stage, our focus was on building the world and setting up the relationships between MC and girls. During this time, as the story was just unfolding, we couldn’t provide too much lewd content in each update. And now, with the arrival of v7, the game has entered the next stage.

In this second stage, as MC develops romantic relationships with more and more girls, you can expect more lewd content in each update, and there will also be more new girls introduced into the game.

  • Alnilam
    In this update, you’ll get a more comprehensive understanding of this most controversial girl in the game. You’ll know about her tough past, the reasons behind her turning into a villain, and the sadness beneath her bitchy personality. I don’t mean to whitewash her or anything. She is a bad woman that does bad things, nothing can excuse her wrongdoing. The way MC interacts with her will be different from with any other girl. It will be more about conquering and taming her than about deepening their love for each other.
  • Juliana
    Juliana’s plots will continue with a focus on her growth. You’ll be the witness and guide as she gradually becomes stronger.

In the previous updates, Juliana was probably the most marginalized main girl because this girl seemed to be a little bit too normal and didn’t have many labels on her. But as the story enters a new stage, in this update you will get to know some information about her unknown background which might be exciting.

  • Kemuri & Osonia& Sorring& Yamir
    There will also be a battle between the order camp and the wild puppy girl. You’ll participate as part of this fight and get to see your girls showing more of their fighting skills.

New Features:

  • New mission type: Mission Support
    In the next few updates, we will be adding more ways to increase girls’ love points and bring a more engaging, less grindy, and less repetitive gaming experience for you. A new mission type will be the first step. You can now unlock Mission Support in the club upgrades screen after your club reaches level 3.
    Completing one Mission Support will increase the certain girl’s love point and the club’s fame at the same time.
  • New interrogation option: Yamir

In v7, you will finally be able to arrest the puppy girl that messed up the underground order of the slums. Now it’s time to start the interrogation! Each time of interrogation will raise her submissiveness point.

However, she will inevitably escape after 5 times of interrogation, just like every other supervillain. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to hunt her down again in the near future.

  • New patron privilege: Unlock all the gallery scenes
    I receive requests from patrons who want to get a “save that unlocks all the gallery scenes” every now and then, so I decided to make it a $5 patron privilege in the game. Just type the code in the gallery and everything will be unlocked for you.
  • New bedroom: Alnilam’s room
    A harem master won’t just sleep in the same room every night. In v7, sometimes you will spend the night in Alnilam’s room (though you might not want to.) There will be more girls’ bedrooms available in the future.


  • Completely fixed the crash issue on low-to-mid-end Android devices
    We have consistently received reports of crash issues on mid-to-low-end Android devices since the first version of the game. Throughout this year, we have made a lot of efforts to optimize the Android version with each update. However, the results have been consistently disappointing.
    I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who has experienced this issue. It was solely due to our insufficient understanding of the Godot engine, and we take full responsibility for it.

However, in v7, it will no longer be a problem anymore. There will be absolutely NO crashes when loading animated scenes. The FPS during animated scenes may drop a bit if your CPU is way too entry-level though, but absolutely no crash anymore.

If you think your CPU should be fine, yet still having the FPS problem, please let me know!

  • improved the loading time for the Android version after launching

we noticed that many Android users (even with mid-to-high-end devices) might have had to endure a black screen for over 20 seconds after starting the game before accessing the main menu. In v7, the waiting time has been reduced greatly. It might still be quite a while on low-end devices, but there won’t be a black screen anymore (so at least you will know the game is not dead.)


  • PHOENIXES v6 update report
  • Thanks for your patience. Now PHOENIXES v6 is finally ready to meet you all!
  • Turned out that the new update strategy that we tried this time (one functional update v5.5 in the middle of the update cycle, and one story update v6 in the end) didn’t really save us any time. We still spent a solid 2-month plus 5 days of the grace period to develop the game from v5 to v6. But the new update strategy did improve our efficiency and helped us manage our time better. The new content of v5.5 + v6 is just way bigger than any update before. So I guess we’ll continue using this strategy in the future.
  • Now let’s take a look at what we have made for you in the last two months:

V5.5 part:
Check the v5.5 update report if you haven’t to see the details of what we did in that functional update. Here is a brief list:

  • Remade the city map
  • Reworked 300+ old images & animated scenes
  • Improved the in-game patron reward
  • General UI improvements for Android version
  • Greatly reduced the size of the Android version
  • Enhanced the graphic quality of the Mac version
    V6 functional part:
  • Reduced the size of the dialogue box of the Android version.
  • Reworked the rollback button and the skip button of the Android version.
    Error fix:
  • Now when entering the club, you will be correctly directed to the club’s main interface instead of the club upgrades screen.
  • Now after loading a save that is in the middle of an event, you won’t have to re-experience the entire event again the next day.
  • Auto events won’t trigger themselves anymore if you have already consumed any action points in that time period.
    Story part:
  • 700+ new images & animated scenes
  • New subplot: Three sleeping beauties
  • New personal scenes for Heather, Molly, Cassy, Sorring, Alnilam
  • Sorring is having a curse attack again~



The interrogation room
In v4, you will be able to unlock the ‘Interrogation room’ upgrade in your club and get yourself a dark little chamber. In the future, this place will become a main ‘battlefield’ for you and the supervillainesses you catch~

The interrogation practice with your girls The sad thing is, you are still not capable of hunting any supervillainess down in v4. But don’t worry, the interrogation room won’t be deserted because Heather and Sorring are willing to do the interrogation practice with you! How will they respond to your interrogation techniques?

Other improvements:

  • The club now has a better interface
  • Removed girls from your ‘Plans’ who don’t really have a plot yet
  • Forbade people from choosing an overlarge screen resolution
  • Fix the bug that displays the wrong picture when in front of a branch selection
  • Optimization for the Android version
  • I think there will be no crashes on old Android devices anymore, but, well, maybe I am wrong, please let me know if you encounter crashes during an animated scene again.


No codes for v0.7.0.0 yet.

Wallpaper codes for v0.3

  • $5 – 851604
  • $10 – 090678
  • $20 – 170557

Game Images & Screenshots

wallpaper code: 995311


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