PoVeşti: Childhood Drama [v3.3] By Okyo

Okyo Games released a new game called PoVeşti: Childhood Drama and the version is v3.3. The game’s story is about Welcome to Inspector’s world: PoVesti. A list of tales full of surprises, vicious desires and dramatic events. Take part in the story of a Childhood Drama. Unfold, explore and find out what’s going on! PoVesti: Childhood Drama is an NTR oriented GAME. Enjoy it at your own risk: “Because your… is going to get fucked”

Developer: Okyo
File Size: 448.5 MB
Version: v3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Quest tracker UI changed.
  • Bugs & Errors fixed.
  • The story has suffered a twist in the past.
  • Greatly reduced the size of the build from 1.8GB(almost) to 600MB.

Developer Notes:

Older saves(<3.3) might generate bugs or errors.

Game Images & Screenshots


Separate Episodes:
Nightly ritual Ep. 1 Izzy & Keen(ntr)
Android: MEGA

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