Project Mental [v0.0.6] By MentalCopy

MentalCopy Games released a new game called Project Mental and the version is 0.0.6. The game’s story is about is a 3D hentai sex simulator & sandbox with RPG elements. This is a sim-based game, which means the idea to let you do whatever you want in a real-time sandbox, “Freedom for fantasies without borders”. My idea or better to say goal to build a perfect and mod-supported adult sandbox game, with elements of Skyrim, Sims, Fallout, etc.​

Developer: MentalCopy
File Size: 3.58 GB
Version: 0.0.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.0.5 Is finally here ! This update brings new locations new scenes, new events and much, much more.
A lot of old content was improved and updated or in some cases was even completely re-done from scratch, so I hope you will be happy to play it!


  • Added new character Deads (Brainless followers of the underworld King)
  • Added new character Priest (Guards of the underworld King)
  • Added new character’s Poor Girls (The name speaks for itself, basically it’s slave girls which can be found at location Cave)
  • Added new character, Underworld King (Unknown monster)
  • Added new character, Faceless man (For location Clinic)
  • Added a small NPC like (Tentacles, Monster cocks etc.)
  • Added new location (Cave)
  • Full re-work of location (Clinic)
  • Update of location (Home)
  • Added world map
  • Added Travel-system
  • Added 15 sex events (up to 29 sex animations)
  • Xmas props
  • New type of sex mini-games
  • Quest manager
  • New hair-styles
  • Added 90 sex-toys
  • New engine for animation
  • 16 cutscenes
  • Updated 47 UI elements
  • Improved UI elements 9
  • And much, much more!

Developer Notes:

The game will cover over 15 locations, which is:

  • Player Home (fully customizable)
  • Town
  • 3 Work Areas include 9 careers
  • 2 Clubs include lewd club
  • Academy (Storyline or career)
  • Shopping mall (7 Stores)


  • Real-time open world
  • Dynamic character customization – The character looks fully depends on your actions and your choices, a pond of the game situations
  • Wardrobe system – you are free to choose any type and variants of the clothes and mix them as much as you want to build a unique set
  • Flexible Career
  • Character needs system – Hunger, thirst, toilet, hygiene, sleep, emotional status and more
  • Building & customization of your locations
  • Deep immersive gameplay
  • Non Story quests

Game Images & Screenshots


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