Project Venus [v0.1.4.1] By Team Venus

Team Venus Games released a new game called Project Venus and the version is The game’s story is about is an action horror shooter with Resident Evil vibes. You play as Jillian, common office clerk, who wants to find her sister, but then zombie outbreak changes everything. However, when there is no law during zombie apocalypse, anything can happen to our busty heroine. ​

Developer: Team Venus
File Size: 1.63 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Continuation of the story. Now you will be able to visit the police station (22 map pieces)
  • Added second outfit which you will obtain at police station
  • Introduced new NPC with two conversation scenes. You can talk to her and learn what her story is. She will appear later in story
  • Added new type of zombie: hunter
  • Added human enemies (12 variations)
  • 3 new variations for generic zombies
  • New main theme in the menu
  • Added first melee weapon
  • Added explosives: grenades and land mine. Molotov is in progress.
  • Technical: added animated status effects. Now every single npc and PC are able to bleed, burn and get poisoned with visual effects
  • Created spawner, which will be used later
  • Added regeneration passive in skill tree
  • Added stamina increase in skill tree
  • Added max carrying weight in skill tree
  • Increased shooting rate for all weapons
  • Implemented AI teams. It allows us to use NPCs as friends. You will notice that when you arrive at police station for the first time. Later in the game there will be neutral NPC which will attack both PC and zombies
  • All existing scenes are reworked for second outfit. They will change depending on which outfit do you use at the moment
  • Cassie got additional scene with animation from 3 angles
  • Forest man received a different scene if you wear the second outfit. He also received a new scene, which you can trigger if you corruption is high enough
  • Added scene with the boy at the confession booth right after you get mission to infiltrate the police station
  • Added hints for some lewd actions. Now you’ll see how much corruption do you need

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed broken shops at the sewers
  • Fixed limitless running option
  • Fixed oldman’s animations in the gun shop


  • Added 3 missing scenes which were supposed to come with previous update but they were deleted due to incompleteness. 1 additional scenes for Cassie sequence. 1 additional scene for Greg(forest man) sequence, 1 additional scene for peeping on David with slutty girl(randomly appears near the pond after bringing barrel).
  • Reworked final battle street from the demo. Map received completely new visuals. Also previously zombies were spawning and that cased lots of lags. Now all zombies are there from the beginning.
  • Status menu received nude version of main heroine.
  • Updated game’s core. Now you shouldn’t have fps drops like before.
  • Reworked shooting. Now bullets don’t have range limits, which means they will fly through the entire map. That should exclude “misses” while using pistols and shotguns.
  • Moving plugin was rewrited to reduce spontaneous zombie shaking.
  • Fixed minor bugs/missing icons.
  • Added loot at the sewers right before toxic zombies.


Over 100 new renders

  • Main story progress
  • New Cassie scene after bathing at lake.
  • 1 bad end at main quest
  • One side quest from the priest
  • New locations: sewers, factory, second street, apartment building
  • Traders at the sewers
  • Hunting minigame
  • new type of zombies: toxic zombies, armored zombies.

Technical changes/additions:

  • added leveling system. Now you will find virus samples, which can be spent on improving your stats.
  • Reworked eventing framework. Now most fps drops should be gone
  • added bleeding from zombie attacks
  • added poisoning from toxic zombies
  • added new usable items: antidote – prevents poisoning for 5 mins, water – removes poisoning, adrenaline – boosts stamina and it’s regeneration
  • added hotkeys! Now you can drag and drop weapons and items to hotkeys and press them to change weapons/use consumables
  • Changed healing system. Now bandages and first aid kits remove bleeding.
  • Reworked reloading system. Now you can move during reloading.
  • temporarily changed zombie reaction to getting hit. They will jump away a bit. We will change this back to moving away once we fix our code in plugin.

– IMPORTANT: fps drops are still there, because we are in process of removing them, but it takes a lot of time and reasons vary from time to time. If you encounter fps drop, then reload.

There is a lot more minor technical stuff but I don’t want to fill the changelog with meaningless text. You’ll notice overall improvement, and probably some minor bugs.


  • The beginning of first chapter.
  • Much more story this time
  • New NPCs
  • New locations
  • +1 new outfit
  • +1 new weapon
  • New loot type
  • Inventory categories overhaul
  • Slightly different gameplay approach at first chapter

Developer Notes:

At the moment v0.1 is a complete demonstration of the story beginning. In the demo we want to show game’s capabilities regarding main gameplay to ensure people that there is always more about the game. This is the reason why the first part is gameplay oriented rather than lewd content. Sexual content will be added in next releases as story progresses. Please don’t forget to give us your feedback and report any bugs. This game takes too much time to develop because we are doing everything from scratch, so any support will be appreciated! Keep in mind that you can change game font in options.

Game Images & Screenshots


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