Raw Onaho Factory Extermination Corps [v1.01] By Chaoism

Chaoism Games released a new game called Raw Onaho Factory Extermination Corps and the version is 1.01. The game’s story is aboutIn 20XX, an illegal organization, Masturbation Factory, was secretly born. A masturbation factory has been born where women are kidnapped and imprisoned and used as masturbators. The number of masturbation factories that are convenient for men is increasing day by day despite the crime. Now, countless factories have sprung up. A women-only combat organization called (OLS organization) was born to exterminate it. It is run by victims of masturbation factories and haters of men to get rid of the factories.

The main character (Rei Kurusugawa) has a special constitution and has enormous power, and as a masturbator warrior TYPE 1, he infiltrates a masturbator factory and annihilates it and rescues the female victims.​

Developer: Chaoism
File Size: 950.6 MB
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Adjustment of overall game balance
  • Add enemy mob repop (can be done by talking to the female character on the left side of the lobby of the OLS organization).

Developer Notes:

Stage 1 Abandoned Factory

Raw Masturbatorium Factory Eradication Team [Chaoism]. Each masturbation factory has its own characteristics. If the factory is defeated, the player is raped as a masturbator specific to that factory. Normal operation type masturbation factory where women are treated as male sex toys. Women who are caught are raped by men on a daily basis, and their holes become gaping holes, and they are treated without human rights.

Stage 2 West Bar

Eradication team of raw masturbation factory [Chaoism]. A special type of masturbation factory where you can enjoy drinks and food while admiring masturbating women. In this place, the masturbators are not raped so much as they are made to climax continuously using tools and other amusing methods, which are then played with by everyone. In the end, she is restrained on a live stage and exposed to a large number of men by electric clitoris, urethra, and anal training, squirting and humiliating her face in a continuous climax.

The third stage ?????

  • Eradication team of raw masturbation factory [Chaoism].
  • A special masturbation factory for VIPs and special people.
  • Masturbating women who are taken here never come back and their whereabouts are unknown.
  • It is rumored that many experiments are conducted in the factory, and women are used for them.

Inside, a large masturbator is sold, and it is said that the masturbator moves for some reason. There is a rumor that the body changes when pleasure climaxes.

H Scene Contents

  • Simultaneous double penetration and fainting squirt
  • First pleasure climax squirt from anal insertion
  • Insertion and Squirting from Choking and Asphyxiation
  • Continuous climax with toys
  • Continuous climax with a wall-hole.
  • Continuous climax watching shame play by TYPE1 and TYPE2 on the stage.
  • Confinement, mental collapse, and pleasure training
  • Other multiple
  • CGs: More than 380 CGs of H-scenes in total.
  • Game size: 1248×832
  • System Recollection mode (title screen)
  • Estimated play time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Production tool: TSCMV

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