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Shirokoi Games released a new game called Repeat and the version is The game’s story is about is a nonlinear visual novel about what seems like your average furry city and a fairly normal school. However, supernatural forces and odd individuals lurk at every corner. Will you be able to uncover their secrets? Or will their inevitable tragedies strike you down first?​

Developer: Shirokoi
File Size: 212.7 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Yet another wave of grammar/typo fixes courtesy of Crestfallen Crumpet’s diligent on my discord server.
  • Chapter Selection feature added to the main menu! You can now jump to specific days you want to relive in Repeat. Hopefully this will mitigate issues where saves keep breaking between updates. Sorry for any inconvenience!


  • 64 new pages (23,430 words) of story Sissel’s route!
  • Sissel’s Route: Day 13 Part B is now complete. Day 14 has begun.
  • 12 new illustrations for Sissel’s route.
  • 10 new sprite variations/outfits for certain characters.
  • 2 new NSFW scenes.
  • More typos/grammar fixes!


  • 12 new illustrated scenes!
  • 1 New Samuel Sprite
  • 1 New Oleander Sprite
  • Owen’s Route Day 10 is now 100% complete. This is currently the longest day in the game so far, whoops ;w;


  • 12 New Owen sprites (well technically 4 with 3 different outfit variations)
  • 4 New Samuel sprites
  • 3 New CG Artworks
  • Redrew the 2 Owen sprites from the previous update. They should now be more on-model!
  • Owen’s Route Day 10 is now 70% complete.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There have been some minor retcons to Owen’s Route Day 10. I recommend replaying that day to refresh yourself on his plot and see these new scenes.

Developer Notes:

  • Repeat will be free and open for everyone to enjoy.
  • I aim to update the game about once a month. Every update will include more story and
  • artwork. The game will feature choices that greatly affect the growth of the story as well as your relationships with other characters.
  • It will also contain NSFW content.
  • Once the story begins moving along, and relationships grow stronger between characters, some rather intimate scenes may occur. All romantic relationships in this game are homosexual. Any relationship with female characters will be purely platonic.

Game Images & Screenshots


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