Stuck at Home [v0.2.5c] By Moraion

Moraion Games released a new game called Stuck at Home and the version is 0.2.5c. The game’s story is about How was your pandemic? Your quarantine? For our protagonist, it did not start well. Just as he was getting comfortable with working from home, he suddenly lost his job and his rent skyrocketed, forcing him to swallow his pride and move back in with his family. Most of them welcomed him back gladly, but he didn’t feel nearly as happy about it. For him, it was like he was back to square one like he had never left in the first place. And now he would have to spend his days doing nothing, unable to go outside due to the restrictions, unable to earn money or be useful. And worst of all, he would constantly bump into his family in precarious and awkward situations.

Developer: Moraion
File Size: 1.26 GB
Version: 0.2.5c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • About 400~ lines of dialogue.
  • 2 lengthy scenes with Mom and 2 new CGs to find.
  • Finally implemented Sundays (though there is little dialogue/content there yet).
  • Added the backyard to the minimap.
  • Improved the tooltip to actually follow the mouse/touch position. I meant to implement that last update, but I forgot.
  • Added the hint tooltip to the last heart, even though it will just say ‘to be continued’ for now.
  • Added hints to the gallery.
  • Added a 4th song. Also the last one of the ‘main songs’ that will play during the game. More songs for special stuff and minigames to come though!
  • Worked on the minigames to help with loading. There was a mishap on my part actually, but it was barely noticeable with decent hardware so I didn’t realize how bad it actually was.
  • Switched around Casey masturbation CGs, just because I felt the order is better this way. This was also suggested to me.
  • New backgrounds to some old CGs!
  • The previous extra compression on Android is no longer there, as it did not affect things much. Also minigame stuff should now work, fingers crossed.
  • 0.2.5b: Fixed the second m-scene not showing with Mom.



  • Fixed some of Mom’s stuff missing from the gallery.
  • Fixed Mia’s dialogue skipping an entire day.
  • Fixed some issue with Mia’s minigame dialogue.
  • Should have fixed the saving issue. I knew about it on Android, but only figured out the problem when it showed up on Windows.

Developer Notes:


  • Jason, the protagonist.
  • Jude, the mother.
  • Mia, the oldest sister.
  • Casey, the younger brother.
  • Chloe, the youngest sister.

Planned Features

  • Multiple routes, at least one with each character.
  • Outfits and expressions.
  • Animated scenes.
  • Detailed 4k backgrounds.
  • Proper high-quality UI.
  • Ability to move around the house and interact with things.
  • Calendar system with seasons and holiday events.
  • And more! These are just the first steps.

Game Images & Screenshots


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