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  • About 400~ lines of dialogue.
  • 2 lengthy scenes with Mom and 2 new CGs to find.
  • Finally implemented Sundays (though there is little dialogue/content there yet).
  • Added the backyard to the minimap.
  • Improved the tooltip to actually follow the mouse/touch position. I meant to implement that last update, but I forgot.
  • Added the hint tooltip to the last heart, even though it will just say ‘to be continued’ for now.
  • Added hints to the gallery.
  • Added a 4th song. Also the last one of the ‘main songs’ that will play during the game. More songs for special stuff and minigames to come though!
  • Worked on the minigames to help with loading. There was a mishap on my part actually, but it was barely noticeable with decent hardware so I didn’t realize how bad it actually was.
  • Switched around Casey masturbation CGs, just because I felt the order is better this way. This was also suggested to me.
  • New backgrounds to some old CGs!
  • The previous extra compression on Android is no longer there, as it did not affect things much. Also minigame stuff should now work, fingers crossed.
  • 0.2.5b: Fixed the second m-scene not showing with Mom.



Fixed some of Mom’s stuff missing from the gallery.
Fixed Mia’s dialogue skipping an entire day.
Fixed some issue with Mia’s minigame dialogue.
Should have fixed the saving issue. I knew about it on Android, but only figured out the problem when it showed up on Windows.

Do note that the Android version is still very much experimental!
Reworked the game from the ground up.
Fixed performance all around; CPU, RAM, GPU.
Made code better and more streamlined and not just… Shitty. (This is my first game still, pls forgive me.)
Integrated the backgrounds that have been in the works for a while.
Integrated a proper UI (Still a little incomplete).

Missing from v0.1.0 that I intended to have ready, but didn’t:
Emotes and new expressions.
Mini map indicators for locations, wanted to wait for some nice icons.
Affection increase pop ups, same reason as mini map indicators.
Interacting with various objects in the background, just didn’t have time to do the dialogue/text for those.
Gallery that isn’t temporary. It works fine, but there’s still stuff I want to do with that that I hoped to have by now.
Same with hints.
Actually making the DDR minigame good. Just didn’t have the time, though the system behind minigames was improved and modifying it is now much easier.

About 440~ lines of dialogue.
8 new CGs for Mom, though no new expressions.
Washing dishes minigame with 2 difficulties, but no reward for the second difficulty yet.
Fixed a small bug.
Fixed a bug with replaying the new minigame.
Fixed another small bug.

Reminder: The next update will be the big v0.1.0 update, so no voting until that is out!
I ask for everyone’s patience for that update as it might take a little bit longer than usual.
I do hope that everyone is looking forwards to it, though, because I know I am :D

About 450~ lines of dialogue.
8 new CGs for Mia, though no new expressions because of some plans I have.
Phone fixing minigame with 2 difficulties, but no reward for the second difficulty yet.
Also fixed a pretty bad bug from the previous update.

Bug fix and translations

Saturdays will now become ‘Family Days’ on the second Saturday after the start of the game. Make sure to follow the hints if you get stuck!
About 750~ lines of dialogue.
8 new CGs. No new expressions though because I’m focusing leftover funding and time on v0.1.0
DDR minigame with 2 difficulties. Pretty bare-bones for now, but will be improved upon later.
Also reused the yoga minigame, though that might change in the future.

Small note: The family days are still somewhat unfinished, simply because I lack the resources and time to make them perfect, but they will improve drastically after v0.1.0

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