Succubus Temptation [v1.3.0] By Temptation Works

Temptation Works Games released a new game called Succubus Temptation and the version is 1.3.0. The game’s story is about Succubus Temptation is a 2D action game with monster girls that attack and seduce the player with temptation.​

Developer: Temptation Works
File Size: 396.2 MB
Version: 1.3.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added Chinese and English translation.


  • Added window mode.
  • Also, Full HD and HD resolution can now be selected.


◆UI Operation◆
Decide Z key, Enter key
Cancel X key, N key
Move WASD keys or direction keys

Movement WASD key
Attack J key (long press for strong attack)
Rolling Space key
Dash Space key (long press)
Guard K key
Use item ↑ key
Switch item ←→ key
Menu Esc key

Operation in menu
Switch menu Numeric keys 1 and 3 (not numpad keys 1 and 3)

Game Images & Screenshots


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