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Succum Brewery v0.2.9b by LimeJuiceGames, Succum Brewery by LimeJuiceGames is adult game about after running out of money mid-transport Catherine is abandoned on the rooftop of downtown mega-skyscraper:
Peach Towers. She has no money, no friends, and no way to get to ground level. To make matters worse the place is swarming with chuds.

As luck would have it she finds an abandoned building that hosts a dormant AI: IO. IO requires a partner to function and the two of them start up a rooftop bar. IO is obsessed with customer service and learns from what he sees.

Together IO and Catherine deal with chuds, manipulative neighbors, an aggressive landlord, and more.

As time goes on and IO sees what the customers really want he begins Catherine on a training regiment. She has to decide to outsmart IO and escape the rooftop on her own terms, or become IO’s perfect servant.

Succum Brewery is an adult bar management game. The game features themes of corruption, hypnosis, submission, poor work-life balance, and cum.

Updated: 2023-09-08
Release Date: 2023-09-08
Developer: LimeJuiceGames Patreon – – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.2.9b
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Teasing, Humor, Management, Mind Control, Rpg, Sci-fi,


1. Extract and run.



v0.2.9b change log:
Lowered Chongo’s mobility scooter sound effect.
Various spelling errors.
Fixed intro black screen.
Fixed gallery black screen.
Fixed vibrator image sometimes remaining after training scene.
Update all Catherine standing pictures.
Update all Catherine facial expressions.
Added Second Suck scene. This is a multipart scene that now introduces “special service” and “drink tip jar” skills instead of training 6. Training 6 and the tip jar upgrade unlock this scene.
Added Bodyshots intro scene.
Added art for Bodyshots scene.
Added Laying On Table Bodyshots scene.
Added art for Laying On Table Bodyshots scene.
Added art for Second Suck scene.
Add voice acting to training 2.
Add voice acting to training 3.
Disabled guessing game for brewing for now till a better system can be found.
Added corruption cheat to cheat chicken.
Introduced the sewer outfit unzip mechanic.
Sewer Gym is now available.
Sewer Hot Springs is now available.
Simplified Chud King interaction to make the sewer easier to access.
Added sewer dialogue for unzip mechanic.
Fix gloryhole scenes to allow bj scene even when not aroused. Still a possible masturbation spot.
Add Ice as an item from Alexa. Scene introducing ice.
Revamped all sound so voice acting files are of higher quality and all other sound is quieter. You might have to up your windows sound settings for Rpgmaker if you usually keep them very low. Rpgmaker is very loud for some reason.


Spelling fixes.
Special addition… when you find it tell me what you think.


Fixed bar tending to fully lock player into topless version at high corruption.
Note: The tip jar is now in the upgrade tree.
Added lead up scenes to training.
Art added for two new training scenes.
Added training scene 5.
Added training scene 6.
Art added for tip jar.
Art added for chud cumming.
Art added for drink tip jar.
Added new scenes to gallery.
Art added for body shots.
New skill Body Shots.
New skill Drink Tip Jar.
New skill Special Service.
Art added for special service.



The usual spelling corrections.
ADDED: Untested brewing feedback! If your choices are too high or low it will tell you. More updates will come to brewing as I get it to a place I want it.
Sewer Update: To get to the sewer you have to buy and use all the items from the mechanic shop. Some of these days a few days to move to the next part. Once you get a high enough reputation with Chud King you can “talk” to the Chud King and unlock the sewer prep kit. A few days after buying it you get an outfit from IO and you can explore the sewers.
New Map Sewer Main Drag
New Map Sewer Junk Room
After bar activities and giving wallets to the Chud King now give Chud King reputation.
A reputation of 20 is needed for the Chud King to allow sewer exploration.
Added Sewer Exploration Kit
Art added Catherine now has an updated and much nicer sprite.
Art added for sewer exploration outfit.
Art added for two new scenes at the pool table.
Art added for three new scenes at the arcade.
Added lots of dialogue in the sewer exploration.
Other sewer rooms hinted not in this update.



Fixed music bug in training scenes.
Fixed IO sticking around after warning of low credits.
Fixed scanner letting you run it same day.
Fixed being unable to give the cat catfood, but you could give it beer…
Fixed Still 3 and 4 costing no credits.
Fixed text and typos as usual.
Add game over scene for running out of credits.
Added warning scene for running low on credits.
Add in defiance route scanner item and scenes related to the scanner.
Added sewer explorer kit item and scene to Chud King after completing the scanner. This is in preparation for sewer exploration in future updates.
Add Chongo returns scene on day 15.
Art added to dark beer upgrade.
Art added to day seven bed scene.
Art and scene added for masturbating in upstairs bed.
Art and scene added for masturbating in safe room.
Fixed topless mode having “distracted” social state always on. It was supposed to be “small talk” social state. Essentially chuds are always happy when topless mode is on.
Added pick pocket to the after bar low arousal scene.
Added new scenes to gallery.
Added grope cut-ins to the gallery.
Revised wallet sell mechanic. This mechanic still has no in-game use at this time other than to make extra credits.




Not save compatible. Added a save file to the Windows download.
Fixed various bugs.
Edited various spelling errors.
Added cat food for sale at the Chud King
Added use for cat food and partial related story.
Added mechanic code reader and partial related story.
Arousal mechanic added after shower scene.
Can’t sleep at high arousal.
Added masturbate skill at high arousal in bar game.
Added shower repeatable to lower arousal (shows up at high arousal).
Card Trick now has art.
Pick Pocket now functional (art planned).
Safe room bed is now functional. It lowers corruption by 1 every night, but only recharges some of Catherine’s energy (but not below the previous training level).
Safe room bed upgrade added. It increases how much energy the bed restores.
Added Training 4 scene.
Added a 3 part scene after training 4.
Added Cheat Chicken art.

Developer Notes

Every day Catherine works a shift at the bar serving drinks. The better she serves drinks the more the bar’s reputation grows. She can make shifts last longer and keep the customers around by making small talk, flirting and more. The more aroused the customers get the more IO learns about human desires.


When reputation is high enough the bar can be upgraded in a variety of ways. In addition to the bar game Catherine can also look for clues and options to make friends, get money, and try to escape the rooftop if she so chooses.



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