Suddenly a Girl [v1.0] By Draga

Draga Games released a new game called Suddenly a Girl and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about is a Life Simulation with Transformation elements in a modern world. Male to Female transformation is the main focus but other transformations like Female to Male, Bimbofication, Sissification and probably a few others will be added later on too. After finishing school you wanted to start a career as a professional Gamer. But unfortunately it isn’t that easy and you have to spend all day playing games and practice a lot if you ever want to get there. It would have also been easier if your Mother wouldn’t nag you all the time to get a real job and to finally contribute to the household. But your Mother’s patience is running thin and her new Boyfriend Jeff seems to work on another weird invention of his. He thinks that he made a breakthrough with it and convinces you to help him test it, let’s just hope that nothing goes wrong.

Developer: Draga
File Size: 202.9 MB
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New Content:

  • After finishing all of the documents in the office you can now start the final main quest
  • Added Jeff’s ending into the game (with a few new events, new dialogues and other text changes at the free roam part of the ending)
  • Added 5 girl path endings into the game (all with different variants and new events at the free roam part)
  • Added 1 male path ending into the game (has different variants as well but no free roam)
  • Added a new scene between Darnell and the MC at the last main quest, if you get caught
  • Added two new scenes between Ms. Santons and the MC at the last main quest, different scene depending on if you are dom or sub

Updated Content:

  • Fixed several bugs occuring while you visit the bath at home
  • More minor changes and bugfixes

New Content:

  • Added a short description to every location
  • Added one new model contract at the model agency
  • Added the big model contract at the model agency
  • Added the pornstar career branching path to the model agency (will be available if you fail to get the big contract)
  • Added 7 pornstar contracts to the agency
  • Added 5 random bathroom events if you are living with Hiro(mi) (1 event for each path)
  • Added 3 random watch TV events if you are living with Hiro(mi) (Jenny+Hiro, MC+Hiro, Hiromi corruption)

Updated Content:

  • Added a “start game” button to the first page (Mainly for mobile users)
  • Added a text map mode and a visually impaired mode toggle at the start of the game
  • Some model contracts are now repeatable after you have done them all
  • Some pornstar contracts are now repeatable after you have done them all
  • Removed the mental insight trait (it was pretty useless and I couldn’t come up with any ideas for it)
  • Minor changes and bugfixes


  • The bar opening hours got extended to 23h
  • You can now drink an espresso at the club to get some energy
  • Swimming at the beach also increases your fitness now
  • Fixed an endless loop bug at the mall
  • Fixed a bug with a random event at the “take a bath” action at home that prevented you from starting Linda’s path
  • Several other minor changes and bugfixes

New Content:

  • Added the base framework to the office job
  • Added 6 new random events at the office
  • Added Dina, a new meetable NPC at the office
  • Added 4 new social events with Dina at the office canteen

Updated Content:

  • You can now change into your casual wear after you worked at the diner (if you have a casual style defined in your wardrobe)
  • You can now give Hiro the schematics even before he gets his new game
  • It should now be easier to trigger Hiro’s friend and romance path
  • You can now also masturbate in your room without going to sleep, if you are aroused enough
  • If you are Jeff’s slut he will now give you the last maid uniform even if you never got the 2nd one (for consistency reasons)
  • Added cheats into the game (can be accessed from under the phone)
  • Autosave only saves inside your room now instead of every passage
  • Several bugfixes and minor changes

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