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Summer’s Gone Ch. 5 Beta by Oceanlab, Summer’s Gone is a game about after a traumatic experience, a young spirit tries to find its way back into life. College is about to start and mysteries are about to unfold.​

This isn’t a porn game! This is a story-focused game with adult elements.
If you just want to fap, this is certainly the wrong game for you.

Story build-up does need some time.

Updated: 2023-10-25
Release Date: 2023-10-25
Developer: Oceanlab  Patreon – SubscribeStar –
Censored: No
Version: Ch. 5 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Games: Where it all began

Romance, Big tits, Big ass, Incest, Violence, 3DCG, Male Protagonist, School setting, Virgin
1. Extract and run the Summersgone.exe
Ch.5 Beta

  • Added a total of 2400+ still renders
  • Chapter 5 – ~2155 renders + 2 Cinematics
  • Chapter 3 – 122 renders
  • Chapter 2 – 87 renders
  • Chapter 1 – 36 renders + 1 Cinematic
  • Added 14 new licensed music tracks.
  • SFX etc. will be added with the full.


  • Removed some music because the licensing contract came to an end.
  • Replaced the temporary cinematic in Ch1 with a real one and adjusted the renders around it.
  • Replaced the old Nojiko and Claire in Chapter 3. (122 new renders.)
  • Removed the old phone messenger and replaced it with a temporary non-interactive placeholder.
  • Fixed reported clippings & grammar errors.
  • Adjusted the Jacuzzi scene in Chapter 4 so that I can keep my licenses for Season 1.
  • Fixed the Logo on 180 renders in Chapter 4.


Ch.4.5 Full
– Added 979 new Renders to Chapter 2
– Added 2 animations to Chapter 2.
– Added 17 new renders to Chapter 3. (Removed the Said Fight cinematic.)
– Re-rendered 300+ renders for Chapter 3.5. (More on this in a future Dev Log.)
– Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
– Finished removing all music that would’ve needed to be removed in the future. (Including the cinematics music.)
– Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
– Applied a big amount of proofreading to all Chapters.

Ch.4.5 Beta
– Added Chapter 4.5 and 1520 new renders. – Added one Cinematic and multiple animations (4400 frames). – Added visual enhancements to the gallery (WIP) – Chapter 3 is now completely accompanied by music. – Painfully removed the rest of the songs that needed to be removed due to licensing issues. – Added new licensced music. – Added a default name for the MC.

Chapter 4 Full
580 new renders for Chapter 1. (New Events, characters, etc.)
Bugs fixed and music added/removed.

Chapter 3.5 Full
– 138 new Ch1 renders.
– 3 simple Ch1 animations were added.
– 6 renders added to Ch 3×5.
– Three licensed music tracks were added to Ch1. (The reworked parts.)
– Also most typos and bugs got fixed.

Ch.3.5 Beta

  • Added ~1400 new renders.
  • Added 3500-5000 animation frames. (One small cinematic removed.)
  • New licensed high quality music.
  • New Galleries. (Scene Replay, Cinematics.)
  • Ingame music player.
  • Changed some GUI things. (Default values for Sound, Music, etc.)
  • Some bugs from Chapter 3 fixed

Ch3- final


Full CH3 is out! Changelog is here kindly posted by Ocean on his discord.

Can’t wait for a hero to arrive so I can experience my school shooter solo gym route to meet with Sasha! :p

Also Rambo finally got a name, she is called Zara 
:love:Ch.3 – Beta
– ~1800 new still renders added
– ~ 10000 renders in animation frames added.
– Completely new Intro with the reworked Summer model.
– School scene with Summer also reworked.
– Nojiko’s skin got replaced by much more high quality. (Still needs to be replaced in some earlier scenes.)
– Visual tweaks for Nadia, Ayua, Mila, Nami, and Victoria
– The ability to disable/enable trans content is given.
– The textbox is now more transparent.
– Temporary custom main menu (Will be changed again with Chapter 4.)
– New licenses music added. (There is still a lack of music in the game. Several songs are saved and they will be added as soon as I can afford the licenses.
– You no longer have to write on your keyboard to send messages on the phone.

Chapter 2 Final version
I fixed over 120 spelling/grammar mistakes thanks to PeeM!
I fixed several coding errors and made sure saves will work in Chapter 3.
Added new unlockable Xtra scenes to the gallery for the following girls:
– 2 new Nami (Total 5)
– 2 new Bella (Total 4)
– Added Nadia Xtra scenes (3)
– Added Maya Xtra scenes (2)
– Added Mila Xtra scenes (3)
– A cinematic intro for Chapter 2 was added. (30 seconds long)
– Background music/noise added to several scenes.
– Over 100 images were overhauled in post-production due to the contrast/saturation error my old monitor had.

Chapter 2 Beta (fixed):
Fixed the “bellaknee”, “bellameet” & “namisextalk” & “Bellasafe” error.
I fixed several typos and grammar errors (Thanks to Lint!)
In the beta release, I forgot to work on one route. This one has been added now. (If you didn’t tell Bella about Mario.)
I added some small sub-routes if you told Bella off.

Chapter 2 Beta:
~ 1230 still renders added.
~ Another 180 renders in some animations
5 videos added.
Gallery with Extra scenes added
Custom Gui added (Work in progress)
Interactive messenger System added.
Chapter 2 does not contain any sex scenes yet! If you’re here for a fap, I advise you to come back later.

Chapter 1a:
Quality of life changes. You don’t need to play this update if you already played Chapter 1.
– Some typos fixed.
– Fade in for the main menu music (no more dead ears.)
– Textbox is now hidden when there is only a picture change. (No more blank text boxes).
– Added a default name for the wheelchair girl (Victoria).

Chapter 1:
– Introduction
– 735 Render

Development Time
Chapters Renders Cinematics Beta Release Final Release Development Time
Chapter 1 649 4
8 May 2019 000 Days
Chapter 2 1162 5 31 Dec 2019 11 Jan 2020 237 Days + 11 Days (8 months, 3 days)
Chapter 3 + RW 1780 5 02 Jan 2021 23 Jan 2021 357 Days + 21 Days (12 months, 12 days)
Chapter 3.5 + RW 1395 3 30 July 2021 20 Aug 2021 188 Days + 21 Days (6 months, 28 days)
Chapter 4 + RW 2200+ ?
241 Days (7 months, 29 days)

Old saves do not work! Code got reworked!


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android (Ch 4.5 Full)
Download For Android + Mod
Download For Unofficial Android
Download For COMPRESSED Win (Old Ver.)(1.03 GB)
GOFILE ANON MIXDROP PIXELDRAIN *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
Download For COMPRESSED Mac (Old Ver.)(894 MB)
PIXELDDRAIN WORKUPLOAD WETRANSFER *This compression is unofficial. Compressing process reduces image/audio/video quality and can break the game, be aware of that.
Download For Win – Russian Translation
Download For Android – Russian Translation
Download For Walkthrough Mod
MEGA PIXELDRAIN *Chapter 4.5 Full **Merge the folder “game” from the mod with the one is your Summer’s Gone Folder

Download For Walkthrough Mod – IC PATCH
MEGA  *Chapter 4.5 Full **Install Main mod ABOVE first!
Download For Patch Russian Translation Only
MEGA *If downloading full version | Для фулл версии:
1. Extract and run the Summersgone.exe | Распакуйте и запустите Summersgone.exe.

If downloading translation only | Если только перевод:
1. Put the game folder from the archive into the game folder (where the .exe is) | Папку game из архива киньте в папку с игрой (там где exe).
2. Select the Russian language in the Preferences | В настройках выберете русский язык .

Download For Patch German Translation Only
MEDIAFIRE *Installation:
Die “Summer’s Gone – Ch.3 Final.rar” Datei entpacken und den “Game” Ordner
in den Spiele-Ordner von “Summer’s Gone” kopieren und alles Überschreiben.
Download For Walkthrough – Russian Translation

Keywords: Download Summer’s Gone Game.

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