Tales of Terrara [v0.3.3][Thunder One]


Tales of Terrara v0.3.3 by Thunder One, Tales of Terrara Game takes place in a fantastic world inhabited by races like elves and orcs, ferocious monsters and ever-watching gods. A commoner with humble beginings, through a pact with a mysterious entity, acquires power they don’t quite understand and slowly become capable of unimaginable things. Will they keep their pure heart or succumb to the power and corruption? Will they use it to make the world a better place or for their own twisted desires? Why not both?​

Updated: 2023-08-27
Release Date: 2023-08-27
Developer: Thunder One Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Lesbian, Monster Girl

1 – Extract to desired location.
2 – Run


  • New secondary character: Crasas, a female giant
  • New scene with her
  • She can also be an enemy. Pretty strong, but optional fight
  • Baleful Blast now does more damage after a certain point of the game
  • Dazzling Dreams now has more sleeping power after a certain point of the game
  • More spells will get upgrades in the next update
  • Some changes to the combat code (which may cause bugs, please report if you find something weird)
  • Added health bars to all characters during combat
  • Added tooltips to all spells so you don’t have to remember what they do
  • Units in combat should now properly appear and disappear when combat starts, when they die, get healed, etc
  • Advancements of the new quest
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


v0.3.2a prepatched

  • New scene with Wif
  • New solo female mc scene at home
  • New location in Faeria where you can finally meet Wif
  • Event with Wif there
  • Some changes in the navigation system for better QOL
  • Completion of the “meet Wif” quest and introduction of a new one
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • New sequence of scenes with Isaalyn
  • New night scene with Elle (hc patch)
  • New event with Isaalyn at the player’s manor
  • Isaalyn can now be a companion (she can heal, buff and attack)
  • Added custom sex sounds for Isaalyn (used in the new scenes)
  • New map: Faeria
  • New location in the new map, where you come out of the portal
  • Event at the new location introducing the new area
  • Advancements in the Isaalyn quest and the “meet Wif” quest
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.

v0.2.9 prepatched Public

  • Scene with new enemy
  • Scenes with Shae setting up for future developments
  • New enemy: Bear
  • You can now obtain the location from Galthia’s quest from talking with the bear as well
  • Added or changed some dialogues to better fit some situations
  • Added conditions for some events to better fit the place you’re in
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • Scene home with Elle (mostly a setup for future scenes)
  • Scene at the river with Elle (mostly a setup for future scenes)
  • Scene with Farona (mostly a setup for future scenes)
  • Continuation of night scene with Hana
  • Dialogues and scenes concluding most of this chapter’s quest
  • Shae and Galthia are now added to the companion roster
  • New location related to Galthia’s quest (You can find the location by interrogating the bandits in the forest)
  • Fixed multiple cases where you get a black screen instead of background image
  • Fixed “Talk” option with Elle not doing anything
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.


  • New scenes scouting scene with Galthia
  • New scene with Galthia (random while travelling)
  • New location: Gazragh (Orc village)
  • Quest progression regarding the Orc village
  • Fixed issues that would only happen for new games
  • Fixed issues with certain scenes not being available in certain saves (no need to restart, should fix your save automatically)
  • Fixed errors while trying to back out of a scene
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.


  • New spell: Haunted Herald, grants invisibility
  • New scene learning the spell
  • New scene with Elle in the new house (at night and with hc patch)
  • New scenes with Ninia, expanding on the previous river bath interaction (hc patch)
  • Some progress back in town with the Mayor giving Mc a new house
  • New location: Mayor office (only accessible as part of the mayor event for now)
  • New location: Mc’s Manor (background for the entrance area)
  • New location: Elle’s Bedroom (only accessible as part of the Elle scene for now)
  • Retouched some images of the Ninia’s river bath scene
  • Fixed issues with coding in dialogue causing appearance of gibberish in the text
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added a few different random encounters in the forest. For now they’re completely random, but in the future I’ll change it so you can see one time each event before they start repeating. Those events will also be expanded to allow progress of the different quests by talking with the characters or interrogation after defeating them.
  • Scenes where mc gets captured by the orcs (one of the encounters)
  • Hc Scene from another encounter (Need the patch)
  • Bodies now disappear after a while
  • Fixed infinite combat loop caused by characters not dying properly
  • Fixed some scenes not unlocking in the gallery properly
  • Fixed issue with clothing in certain situations
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • New spell: Ghostly Grasp, paralyzes the enemy
  • New scene learning the spell
  • New “monster”: harpy (random encounter but will be relevant for a quest in the future)
  • New scene with the harpy
  • New location: elven town
  • Meet Shae’s family (3 new characters)
  • Quest progress related to Shae and her family
  • Galthia and Shae can now participate in combat (Galthia is op)
  • Added a pre-splash image when the game is launching
  • Fixed issue with location at wrong place in the map and causing error
  • Fixed the stables (save files will automatically fix when loaded)
  • Fixed event in the forest appearing when it shouldn’t and causing error
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


New spell training scene (More to come soon).
New location: Cedioria stables
New character: Nagar, the stable woman
New scene with her
Galthia reveals more stuff about her goals in the forest
Progress on some quests
Added option to remove Galthia and Shae from followers (this is temporary, once the quest with them is finished, you’ll have to complete the quest before being able to swap them in and out of the party)
Other small bug fixes and improvements


Scene with Ninia
Scenes and events with Galthia, the half-giant
New events setting up some new quests for the next part of the adventure
Some major changes to the navigation system’s behind the scenes to make it more responsive/less laggy
Changed the guard/mayor event to only happen when trying to leave so you can see the other events after killing the boss.
The event also happens when leaving through the back
Also changed the event so that Galthia and Shae appear at the end. (if you saw the scene already, the game will reset it and teleport you back to the shady building)
You’re also no longer stuck inside if you go back in after finishing it.
Mc’s and followers’ health and mana now recover gradually when sleeping
Added custom sounds for Galthia
Fixed a couple of instances where sound would keep going after a scene is over
Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • Threesome scene with Mol and Hana
  • The Hana x Mol scenes now require a good relationship with both of them and they only show one at a time, progressing further each time you see it
  • Scene with Hana sleeping
  • New side characters: Mayor Reedheart and a generic guard
  • Wrap up of the whole criminal hq quest
  • You can no longer leave the criminal hq until the boss is dealt with
  • Added more options to use spells on Macy back in the goblin cave
  • Added option to make sure Macy doesn’t engage in certain… activities
  • Added a greyed out option in scenes where you could use an item if you had it
  • New actual maps for the cave and the criminal hq (instead of the b&w ones)
  • An exclamation mark on the meditation icon indicates new spells
  • Followers no longer kick enemies while they sleep
  • Basic attack removed and replaced with the Baleful Blast spell to make it less confusing
  • Added surrender option to make it easier to lose fights if you want
  • You can now cancel back from spells/targets choice screen in combat
  • You can now change the mc’s name in the meditation menu
  • Fixed a bunch of scenes showing as wrong gender, especially when watching through the gallery
  • You can now choose to see scenes as male or female mc in the gallery in cases where it’s the same scene for both
  • Fixed issue where followers would bug if they had no health when you go into the shady building
  • Fixed cases where the female mc would use Arise Appendage even if you didn’t learn it
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • 3 new characters inside the shady building (probably side characters with a few scenes)
  • A scene with one of them
  • Other non-sexual scenes and dialogues inside
  • The final boss
  • New scene with said boss
  • Some progress on the quests
  • Rescued Hana and Mol from the shadow realm (if they’re lost in your save, it will fix when you load it)
  • Fixed map so you’re no longer stuck inside on Android
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

v0.18a Hotfix
-New map: the hq of the criminal group (points of interest are big room at entrance, the tunnel at top left and Macy’s bedroom at the bottom right, more coming in the next releases)
-Some encounters inside, more will come next release
-You can go in magic blazing, sneakily throught the back or talking your way and pretending to be something else
-Two small scenes with the bandits
-Return of Wild Macy
-New scene with Macy if you play (and played) your cards right
-Some progress on the main quests
-Other small bug fixes and improvements




  • New event/scene with the girl that ran off from the home attack.
  • New scene with the homunculi at the abandoned facility
  • New things to find while exploring the Abandoned Facility.
  • Conclusion of the facility quest.
  • Scenes and progress of quests involving the attack at the Mc’s home and the girl that ran off.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • New events/scenes with Mol (you can walk around town or go hunting with her. Each “date” have multiple events).
  • New things to find while exploring the Abandoned Facility.
  • New creatures inside the abandoned facility (no scenes with them yet).
  • The map travelling was recoded in a way to allow events to happen during travel (before they would happen only on arrival).
  • Animated map movement (part of the map travel recoding).
  • Progress of the quests related to the facility.
  • You can now choose to disable male mc or female mc from appearing in the gallery. You’ll get asked when entering the gallery for the first time and you can change it again if you wish in the preferences.
  • Brief description of each character added to the relationship screen
  • Rotating profile thingy added for Hana, Macy and Mol (the rest will be in the next release)
  • Fixed problem caused by the mc sometimes not having a change of underwear
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

New scenes with Ninia
New location: Abandoned Facility right outside of Cedioria
A slime monster with a new scene in said new location
New rooms inside the facility that can be explored and looted
New spell: Evil Eye (curse that increases damage, combat spell, no scene)
Locked gallery scenes now give a small tip about them
New feature in the relationship screen that allows you to rotate the character to see the backside (for research purposes). Only Sophia has it for now as a test, I will probably add it for all other characters in the next update.
Sleeping recovers health gradually instead of only after 8 hours
Added more sfx variants for scenes
Other small bug fixes and improvements.

New character: Calra, the black merchant and her pet giant rat. (She’s kinda crazy)
New character: Isaalyn (Don’t ask me who she is)
A few big events moving the story forward, including the introduction of the two characters.
Other dialogue with a few characters about themselves or quests you might have
You can go on a date with Hana at the Purity Inn. Different things can happen during the event depending on how high her stats are. (Since this is the only date right now, you can just go three days in a row to see everything)
You can now buy stuff with Calra (She sells potions)
Quickstart now starts in the town with Mol as follower, Kria dead and Macy left alive
You can now steal from sleeping people
Added individual loot to most enemies inside the cave (to give a little reward for defeating them or to steal if you put them to sleep)
Fixed Macy still talking to you even if you put her to sleep
Fixed bug where you still had to fight Uink after making the deal with the goblins
Recovered the Mc’s house from gnome thieves who stole it
Other small bug fixes and improvements.

Maevrielle, the dwarf innkeeper
2 prostitutes
New sex scene with them
New location: Purity Inn
New stats: attraction and lust. Together with relationship, those will be the three stats used as requirements for events and scenes.
New relationship screen, where you can see info about relevant characters, including their measurements and the current value of each stat. (I’ll add more story-related info to this screen later)
2 New quests: from Ninia and Maev
A bunch of dialogue with Ninia, Maev and the prostitutes, including the introduction to the new quests and progress on the other ones.
Option to tell your followers to stop following (They will wait at your home)
Other small bug fixes and improvements.

2 new characters back at home in Cedioria
New small scene with new character
New “dream” scene
New sounds for Mol during scenes (was using the female mc’s sounds)
New area with map for the town of Cedioria
New mc’s house location inside the town
Passing time while resting now shows as a bar filling up instead of the text each 30 min
Clock added now for real (after leaving cave, forgot to add last release)
If you lose in the cave and Kria is dead you no longer get a scene (gameover instead)
People get mad if you attack them
Enemies can’t dodge while sleeping anymore
Other small bug fixes and improvements.


  • New scenes between Mol and Hana. For now you can just see the scenes after leaving the cave, but in future updates, they will unlock gradually if you have both Hana and Mol in the party. They will work as a setup for threesome scenes later.
  • New small scene with Mol outside the cave.
  • New Quest System. This shows current objectives, divided between main quests and side quests. I added 5 quests for now. 2 main quests: 1 to escape and 1 to find out more about Wif. The 3 side quests are killing Kria, getting Mol on your side and finding out more about the non-goblin group present in the cave, all optional. This also doubles up as a hint system, since it gives you hints on what to do next for each quest line.
  • You can now use some spells outside of combat in the same menu you can choose to attack. Only Charm and Sleep can be used out of combat.
  • New character renders for all characters using new lighting setup.
  • New background images for all the chambers inside the cave.
  • New effects for the Creepy Charm spell. It increases the relationship with the target temporarily. This allows you to get information, favors and get “friendly” with caracters even if the current relationship is not enough. After the effect ends, the relationship will decrease though, so it’s not a good idea if you want them to actually like you.
  • New options for convincing the goblins and/or macy to help you or at least not attack you that require high relationship. (Mostly for if you use charm on them)
  • New UI element showing time and date. It’s only unlocked after you leave the cave.
  • Overland map. After you leave the cave, you get access to a map of the kingdom that you’ll get to explore in future updates.
  • After the hunting party leave the cave, they come back at night. If you’re still shackled when this happens, you get a game over.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.


  • New Spell with scenes for male and female mc
  • Changed the way interacting with things is handled. There is now a “look” button that gives a description of the place as well as people and objects in it, with links to interact with them.
  • Sleeping no longer triggers the training room (see below)
  • There is now a “meditate” option that allows you to go the “training room”. That option also allows you to recover some life and mana (only 2 times / day)
  • You can no longer sleep in peace after escaping (you’ll be attacked)
  • Added Kriabbulk. You can kill him or not. There are ways to make the fight easier too.
  • New event and dialogue with Mol after escaping
  • New event with Snuggles, the wolf if he’s alone in his place
  • Added inventory. You can see your items and use some of them, like potions.
  • New items can be found on some places.
  • A few additional fights on the cave that can be triggered depending on what you do
  • The quickstart option starts a little earlier to allow you to “negotiate” with the goblins
  • Spells will now crit if the target is incapacitated (sleeping for example)
  • Most rollback issues should be fixed now (hopefully)
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements.

Male mc added (Ayden by default)
Ayden can have fun times with Hana and Mol
Added alternate male mc version of pretty much everything
When trying to escape, the third time you fail there is no mercy
If Sophia seduces the goblins, they can help her escape
New menu screen provided by random dude that doesn’t want to be mentioned
Other small bug fixes and improvements.

New defeat scene with goblins (It only happens if you try to escape before the goblins leave to hunt).
Two scenes and a bunch of dialogue with Macy. Different results are possible.
Added all dialogue from the “topic system” back into the regular dialogue trees.
A new logo for the game in the home screen. (Thanks to an anonimous patron, you know who you are).
New combat music.
Other small bug fixes and improvements.

New spell: Dazzling Dreams with new training scene
New small scene when you use this spell on Macy
Extended the solo scene with Macy and added an animation
A couple of non-porn scenes talking with Wif and Macy
Added a Quickstart option to begin where the last release ended.
Added health bars to combat
Disabled the whole topic system for now (it’s getting people confused and it’s not very useful atm. I’ll rework it later.)
Reworked the first events to make it clearer you shouldn’t try to escape right away
Other small bug fixes and improvements

A new character: Wild Macy
New adult scenes with her
Map navigation system (WIP)
Gallery added (You can replay all unlocked scenes)
A good night sleep now recovers all health (8+ hours)
Other small bug fixes and improvements

Fixed a bug preventing the defeat scene from showing up

An escape attempt
Consequences of a failed escape attempt
New non-porn scenes moving the story forward
Introduction to combat (just core mechanics for now)
Introduction to inventory system (just acquisition of items for now)
Other small bug fixes and improvements

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Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android


Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Mac
Download For PATCHES
EXTRA VERSION PATCH *This may cause the gallery to crash, user beware!
Download For Gallery
MEDIAFIRE *(Extract and merge the game folders)

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