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The Regional Manager v0.15 by Horizontical Studio, The Regional Manager Horizontical Studio is an adult game about You are an ambitious businessman in his mid twenties. You are temporarily in charge of the regional branch of an important Electronics company. Be nice or not… it’s up to you

Updated: 2023-08-25
Release Date: 2023-08-25
Developer: HorizonticalS – Patreon – Subscribestar –
Censored: No
Version: v0.15
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
(Be aware that there is not much nice content for now)
3DCG, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Groping, Humiliation, Wincest, Sexual Harassment, Sleep sex, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Romance, Sandbox

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
-Alexy event at the police station is now completed.
-New Rebecca event at the hospital.
-Rework of relationship screen (both versions currently in game.)
-Added a brand new unlockables gallery (linked with new relationships screen)
-Reworked achievements
-Various bugs and typos.

anyway, that addresses most of the bugs that were reported to me, and adds a new scene with Leah at the pool.

-Fixed a bug in the bathroom when you leave Meredith alone before the end of the current event.
-Added a “Home rules” panel at home to change the initial choice to never enter Leah’s room.
-Added different quest log entries for existing quests that didn’t have any
-Added Alexy content .
-Fixed an annoying bug that made an error pop up all the time in a new game until you knew the date of the conference.
-Fixed a bug that made the bathroom spycam show the girls all day long.
-Removed test notifications while talking to Miko.
-New Meredith content at home (check bathroom)
-New Cecilia/Miko content (Talk about good old days on evil path until you can go for a walk. Miko will pop up during the walk if you progressed her storyline.
-New variation to Audrey content at home at night after the date.
-New mini event with Aisha at night.

-New event for Andrea and Bobby
-Added new content for Cecilia (night RV scene possible without asking Sam or Cecilia to prepare for it)
-New minor event with Natasha in the locker room
-New photoshoot (hint: visit the city hall monday to wednesday when Whitney is as the hospital to trigger the quest with a call from Dom.)
-Replaced the bathroom at MC’s apartment and added new renders for Meredith and Leah.
-Fixed some replayable scenes
-Various bug and continuity fixes.


-Added a ton of new scenes to the replay gallery + a new mode to access unlock them (“Bobby Mode”)
-Reworked the first scene with Jessica at the pool (check replays to see the new version)
-Fixed typos
-Fixed Kelly’s ride where her she wore underwear when she shouldn’t
-Updated Diane’s photoshoot gallery
-Fixed a bug that prevented Zafina’s storyline from triggering


-Added more content for the date with Audrey (sex)
-Added new lab content with Camilla (sex) and Zafina (corruption)
-Added a ride home for Kelly (sex).
-Added some hospital content for Melanie (pictures).
-Added some Meredith content following the gas storyline (corruption)
-Fixed a continuity error at the hospital with Shelley
-Made Cecilia’s RV event reset-able.
-Fixed typos.
-Fixed continuity error with Melissa about Joey.
-Fixed continuity error when Meredith drinks her tea.
-Reworked Diane’s photoshoot (made it replayable without Dom, added content for the conventional dress and an option to try the second costume anyway)
-Changed a few dialogues options with Andrea regarding the Army picture.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Natasha from wearing her costume after playing the missed content with Artemis.


-Fixed a bug that made the photoshoots crash
-Expanded Audrey’s date a bit.
-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to replay Audrey’s photoshoot.
-Fixed a bug that made it too complicated to get Meredith to speak at the conference if you hadn’t spied on her at night.
-Fixed a bug that made MC talk about the gas to Meredith before knowing about it.
-Fixed a bug that locked MC out of the lab story in some cases.
-Fixed a bug that prevented MC to convince Ophelia to speak at the conference.
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to farm liking points at the store too easily.
-Fixed a bug that made it impossible to ask Sam to visit Cecilia at night.
-Prevented the Lara date pop up to pop while at the pool.
-Fixed typos (a lot… )


-Basically finished the “schoolgirls outfits” event with Brenda and Kelly.
-Added more content to the Sharon story arc (feat. The Kevins)
-Added a possibility to get Jessica to wear a new swimsuit.
-Added a possibility to introduce Leah to Frank at the pool. (Make sure Frank saw the picture of Andrea in the army)
-The Leah Frank event should trigger the chain of events for Audrey’s date. (This needs questlog hints)
-Added a possibility to have Artemis try on some of the outfits she’s delivering.
-Continued Meredith’s arc a bit with a mini event at the lab feat Camilla then at home.
-Added a mini prologue event with Melanie, a girl who replaces the old Melanie at the hospital, who wasn’t used yet.
-Fixed a bug that made the phone icon hang around longer than it should.
-Fixed quest log entry for Melvin’s obsession
-Added another option to convince Meredith to speak at the conference.
-Fixed skin poking through Whitney’s PJ at the hospital.
-Added variations to the map depending on the time of day.


-Added a new Cecilia event at night in the RV with two possible paths
-Added an event with Sharon in the college locker room (Requires Kelly’s event with the Kevins and meeting Dr Zywelter)
-Continued the Brenda / Kelly event.
-Added the doc and his assistant and the lab. No content for his assistant yet.
-Modified dialogues with Meredith regarding the gas leak.
-Tied Meredith speaking at the conference with knowledge about the gas leak.
-Added a mini event with Jessica at the pool.
-Added new swimsuits for Leah at the pool.
-Melissa will now talk to you again after you got all the pics from Joey.
-Updated quest log and game guide.
-Fixed bug that made the game crash with grid overfull error when entering Meredith’s room.

-Fixed achievements that didn’t unlock.
-Added buttons for options in the quest log
-Fixed screens that were sluggish on older systems.
-Added more “hub screens” (hospital, store (0.0.59 bug fixed), etc). More to follow.
-Added a bunch of collectibles
-Added a gallery on the pc menu (gallery unlocks carry over).
-Added a “no panties” option for Audrey (0.0.59 bug fixed)
-Reworked dialogues when Meredith is changing (0.0.59 bug fixed)
-Fixed a bug that prevented the conference from triggering.
-Added more dialogues regarding the zeta gas leak.
-New content for the doctor (Meet Mary at the hospital)
-New content for Audrey (Meeting room)
-New content for Brenda and Kelly
-Teaser for upcoming Cecilia content (RV at night)

(Be aware that there is not much nice content for now)

-Continued the storyline of Natasha and Mitchell.
-Added new patron sponsored scene with Audrey.
-Added a way to access Claire’s photoshoot and locker event if you missed it.
-Added more possibilities to convince Joey to give the last batch of Melissa pictures.
-Fixed a continuity bug with Cecilia where she acted like she had sex with MC while she had not.
-Made the sex events with Cecilia and Emma easier to repeat.
-Whitney won’t be working at the city hall if you see her at the hospital.
-Changed Taylor and Whitney schedules: Taylor will work for two weeks + days when you see Whitney at the hospital.
-Changed Max and Jessica Schedule at the pool so that you can see the mayor at 5 and Max at 6PM.
-Fixed a bug that kicked you on the map when closing the comp after checking some cams.
-Fixed a bug that allowed others to pop in the locker Shower while Alexy should be there.
-Fixed the mayor’s loop about ‘introducing MC to Natasha’. Gives you access to police cam events.
-Fixed a bug that made Samuel answer when you knocked on RV and disappear inside.
-Fixed a bunch of hospital bugs.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Android players from getting Natasha in the office
-Fixed a bug that made special items show up when you bought a normal item from the store.
-Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting affinity while playing Basketball with the captain if fitness above 18. Added a dialogue with the captain to quickly fix the affinity issue.
-Prevented Samuel, Cecilia, and Leah to show up at the pool before they are in town.
-Checking home cams from the laptop will now be synchronized with who is actually in the room.
-Fixed a ton of typos


-Fixed a bug with Shelley at the hospital.
-Added content at the hospital with Shelley, Rebecca, and Whitney
-Added content at the city hall with Whitney
-Fixed the way the Doc appeared in the miniature
-Fixed a bug with Natasha’s cell.
-Fixed bugs at the pool that messed with the image after taking Leah to the locker room.
-Fixed bugs in Audrey’s photoshoot
-Fixed a bug that prevented MC from asking the mayor about pool regulations (little effect for now though).
-Fixed a bug with Melvin’s talk about the toy gun.
-Fixed a bug that made eating at home pass time before you eat
-Remove the time pass when leaving the office locker spycam when no one was there.


-Fixed a few bugs on the quest log hints.
-Fixed a bug with the collectibles gallery, the phone contacts, and the spycams screen.

Dev notes
Please note that this is a very early version.
As you have probably noticed if you played the game, English is not my native language. Still, I’m doing my best to improve it.
Be aware that there is not much nice content for now.


Download For Win
Download For MAC
Download For Android
Download For Compressed Win
Download For Compressed Mac


Download For Walkthrough


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