The Void of Deviance [v0.1.8] By Sylventhia

Sylventhia Games released a new game called The Void of Deviance and the version is 0.1.8. The game’s story is about Your traveling to Sylventhia Island for a job opportunity at BanKval. However, the island will offer, give, and take much more than your prospective career. Meet and interact with various characters and try to uncover the mysteries of the island and the irregularities happening around BanKval. The story so far is a prologue before moving into the actual gameplay. The prologue will finish when your one-month internship ends at BanKval. Although this is like an intro to the game, it will also include early endings for those who want to explore a kind of “What if I was rejected from the position at BanKval?” scenario.

The story revolves heavily around the theme of female domination, and the kinks will be accordingly so. The game will often explore the extreme kinks and fetishes of femdom, however, each above-vanilla kink will be skippable. So you do not have to worry about witnessing something you would rather not. (Keep in mind that there is a points/values system that tracks your choices with the characters, so you might lock content with them if you shy away from their demands. Think of it as an “affinity” of the character towards the protagonist. Therefore make sure to explore each option. The content you chose to omit will not be affected by this. They will still be avoidable. )​

Developer: Sylventhia
File Size: 2.64 GB
Version: 0.1.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.7 is out!

  • Overall adjustments to locations.
  • 1 new location that acts as a gateway to two different locations. (Similar to the Dojo Room, these locations have minor functions yet.)
  • Overall adjustment to the code (Day passing at the end of events such as the one at Equilibrium Institute)
  • Minigame balance = Now the minigame buttons will work based on the corresponding B.D.S.M. stat level. If you have level 0 B.D.S.M. stat, the button will not add any points and won’t work. For example if the minigame includes a scene where you need to act like an object (like a chair) your Mutatio Level will influence the button
  • ACT button limitation: You cannot interact with other characters’ ACT button (Currently among Isla, Leah, Sarah, Astrid, Kurushi) if you are “Bonding” with another character’s affinity path. This is to prevent the game from bugging out even more.
  • Affinity content restriction lift: You can now view previous scenes of your own accord even if permanent changes have been made to the MC. You can think of it as a “Memory/Gallery” interaction
  • 4 new original soundtracks.
  • Astrid Bondage > Condemnation Ending: Earn enough condemnation points during Astrid’s slavery to trigger an ending scene.
  • Isla’s Intimacy : A new scene has been added to Isla’s level 4 Intimacy. As well as a small Condemnation interaction to her Intimacy path. (This interaction is purely dialogue based)
  • Amaya’s Condemnation: A scene has been added for this path
  • Claire Buy interaction: Accessible after a certain option during the event at the Gym
  • Gym Event: After Day 30, the event at the Gym is accessible
  • Sylventhure Event: After Day 26, the event at Sylventhure is accessible
  • Kurushi Devotion Affinity Path
  • Sarah Devotion Affinity Path
  • Leah Bondage Affinity Path
  • I guess that is about it for the Changelog <3
  • P.S. : You can find a guide for the update 0.1.7 in the attachments. 

Developer Notes:

I intend to make the story inclusive of possibly every fetish and kink within the context of femdom, however I am only strictly opposed to certain taboo subjects which will never be included. Other than that, I am open to include elements of Vanilla Content, Futa-content, and many more acceptable intrigues as long as people show interest and support for the game and demand so (I’m not so keen on making a side maledom route as there is an ocean of games with maledom, but if there is too much interest for that it could also be covered in the much later updates, but the focus will always be primarily on femdom). I should also mention again that you will not have to play through a kink that you do not enjoy as each above-light femdom elements (sometimes even the light ones) will be OPTIONAL & AVOIDABLE. I plan to develop the story so that it is not linear and offers as much freedom as possible. Thank you so much for trying this game out. I hope you enjoy it.

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