Trap Quest [R14 v3.0 Unstable] By Aika

Aika Games released a new game called Trap Quest and the version is R14 v3.0 Unstable. The game’s story is about Explore a dangerous world of transformation, penetration and bimbofication. 18+ only!​

Developer: Aika
File Size: 563.9 MB
Version: R14 v3.0 Unstable
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

R14 v1.0b


  • Christmas content has been disabled.
    • NOTE: If you are an alpha tester and had manually disabled christmas content, this change will have flipped it back to enabled, and you’ll need to manually disable it again.
  • The new ‘grossness’ foot / ass licking content is now public.
    • What used to be ‘ass to mouth content’ on the fetish selections page is now ‘gross licking’, and has an additional tier. Essentially you can have no gross licking, only foot licking, foot & ass licking, or full ass-to-mouth content which includes the more extreme stuff like eating food that’s come out of a butthole.
    • Making you lick them in these places is a whole new sex act that NPCs can choose to do to you after defeating you. If you resist, you can avoid some of the grossness, but it increases the chance that the NPC won’t be satisfied, and will fuck you a different way.
    • Grossness addiction is a whole new stat you’ll need to manage, because at high levels, everything gross you encounter will start to turn you on.
  • Containers are now very rarely empty. Instead, when they would have been empty historically, you’ll get a token. And when you would have gotten a token historically, you’ll get a random useful item, such as a bandage or smoke bomb or pack of wipes.
    • If it’s the sort of thing that might be cursed or blessed, it’ll have a 1 in 8 chance of being cursed, and a 1 in 8 chance of being blessed.
    • This is actually quite a big change. You’ll end getting a whole bunch of interesting one-time-use items relatively quickly. But I think it’s okay, because they’re mostly pretty situational and inconsistent. And having a few more chances to escape a combat that’s going poorly is good for game health, I reckon.
    • More expensive items can only be found outside of the dungeon.
      • And certain items can only be found in the mansion.
  • The amount that condoms and wearing used condoms is present in your game is now decided in the main fetish settings menu when you choose ‘normal start’.
    • You can choose whether NPCs sometimes use condoms of their own volition, and you also choose whether used condoms get pinned to your clothes or not.
      • If you choose that NPCs sometimes use condoms of their own volition, then creampies become more addictive than normal, to make it a meaningful challenge to try and use condoms as much as possible.
      • Some NPCs now have their own condoms, which they might decide to use before inserting their cock. So that means that some condoms will be present in the game, even if you haven’t picked up the condom pack yourself.
    • The ‘cumdumpster’ class has been split into two.
      • The ‘cumdumpster’ class is obtained by having semen ejaculated into an orifice which already contains semen from a different source.
        • It has a new headgear, and has the ‘bitch bottoms’ and ‘bitch top’ as its base outfit.
          • The headgear’s quest requires you to have semen from several different sources inside your face, womb and asshole.
          • The headgear has a special magical effect which makes you suffer no negative side effects from holding liquids inside your butthole, but also makes the expulsion of stuff from your butthole frequent and automatic, in small spurts, and with you rendered unable to expel it manually.
            • Wearing a butt plug will prevent automatic expulsion.
        • You gain endurance (lower fatigue gain and rapid resting) from having cum in your stomach.
        • You gain increased magic damage from having cum in your pussy and asshole.
        • You get sore less easily.
        • There is a cross-class with the stripper class, obtained by making the orc cum with a lapdance while being a cumdumpster. It has a new top and a new pair of suspenders, the ‘porn star’ items, and these items can also appear occasionally via transformations of normal clothing.
      • The ‘condom collector’ class has the old used condoms ‘Thirsty Work’ hat, and has the lycra bodysuit and condom socks as its base outfit.
        • You gain dexterity for the number of used condoms pinned to your clothing, and NPCs are much more likely to accept (or automatically use) condoms.
        • Getting cum from two different sources into the same orifice while wearing the ‘Thirsty Work’ hat will transform it into the ‘Cumdumpster’ used condoms hat, which acts as a cross-class between the two.
          • Sinful priestesses also count as both cumdumpsters and condom collectors.
        • We now have full used condom source tracking! The game keeps track of where each used condom pinned to your clothing came from, and so if you eat one, it’ll know whose cum is in your mouth. (The condom chosen to eat is still random).
          • This allows condoms to more reliably be used to authenticate in the hotel, or to inseminate yourself with a particular person’s sperm (by going from used condom to mouth to cup to squirt dildo to vagina).
          • Also, it means that we can give the condom collector headgear a more interesting quest: You now need to collect used condoms from different sources and wear them all at the same time. (The quest is only checked for completion when a new used condom is pinned.)
      • [Watersports] There are further cross-classes available with the human toilet class, with cumdumpster, condom collector, or both.
  • Charisma is actually meaningful!
    • All requests and errands now have a ‘worth’ value. NPCs will only give you errands that they consider ‘worth’ fulfilling your request. But also…
    • If your charisma is high enough (at least 20% the ‘worth’ value of the request), there’s a chance they’ll fulfil the request for free! The chance increases with your charisma, and decreases with the ‘worth’ of the request. But there’s always a chance! (As long as you meet that 20% criteria).
    • As a reminder, you get charisma from:
      • Make up level
        • If you learn the skill from Teacher Angela and have a make up level of 2, you get a bonus +2 charisma
      • Every ‘shiny’ item you’re wearing after the first gives you +1 charisma
      • Items of clothing with the ‘temptation’ attribute give you +1 charisma… But also make it likely that you’ll start seducing the NPC instead of talking to them normally!
      • Succubi and cheerleaders have innate bonus charisma.
      • A few clothing items provide flat charisma, including the book of regrets and prayer beads.
      • Clothing can randomly be charisma-influencing, which means that if blessed or with a positive magic modifier, it’ll increase charisma while worn.
        • The lycra bodysuit (condom collector class), priestess outfits and halloween nun top all get set to charisma-influencing, and usually come into play with a magic modifier, if spawned as part of a class outfit.
  • Ongoing work is being done to make the mansion somewhat less extremely hostile and challenging, to make it worth players venturing in there more often.
    • Cultists are now friendly by default. They will slowly turn aggressive if you look super slutty. (They have a higher tolerance for sluttiness than most other human NPCs).
    • The phantom tentacle no longer turns aggressive against players that look slutty. This means that the only way it turns aggressive is if you are on your knees and there are only ghosts in the room.
  • [Artificial enhancements] The modification machine will now give you as many modules as you like. The way it works is that the first time you lie on it, it does its usual requires-recharging random effect. But the modules have been removed from the effect list. Now, if you get back on the module machine before it’s recharged, it will instead give you a new module. Whenever you lie on the machine, at the end of the effect, it’ll let you know if there’s a module waiting for you if you were to get on it again soon.
    • Also, teleporting to the module machine room drops you into the seat. Oops!
    • Modules are no longer walled behind the artificial enhancements secret. You just have to have artificial enhancements enabled.


  • New tattoos:
    • Cumdump shoulder tattoo makes you more addicted to cum
    • Finger gun hearts tattoo gives magic damage but also arouses you whenever you use magic
    • Bird heartbeat tattoo slightly increases both dexterity and sex addiction
    • Missfit tattoo increases endurance (higher max fatigue before you fall to your knees)
    • Womb diagram spade tattoo is a womb diagram tattoo with spades in place of ovaries
    • Playing card butt tattoo gives a bit of luck
    • ‘Pamper me’ tattoo improves charisma
    • ‘Brain on’ tattoo, inspired by books and the giant pencil trinket, gives +1 intelligence, and whenver you use magic, if you get lucky, it transforms and instead gives +2 intelligence. But after that, whenever you use magic, if you get unlucky twice in a row, it transforms again and instead gives -2 intelligence and +2 sex addiction.
  • [Lactation] The milking benches no longer increase your lactation rate if you didn’t get milked when using them, and your lactation rate was below 4. They also no longer increase your cup size by 1 if you had lots of milk pumped out.
    • Instead, there’s a lever on the wall, normally set to “-“, but can be set to “+”. If you set it to “+”, and allow it access to your nipples, after milking you (or straight away if you had no milk in you), it massively enhances your lactation rate (as long as it’s not crazy high already) and seriously increases your breast size.
    • Gladiators and cultists who catch you getting milked (or resting with your nipples out) will likely pull the lever while you’re on there, leading to the increased milk effect happening without you meaning it to.
      • They will also periodically turn the lever to the enhancement setting when they walk past it, which might make you think twice about resting on the bench when you crawl up to it.
  • New items of clothing:
    • Skimpy denim overalls
    • Bear dress
    • ‘Vaginal seal’, obtained when you first complete the priestess quest by offering a ritual beads with 6+ beads to the altar. It allows you to easily prevent almost everything in the game from accessing your vagina. Except when it doesn’t.
  • Added a new option in the images settings – extreme fetish images (disabled by default)
    • So far, the only images walled behind this are two birth cutscenes, drawn by Borvar.
  • [A2M] New image for when the player is performing anilingus, drawn by Borvar. Currently only shows up for human NPCs with pale skin.
  • [Inflation / Artificial Enhancements] The aeromancer has a few new profile images depending on her state (interested, injured, asleep, and fucked silly by a minotaur). Illustrated by Icarus.
    • The aeromancer now takes longer to power up, and spends more time in her powered up state, when the combat speed is set to a slow setting.
      • I’ve also somewhat increased the buff she gets from being powered up, but also significantly reduced her ability to block you from running away from her while she’s powered up. So you can either try to completely run away, or you can just try to kite her until she runs out of power.
    • If fucked silly, the aeromancer permanently spews out a bit of semen every turn for the rest of the game, the unending flow sustained by her malfunctioning magic.
  • New art for when the students give the player a swirlie.
  • There are now icons to the side of NPCs to show you what items they’re holding that can be obtained by trading or errands.
  • The scene where Barbara gets caught by vines now causes her to spew semen onto the ground for a minute afterwards (if you don’t save her).
    • [Egg Laying] Instead, she lays one small egg per round for a minute. These eggs can be used to fulfill the errand where you need to bring a vine egg to someone.
  • When you defeat a chanting cultist who was originally an abducted NPC, that NPC is transformed back, and returns to the game world, unless they’re a student, in which case they just run off home.
  • [Mythical creatures] The centaur now has a skill she can teach you, which increases your damage when attacking with a sword.
  • New errand – a follow-up from after you deliver the robochef’s cookie to the vampiress (and then report back to the robochef for your reward):
    • The vampiress wants you to slice the cookie. So you take it back off her, then either use a metal sword or the knife in the hotel, then bring it back to her.
  • All players now learn the spell to summon a magic wand as soon as they get their first point of magic power. But the wands summoned by this spell have a new ‘impermanence’ attribute, which means that they will disappear again after a number of rounds.
    • They’ll never disappear while you’re in the middle of combat, and standing upright. They might suddenly disappear if you fall to your knees, though, even if you have a chance to stand back up.
  • When you clumsily fail to jump off a dildo trap, if it was in your pussy, it has a 50% chance of slipping into your asshole instead.
  • The sissy cumslut tattoo now makes chastity cages treat themselves as cursed for shrinking effects – i.e. they will shrink as your penis shrinks, rather than fall off becuase they’re too big.
  • One in three times that the senior robobellboy notices you and would be friendly, it instead decides to force you to use the modification machine.


  • Finally altered a very very very old piece of code that could make you faint at high asshole soreness while in the dungeon toilets, especially if on your knees. Instead, you now just experience a bit of grossness (and therefore potentially grossness addiction) every turn you spend on your knees in there.
  • There were too many ways to reduce delicateness (submissiveness), and so some have been removed.
    • Tormenting caged or defeated NPCs now restores self-respect rather than increasing dominance.
    • The potion of virility no longer reduces delicateness. Instead, it increases penis size and/or decreases labia plumpness.
  • The player will have milder reactions to only mildly humiliating situations, even at 0 humiliation.
  • [Lactation] Reworked the maths for deciding how quickly your breasts create milk based on lactation rate. It was logarithmic, which meant that increasing your milk production rate quickly became impossible. It’s now linear again, but with a cap.
    • Also, lactation rate is no longer reduced to 0 when you faint. Instead, it is halved.
  • [Lactation] Cowgirls need to get milked on the bench 2-3 times rather than always 3 times, in order to complete their quest. Also, getting milked so much that you fill up the tank, always fully completes the quest.
  • Tentacle monsters will only do their unblockable trip attack against non-magical-girl players holding a magic weapon, if the game can turn the player into a magical girl as it happens, i.e. if you’re not wearing any other headgear and haven’t recently been a magical girl.
  • [Watersports] Human toilets now gain strength equal to the square root of the number of units of urine in their stomach.
  • The sissy cumslut tattoo disappears after your penis transforms into a vagina.


  • In the clothing window, used condoms will now show up on a lot of the items they can be pinned to. This is highly experimental and will probably look a bit off for a bunch of items.
  • Removed the blush from the faces of the character in the clothing window, when make up is 0. I think it looks cleaner and provides a better distinction from the other make up levels.
  • A few tweaks to the football extra credit zone predicament, which several people reported finding frustrating:
    • Increased the time it takes both you and your rival to orgasm in the football game. Hopefully this should make it somewhat more nuanced, as there’s actually time to make some plays in between the orgasms!
    • When possible, the game will provide a specific key with which you can unlock your hotpants, upon returning home, rather than the skeleton key.
  • The ‘Photos OK’ strip club semen drinking predicament in the Extra Credit Zone didn’t feel like there was much nuance to the repeated choices of whether to cover yourself or block the funnels. So I’ve removed the loop, and now it’s just a single option you pick and commit to for the entire show.
  • When you click on the map to enter the toilets, you are given a nice clean option between the male and female toilets, rather than the awkward sometimes getting a prompt that you might prefer to go to the other one.
  • When using the combat visor, you now still get told your ‘appearance flavour’ (e.g. SMUG MAN) in the status bar at the top.
  • If you leave stuff behind in the Extra Credit Zone final room, it will be sent to the pink wardrobe rather than being lost forever. (You could lose all your jewellery and weapon if you ended up with a wrist collar bar from the fuck relay race predicament).
  • Little infinity symbols will inform you which items you’re wearing (or considering wearing) in a predicament are going to stay around when you get to the final room.
  • Fixed a bug where in the anal beads swimsuit Extra Credit Zone predicament, the swimsuit counted as concealing your asshole and butt slut tattoo, making being on your knees much less humiliating than it was supposed to be.

To unlock Debug Mode:

To unlock the content (including the ability to use ‘debug’):

1) Download the attached gblorb file into the same folder as Trap Quest.

2) Open this file with your interpreter as if it was a game. For most of you, this means opening it with Git.exe.

3) You’re done! ‘Debug’ should now work in the main game, and this is the best way to check that the file is working correctly.

After using this file you do NOT need to also use the beta unlock file; the alpha file unlocks everything. In fact using the beta unlock file will override what you’ve done here and prevent the use of debug commands.

This file will not work on any versions of the game published before May 2019.

To update the file in the middle of a playthrough, type ‘update donators file’.

Game Images & Screenshots

Unstable package (R14 v3.0)

Standalone packages (R14 v2.0)
Wonderfuller Version: FILESFM – GOFILE – MEGA – PIXELDRAIN

R13 v8.0

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