Trouble at Home [Ep.3 v0.29] By CoolKittyRhymes

CoolKittyRhymes Games released a new game called Trouble at Home and the version is Ep.3 v0.29. The game’s story is about Graduation and summer vacation being around the corner, and you’re set to make the most of it before heading off to college. At least that was the plan until one kind act has ironically toppled the first domino of your perfect life. Well… almost perfect life. As disasters mount, you’re left questioning how to get everything back. Will being forced out of your comfort zone be a case of serendipity? Perhaps you’ll realize a more exciting life of new friends, relationships, and fun awaits… if you want it.​

Developer: CoolKittyRhymes
File Size: 1.56 GB
Version: Ep.3 v0.29
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 3: Painful Memories – The spring carnival provided a glimmer of light, and possibly hope, on the fractured relationship with your sister. But no matter how far you’ve traveled, the scars from old wounds never truly fade. And when your friend begins digging into those resurfaced memories, you may discover just how connected you all are.

Episode 2 v0.26
Here’s the EP2[v0.26] release, which includes all of Ep1 and the first half of Ep2 in one zip. The entire Ep2 will be approximately 50% larger than Ep1.

The first episode was mostly for creating the groundwork that the rest of the series will build on. How the story, character development, and relationship building take place in Ep2 will be much closer to what you can expect in future releases, and has a different feel than the unlucky chain of events that took place to start out the series.

Episode 1 v1.0
This update finalizes the episode with 30k words, 900 images, game audio, some new content, and updated images & dialogue. For those that have played a previous version (the last one being v0.36), you will notice a lot of improvements to where it may almost feel like a new game.


  • Initial Release
  • Contains roughly the first half of Episode 1 for free, the same content as the web browser version.
  • Give it a try before any commitment!

Developer Notes:

What to Expect
Trouble at Home is an Adult Visual Novel that follows you, the male main protagonist, in a “slice of life” teenage theme around school and relationships. There will be a heavy emphasis on character interactions, humor (sometimes crude and dark), drama, and some romance. While not the primary focus, many sexual situations will occur throughout that will be heavily influenced by your choices, and will increase in frequency as the game/story progresses in future episodes.

Game choices follow two rules: 1) If it doesn’t serve a purpose, it won’t be included; and 2) there are no strictly right/wrong choices. While your decisions aren’t necessarily good or bad, they will determine variable story paths and opportunities available to you either immediately, long-term, or both.

Native resolution is 1080p, and Episode 1 contains over 26k words and 800+ images. While there’s a minimal amount of sound & animations at the current release, the plan is to steadily build upon both.

The first season of TaH has 10 episodes planned. This game contains mature content that’s not suitable for all viewers, including nudity, sexual situations, violence, harsh language, and drug use.

Game Images & Screenshots


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